Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tron x Madd x Doodle

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let us Yell till our face lights up

Friday, December 3, 2010

Captain Knight Man

I'm not doing so well these days when it comes to recording my drawings. I'm gonna try to step up my game next time... promise ^^

Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodbye Tito and thank you.

This is gonna get super personal but I would like to talk about my Uncle. When I was young I don't remember meeting my uncle alot. He was like this Myth of this huge successful person in our family, that everyone was proud of. When I was at the age of thinking of my career I looked at him and thought that if my uncle can do it, i can to. Whenever I did see him, he always had presents or some money to leave us with. He had the most genuine smile, it made me happy because i know that he means it when he does smile. One time he came down to our house for a week and he had retired from his company that he built for 30 years (i could be wrong). I literally lost alot of things including my apartment, and so i didn't have much to do so i hung out with my uncle for a whole week. I pretty much was his driver, but after 1 day, he became a good friend. I told him about what i was going through and you could say he was a catalyst of things to come in my life. He reminded me that my life is still open and I can do everything i wanted to do. I loved making him laugh and entertaining him.

Tito Wyngard Tracy, you have been an inspiration and big motivation in my life. You have helped so many people, and affected so many lives. Words cannot describe how sad I am right now.

I hope this isn't too much mushy stuff but i needed to talk about this. Peace and Luv Everyone!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

This week's videos doodle and work

This time I'm showing a bit on working at FMMG and a doodle of a dude i don't know.
trying to get used to doing these videos and hopefully i can talk about some stuff i am allowed to.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

People in Armor always looks better!

Doodle Tuesdays Episode 1 armored man.
It was uploaded the last hour of Tuesday and it failed lol woops =( but all the uploading issues are now solved and i can upload faster and better next time XD

i put in like 30-40more minutes on it and this is what i left it as.

Blah just watever by ~madd-sketch on deviantART

i promise i'll do better next time XD

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wooj, Mei and Me

This is a video i did to meet my teacher Woojin. I just thought i'd post it on blog cause i'm stalling for more content lol.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Lot about me.

I wanted to share a little bit on what i usually bring to make sure I am prepared.
From my sketchpad, to my Flip cam It's all there.   Read the long blog lol click after the break, if you dare.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keeping my life new

 My life constantly adjusts to the new things that come my way. I have decided to be on my own but now finding myself in a huge situation ( a good one) and is constantly trying to keep up with everything that is happening. My plans for my name to get bigger is the number one priority and is the reason why there is a green screen and everything.  I am learning new things everyday and realizing that the things I used to do was not the way I was meant to do it. I am meant for something bigger and i intend to see it through.  The current projects i am working on right now i cannot say, but i can say that Firegrid is up and running again and is moving quite fast.  I am also testing a better way to shoot DYVtv and planning out the future of the show.  I have alot on my mind, and that's actually the way i like it. Rockmiles is doing great and everyone is on top of their tasks. I see the importance of Charlie and that is why i will continue to write it and rough out the drawings. I can tell you that my goal for Charlie is to make a tv cartoon out of it.  I am learning the business the hard and fast way, which is seriously giving me a headache.  But to be honest, every ache is so worth it.  The amount of information i learn is absolutely valuable and something no teacher can help me with. I have an amazing opportunity to learn from a super great friend and I absolutely value him.  Everything is still the same plan, just with better legal coverage.  I will try to give you guys inside scoop on what i am up to with my personal projects but not the confidential ones lol.  May you all have Peace and Love.

Friday, September 17, 2010

twists and turns

All my life I try to find a group that connects with me everyday and every hour.  The more I do this the more it falls appart, and every second in my brain, a voice is saying your fine alone.  I hated being alone, with no group to belong. But the more I try to put one together, they don't feel the way it should.  9 years later i stop and sit myself down and realize, I need to be alone. I'll be riding solo for awhile, untill i figure this out. 

ps. I'm finishing off incomplete projects with the core members, but i will mainly be creating the building blocks of "MaddSketch" because I think it's about time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The ever changing course

So things have been constantly changing for me.  I've finally gotten back with Charlie and hoping i can do a whole volume before December.  I'm trying to get a hd camera for my youtube videos, just so i can do better drawing videos.  I now have 3 classes to teach every week, Cartooning, Storyboarding and 3D animation.  It's actually alot for me, so hopefully i can just keep it at that so i can continue working on my projects.  Our projects have been altering since the July and after finishing Armored Starr, I've been setting myself for personal projects.  So i have 2 diff titles I'm working out with my brothers where they write and i draw it. Those titles will be done by next year, so i can give myself enough time to work on them.  The 2 main titles i have to worry about is Charlie, and my new project Rockmiles Anthology.  the DYV core have been itching to draw their own comics, so i have been the acting editor for all their short stories.  So far it has been fun helping them get to their goals.  Some of the stories have been in our vaults for quite some time now. So it is a big deal for us to finish these series of short stories.  I've started some covers for it, but nothing solid.

Nothing major just getting the ball rolling, i might have some more designs i'm gonna put up.  I've decided to make this blog my safe haven for uploading my random images i work on.  I have so much more i'm working on but i really don't wanna talk about it anymore unless they get the green light and i've signed papers lol  Anyway so much stuff is developing and i hope i can get it to you guys as soon as possible. More blogs coming soon! XD  PEACE AND LUV!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whose painting is this?

I just found something interesting with people in general.  One of my close friends have given me a snap shot of a painting she saw and obviously it is a printed one. She asked the store who made that painting in hopes of maybe finding a cheaper one or maybe seeing more of the man/woman's work.  They said that they don't know who the artist is or where it came from, they just found it in their attic or something.  She showed me the artwork because she took a snapshot of it with her iphone.  I was curious if anyone could recognize the painting and possibly finding the artist who did it and how much it really is.  I wanna see if i could make this into something of an activity, well if it works maybe ^^.

Anyway the FanExpo went really well, thank you so much for everyone the three comics we put out.  It really inspires me to keep on going and making better work. PEACE AND LUV!

ps.  Our next event is the Literary Fest at Living Arts Center.  See ya there!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally issue 1 is finished and we have sent it to the printing place.  They are pretty cool people and i hope that it turns out great so that we can keep going there.  I learned alot through the production of this comic, and it's different working with new artists especially from where i am at right now.  I feel that i need to really take the opportunity to focus on my own career instead of constantly trying to go out of my way to help people.  This comic turned out very satisfactory for me.  I of course find myself seeing a ton of things that could have done better, but the ultimate idea of this project was to give 2 people a chance to finish a comic and so they can move on and make a better comic.  Sometimes just experiencing any accomplishment and seeing mistakes is a better lesson than always trying to avoid mistakes. 

 So what's next? well the next project will be pushed along, and i'm also gonna finish off some other projects like the shirts and books and so on. I might start shrinking the group and reduce what it does. I will be really focusing on drawing, so charlie comeback, and Project Dove. Wish me luck people! Peace and Luv!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Armored Starr Update

This is pretty much all i can do for now for this piece, i have so much others to work on.  I feel like i can do so much more with this piece but that's life.  I'll focus that energy on making a better piece next time.
The comic is really close to finishing and headed for Printing but there's all these little things i gotta add on and i can't seem to finish.  But seriously i'm getting it done lol.

We're preparing it for FanExpo, next weekend so its getting tense.  Oh well just showing you guys, now i gotta get back to work XD PEACE AND LUV!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

whats with the lack of posts?

I'm very sorry guys for not posting so frequent as i used to be, but all these transitions have been taking up lots of time.  As you know I run most of the DYV projects and websites.  Since most of my old crew are pretty much busy working on their own babies.  I am now faced to work alone, for the most part. 
The main task right now is to finish the Armored Starr issue 1 comic.  Although the comic is fairly good, i am moving on to another project after the FanExpo.  The team is still together, but they are all working independently on their comics, brands, etc.  While working on the comic i am also making videos for my youtube channel , and posting stuff for Ill Collective.  For 10 years i've had this idea that i don't exist alone, i need a team, a family to exist.  I have to say i have reached a breaking point in this idea and felt that i need to concentrate fully on me alone.  The team will still be around and most of my projects and works will be put out through StudioDYV.  There are other business that will need my attention but i really feel like working on my own is something i owe to myself.  The project is called Dove and my brother is writing it, so i'm not entirely alone, but the comic art will be done entire by me.  I am pretty excited about this, because it will finally show everyone what i feel about my work now.  It has been 3 years of working on my lines and patience to get to this level and i haven't really shown people what i can really do now.  I will be making some dev blog in terms of the pages but i wont be revealing the storyline and character backgrounds, because the story has more connections beyond the comic.  Hopefully you guys will enjoy the next few months because i will be working really hard to bring you guys more content.

PEACE AND LOVE everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

UX cover final

Finished the UX cover ^^

Experiment might be over

 Certain things have changed during these past couple of months.  Things might start changing for DYVnation and i feel that because i've changed this site to DYVnation blog it has lost it's appeal.  I will have to change some things again but also i am probably gonna change this blog back to just MaddSketch.  I have learned some more stuff and so my plan for DYVnation will be bigger and better.  So next week this site will return to its original fashion, MaddSketch. 
 I hope i didn't bore you all too much wit the studio stuff, but don't worry i'm bringin it back! PEACE AND LUV!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

UX Armored Starr and so forth.

So as we wrap up Armored Starr and get the comic ready for printing, i have joined an anthology book.  The limit is 3 pages plus a cover and i'm in the process of inking the last 2 pages.

So this cover is still gonna go through some more graphics and stuff before its finished but the line work is pretty much done.  i will be showing the 1st page if i have time before i fly out tmw.
Also we are starting a new project which to me is my serious step towards comics.  We are calling it Project Dove right now but its a working title.  It will be 200 pages and we'll be developing it for 365 days.  So i'm gonna try to create a full development blog on it but hopefully not reveal too much of the story.  It is also a plan to make a proof of concept, so we will also include 3d models and plans to make it into a cg animated series.  But that part will be like waaaaaaaay in the future.  We have alot of development concepts and stuff so that stuff i can post for sure.  I hope you guys enjoy this new direction we are headed towards because i have a good feeling about it. 

Also an awesome book that we are very ninja like about is Gero World.  One of our awesome duo Rodolfo and Mariel are working very hard on making  the comic very awesome like.  I will put up some previews when we are ready to do so.  So look out for that!

We have lots of plans in making some awesome content and even working with other developers to make our very own publishing group to make all this happen.  So i hope you guys enjoy all this when it comes out.  PEACE AND LUV

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Armored Starr

Sorry i haven't been updating in a long while, well here's something to make up for it.  Me and the guys have been hard at work finishing up the pages of Armored Starr and so as a teaser for you all, here is my page for the comic. 

I only have 3 pages for that particular comic but i will be going back to Charlie real soon after this book is done.  I hope you guys like the page and buy the comic when we release it. PEACE AND LUV!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Okay so I've had alot of productivity these past few weeks, but recently i was side tracked.  We thought we could make our very own vinyl toys.  Alas that is too far away to reach, well for now.  I also forgot i had to do the first 3 pages of the comic.  So unless i get those done we can't color and letter everything, and print.  So i have to crack the wip on myself and finish everything i have set out to do.  Thing's are developing tho, I've got alot of my pieces done and its nice to see them finished.  I'm slowly shifting my art style back and forth so i can have the ability to go super detail and super basic.  It's hard to switch my brain, its like doing 2d drawings to 3d animation programs.  My mood is all over the place... anyway peace and luv everyone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Video Update

Shor Update

Really busy trying to finish art pieces and our comic Armored Starr.  The shirts are all just chillin and ready to be sold but i still have backed up pieces to finish off.  Also scheduled events we're gonna be at, that i'm very excited about.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primo Classics

Introducing our first shirt design.  click on the image to see more.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Makina galore!

So a little update on those artworks! I'm pretty much finished with the Love Draw piece, but now i've started with a commission piece.  It's done in a framed wood, pretty rough surface but it's good enough.  I'm trying some new stuff on this one hopefully it goes how i'm planning ^^.

Travelbook for July!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Madds crafts

So for the past couple of months I have been doing alot of things by myself.  Making box sets for the products and so on.  Lately I have been working on so many projects It's getting harder to keep up with everything.  All the sketches and concepts i've been doing for others aren't really fully organized lately.  I usually check alot of art blogs for inspiration and i found this in my bookmarks from last year. This guy is very cool and had these leather tabs that go with the clips.  I don't have leather nor do i know how to do stuff with leather but i do love paper and stuff so instead i made it with paper instead.  I was also thinking of stitching the edges actually to make it look cooler but i don't know about that yet.  ^^

Well that's all for me for tonite i'll have more update son stuff soon ^^ PEACE AND LUV!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Madd's vloggity Anime North day 2 and 3

I was pretty tired from walkin around i couldn't really talk to other artist alley. Plus we were at the Dealers area so i was too crazy about talking to everyone. The people were great tho, all the people that came up to me lookin at my work. I finished the piece already so i will be putting up a video on that next week. I have a photoshoot that i vlogged about so i will be putting that up tmw. whew talk about vlog fever i'm gettin here lol

Peace and LUV!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

short Update

Hi guys, been working a lot lately.  Just got through AN with the PandaPad brand and it went great.  Almost everything was sold out especially the Shirts and Prints.  Trying to finish the shirts for DYVnation brand, hopefully i get it all done soon.  Just wanted to let you all know we are still working hard and i'm editing the latest episodes and hopefully by friday i have a quick short episode of DYVtv.   i got some footage of me drawing and i also started on the Champion piece so i'll be showing that next week. 
One thing i wanted to talk about was this amazing reception i got from when i was drawing a wing art piece that was on my sketchbook.  It was the big sketchbook so people really dug the work.  I was to the point that i was overwhelmed by the complements. I felt so loved and have been wondering what to do with it, maybe just keep drawing i guess.  It made me rethink the strategy for the table set up we were thinking for the Expo.  We are also planning on going to more events to keep promoting Pandapad and maybe take it to the road.  I dunno we'll see i guess.  Well that's it for now, i promise i will have footage and images next post! PEACE AND LOVE!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

DYVnation clothing ^^

Check out our new designs for DYVnation line.  More picks after the break.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Makina Series in an exhibition in NPCC

I finally have my work in an Exhibition for the first time.

The top one is called Harmony and the Bottom one is called Melody. It is a great feeling to have something up and out of my room, at least for awhile.  But it's also scary to think that your baby is somewhere else and will be for awhile.  It's like leaving your kids for the first time at kindergarten.  The exhibit runs till May 30th and they are both for sale.  If you would like to visit it i will post the location and a website.

View Larger Map

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Wallpaper pt2

Le DYV ^^

This one i think will be the first line of Tees we're gonna do.  I'm just really gravitating towards it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey guess what? I'm done my breakfast and I'm gonna work on the Champion Piece!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roughing Designs

Well we have been workin' on some designs for our line of T-shirts. So far it's taking us long because I (madd) is just not happy with all i'm coming up with.

I think of just starting classy and simple because we're planning on selling these babies for $10 bucks.  Mind you this is a test and i just photoshopped the graphics XD, I will do some more to see what ya'll would prefer. Peace and Luv!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update on everything

Hi guys, hope you guys had a good weekend.  I was pretty sick getting into the weekend so that wasn't fun.  Still had to do some work but just minimal stuff. I just wanted to let you guys know about a few things.  I've set the episodes on DYVtv 2wice a month instead of every week.  With everything that we are doing its hard to keep up that much video editing with coming up with titles and more graphics.  So they're gonna be more candid and more behind the scenes on how we do our stuff.  I am also planning on connecting all our channels, so let's say you wanna see more footage on what was shown on DYVtv, well there will be more on artist's channel.  Little things like that we wanna do for you guys.  And since we got some answers on which ones we should get back to, i also wanna line up to everyone what we are gonna release and promise that the art series, comics and games are actually gonna come out.  I've set a really high bar for my guys, but its not impossible, nothing is.  Alot is in the works for all these products but i can't talk about it.  Hopefully it all goes well so you guys can see it all, instead of me talking about it coming soon or something. 

 Well me personally, Madd, have been pretty tired and stressed.  I think i got so tired and stressed that the flu got to me.  I think i've almost beat it tho, which was only a couple of days, take that flu! I have been so busy trying to get DYV off the ground lately and with the flu it was so easy to get lost in the middle of it all.  I haven't even really picked up a pencil to do some drawing for the pieces.  Which concerns me that if i keep this up i might not be drawing anymore.  The thing is, i've been invited by a few places to do some exhibition stuff which really excites me so now i gotta keep in shape and finish more pieces so i can sell them.  I feel that the art work i made through my times when i moved away from Toronto made me feel like human again. I owe it to my work and the people i met and learned life from to see it through.  I wanna find a way to harmonize ArtWork, Video Games, and Comicbooks together into one big breathing thing.  The first test is FireGrid and so far its lookin great, i had a lot of fun going full on with its artwork.  And one of my guys in DYV core (Roman), have been laying down tracks for the game.  It sounds pretty metal to me and it makes me wanna do more crazy stuff for the game.  I have a few suprises for you guys that i don't wanna mention because if i can pull it off, it will be that more special.  I know i'm blabbering but there's so much to talk about that i'm just letting it all pour out of my head. Armored Starr is lookin great, the guys are really learning and growing as they go and its magical to me. Anyway that's all for now, thank you all for continuing to read this blog and checkin out all our work.  I hope to keep up with everything and show you guys all the hard work my team is working on.  Take care of yourselves and Remember PEACE AND LUV!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sketch moments 03

Okay so i haven't been completely updating daily so this time i thought i would start a piece and show you guys what i did in 40mins ^^

I'm kinda liking his look so i might wanna use him as a boss for FireGrid i'm not quite sure yet.  but i do enjoy his helmet and his pose.

Things have been pretty good the game is going well as usual and we're also planning a couple of things for people to enjoy while we prepare wicked Content for DYVNation.

I'm not sure what you guys think of this but the guys have been really interested in making a podcast about games and about our projects.  Talk about Arts too and what not, what do you guys say? Would you listen to it? I would love to get your input on it because if so we're gonna set it up next week.

I have some footage of our DYVcolab project we started last week and i'm hoping to get some of that edited and cut for next week because we're doing day2 this coming sunday.  Maybe i could set up a live show thing maybe i'm not too sure about it yet.  Anyway I hope you guys have a great weekend PEACE AND LUV!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sketch moments 02

Did some sketching with a friend in downtown and got some good ones finished.  I am only putting up one tho but the rest i'll save for next time.

I hope it doesn't look terrible, i just spent 5 mins on the coloring of it lol.  There's something about super heroes that i can never stop drawing them.  I think it's because they are my mythological characters like the Norse Gods and stuff, and i am such a geek about it.  I love the stories that people come up with and it inspires me to do better in writing.  Anyway that's it for now! Peace and Love!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sketch moments 01

I decided to have a post where i just keep putting up sketches.  I used to do it alot here i know, but i have been forgetting to do them lately.  I figured if i make it a task i can easilly put it in my schedule of tasks that i do on a daily basis.  I don't like drawing other people's characters really, maybe it's because i love my characters so much.  I feel like if i don't draw my characters, its almost like they've left me. When i draw them again it's like they came over to hang out with me. 

 Wrong Brigman is like my favourite character i have created.  He is witty, funny, and strong.  He doesn't like to show that he cares to people because people don't know what to do respond to his care.  So he guards himself with humor and only relies on his actions to make the point.  He loves his 2 brothers but hates them at the same time (of course).  He doesn't depend on any of them which makes him a loose canon.  Wright pulls him out of trouble everytime and he hates it.  He works as a bounty hunter but he creates more problems than he solves.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FireGrid Update

Still got a long way for a playable beta but I thought you guys might like to see some concepts and some poster designs.

So here are some of one's i've done lately.  The idea is to do the first level and put it out there, then move on to the other levels like episodes. Hopefully it keeps everyone happy when i start releasing it,  I'm making this one the demo free version and maybe the full 4 levels of episode1 will be for purchase some way.  It might take longer for it to look fully polished because i'm the only one doing it.  The only time i'm getting someone else to do something is Roman for some music awesome fast guitar work. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Artist of the Week: Agnes Garbowska

A good friend of mine Agnes, I always tell people about her when I get a chance because she always gets me excited about Comics.

She has started a book called You, me, and Zombie, that looks great.  Her style is very appealing to all and the coloring is very refreshing when you look at most comics are pretty much photoshoped or done in corel painter.

Linkage Galore!! Check out all her products and blogs to know more about her and her great work.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DevUpdate: Excited

We've managed to get the inks done on our Covers and soon we'll have some illustration for you folks.


FireGrid is now back up to development and right now i'm doing some research on 2D shooters and figuring out what i would love to do in Shooters.  I am no means a purely gamer kind of person, i enjoy making games but i personally don't like playing it for days.  That doesn't mean i don't get obsessed every now and then but thats when i'm playing an FPS game lol.  I find the development of games such an exciting experience because you create.

Just for kicks i decided to start modeling the Azarias just to help me keep developing the story and the future of this series.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New day!

DYVnation has taken over Madd's blog!! 
The transitions and Madd's Talk all after the break. Go ahead click it!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The change!

Okay so its time to turn this blog into something bigger. I am now changing this blog from Maddsketch's blog to DYVnation blog!! BRAPS! yes from now on this will be the update blog for everything DYV. Since i'm so used to it i figured what the hey.

First thing's first!
updates, we will be premiering Pete's work in April all over the net and there will also be special limited packages with more goodies inside. More on that at a later date.

We have alot of stuff brewing but patience... We'll have some images up soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drawing again...

Well after learning new things and doing digital painting. I realized i have not drawn in quite some time now, so since i have some drawings i need to work out i decided to do some drawings. I also had Mariel come over and do some digital painting with line art with me. We didn't get far really, but while i was showing her my methods i kind of stumbled on to her frustrations in being a better artist. To her it became too frustrating, not enough happy, and i believe this happens to most of us at some point. For the longest time i have searched within myself how i could be a better artist. The older i got the more serious i got with it, and the more frustrating it became. Sometimes i was wondering "why am i doing this?" lol, or "would it really matter if i finish this at all?". I would loose being happy and end up with frustration. When i started this (oh man i just checked back when i started this blog lol), it was to start my life all over again. When i did that i remembered how fun it was to draw. Just the freedom of it all blew me away, and how ridiculous it was that i forgot all about it. So basically i'm glad that i'm still able to draw haha, i am grateful.

Okay so i don't have a picture to upload but i will do that tomorrow. Right now i am finishing the NoBIT 8page short for Mint Anthology. And i'm also hacking away at Charlie chapter3 lol man its so embarrassing how i have not finished it. I am also inking a page of Armored Starr but the unthinkable happened, I have run out of inking pens.
Pens, i wanna say thank you for years of service. You have exceeded the expectations of MaddSketch and i will always remember you all as the hardest working pens there is.
Now trying to restock will be a pain, but i can doooiiitt!! On the upside i have a ton of acrylic that i'm gonna use for the GeroWorld canvas pieces. I have a bout 7 canvases i'm gonna work on which will be after the release of GeroWorld. Can't wait! i'm excited. Oh if you guys have not done so we have set up a DYVnation fanpage on Facebook. If you have not seen it please go to the site and become a fan! we're trying to pump up our number of fans so we can really hit hard when we debut Gero World. Anyway! i hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! and don't party too hard! PEACE AND LUV!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fire Grid update

And below is kind of how i usually work, i usually have another window of the same image so i dont' have to keep zooming in and out.
From Blogger Pictures

Okay so i decided to leave the character design as is for now and move on with other designs that need to be attended. Since i'm the only one workin on this i need to be all over the place. Which is nice cause i'm all A.D.D. anyway lol Like right now i have like 6 browsers in front of my face with different blogs and sites lol That makes me comfortable in someway lol
The comics are moving along quite nicely, so nice in fact that i have decided to pick up Charlie again and try to finish off the pages. With everything thats going on, its actually making me feel good about my drawings again lol. My surprise to everyone is the story of everything we will be putting out. I sure hope people will enjoy it. So much to do in every week, working hard to put all this stuff out to you guys as soon as possible. Thank you by the way for reading this blog if you are, because i'm never really sure who reads this ^^ but thank you, who ever you are. Peace and Love everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

something to show

A concept design for my character Azarias. He was just a doodle but i really liked his helmet so i decided to explore his look. So far that is what he looks like and i kinda like it. He's still got alot to go but i thought it was kinda fun working on this guy at a Tim Hortons cause they had a power outlet and i was able to have coffee outside and digi-paint this dude. I like him so far he makes me happy so i think i'm gonna keep going and see where this picture takes me. The character is for the FireGrid Dawn video game and he is the pilot of the ship. I needed to concept the character because he will have so much more to do in other installments and he'll have cinematic shots of him so yeah ^^ thats it for now! tataaa! peace and luv!

Monday, February 15, 2010

must blog in the moment...

Or else it will pass and i wont wanna do it at the end of the day lol.

Okay i was gonna talk about my day with kids at Neilson Park and how fun it was to draw with kids. but i ran out of energy lol and i've been workin' on stuff so instead i wanna show that.

We're doing a bunch of stuff for the upcoming Gero Project we have going on and so i've been making some dummy books for the cd size artbook. i didn't think i was gonna like the cover i made for it but when i printed it i was quite happy with it. But i think what really matters is what all you guys think of it. Anyway that's all for now. Peace and Love!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No more Forums

Just wanted to put it out there that i will never ever go on someone else's forum and mention something. I always get some kind of crap from it, i guess it was my fault to think i was gonna get a clean response.
I was at a forum where everyone was, well it evolved to bashing the iPad. So what i thought i was mentioning was information instead of bashing, well someone decided to reply that my reply was spam.
To be quite clear about what i mentioned was that at CES, it seemed like almost everyone was putting out a tablet. Nvidia came with the Tegra2 chip that was basically on all these new tablets. It was so fast that they demonstrated Unreal 3 Engine on the dang thing. I thought this was really cool, cause our technology is really really pushing it now. But weeks and weeks later the macworld thingy came up and mentioned the iPad,i just thought that maybe apple released the iPad prematurely because they noticed that so many companies released it. I mean even Viewsonic came up with one! So yeah thats all i said and i guess that's spam. Figures i should just shut up and keep working.

The only interesting thing i've been seeing is how society sees the Apple company. They were late in releasing something but in the eyes of the world, they're always the first in a way. I wish everyone would just be open to everything and not always pick on how people say things or expect them to be bashing something. The only reason i don't like apple is that they offend other people that don't use their products. Well mainly its those commercials they always put out, but i'm glad i don't see them as much anymore. Well i was hoping i wouldn't rant but i did... i'm sorry.

But seriously check out what the other guys are doing with tablets, it's so amazing!
If people want links i'll put them up. But only if you guys want it ^^.

Apple users know that i love you guys. I love everyone!! Peace and Luv!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

weekend winding down

Well I had a great weekend, it involved some artworks and friends. That's pretty much all i need to complete my weekend, and we had some progress with DYV so thats a bonus. This latest piece i did i am not at all happy with lol. So many things i wish i did but i don't like going back on my pieces. I'm just gonna keep trying these until i get used to my quick painting stuff.

Had the DYVnation in my head most of the time now and i hope to pull it off the way i would like to. We have been trying to reorganize our system of doing things and i think its getting there. I am so excited to push out this website to everyone because its gonna be everything i've worked for in years now. And it will finally all channel through this site. I am happy that its getting to this point, i just hope that people will accept it ^^ PEACE AND LUV!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Hi Guys sry it took me some time to post something new. I can't really show what i have so far with the games so i decided to do a digital piece just for this post. I don't like alot of his facial features. I think the nose is too thin and the bottom cheeks now i see is annoying lol. But i just wanted to get it done and put it up, its not a quick digital painting if its a few hours.

I went to an IGDA meeting and its funnie cause i shouldn't have been there. Their topic was not what it said on their site. My friend felt bad for telling me about it, but the truth is i had such a great time working outside and being in downtown. I went to downtown a hours hours earlier so i could do some of gaming work stuff in a Starbucks. I got alot of stuff done, especially with the fact that Starbucks give 2 free hours on WiFi everyday ^^. Lately i only realize that i get alot of work done when the week is done. That's not exactly a bad thing but i tend to reflect on whats happened, especially if its something normal or good. I don't like reflecting on something bad that happened, like the IGDA thing.
I think the fact that i hung out with the Revolver Games guys and that we talked alot about game design was so motivating because i don't get to converse about that stuff in person. Rene is really the only person i talk about that stuff to. It's funnie cause now that i've learned some scripting, i actually know what he gets aggravated about when theres a bug he's fixing. I shouldn't be smiling when he tells be his issues, but i just can't help realize the fact that i just picked up something new. I swear if i really listed down all the things i've learned, it would be too long. And that is all because of the possibilities being in North America. We should always stop and realize how lucky we are to be living where we are and the time we live in.
Thank you for the new followers I hope to do some more artwork but i've been busy with our DYVnation project. Hopefully we can spread the word on that so we can keep producing great work. Peace and Luv Everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2010

FGD: more stuff

Okay so of course i'm learning more stuff, and i'm doing alot of stuff. Right now i don't wanna show it yet but i'm redesigning the main ship and at the same time thinking of the storyline. I have a harder idea of what the game is going to be like. But i'm mainly going to only make about 3 levels; level 1(easy bad guys), level 2(crash in the mother ship), level 3(boss).

So i'll post up better images of my production for this game, and hopefully some better stuff with the Excessive Force game. Lots to do!! no money to do it!!

Anyway tmw i'll have some images of my current stuf. Peace and Luv!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

FGD pt3

Okay so here's the update. I have been working on alot of prototypes, and i've got alot started which is nice. I've learned a whole lot of scripting in Unity, and am able to apply it. I still need to learn alot of message scripting and more GUI stuff but i know its just a matter of time. I've decided that my 2D shooter game will be side scrolling and at a certain point will switch to StarFox style!! ^^ I'm very excited cause it'll be all about the low poly wicked Textures realm! I luv that stuff.
I'm still working on EForce but its gonna take a while till you guys see something significantly new to it. It's alot of tweaking the map and technical stuff, so its kinda boring lol.

I even talked to Gen and got some prototypes started to make an interesting game with her artwork. It's very exciting cause we've fantasized about her designs in a wicked videogame, now I can really try to pull it off.

Our Designs that will debut soon, are almost ready, they're actually releasing Feb 8th and hopefully we can spread the word so fast. So watch out for all that good stuff!

Oh yeah I'll update the FGD next time with some enemies to shoot at, how bout that? would you like that? okay i'll do it, just for you guys. Peace and Luv everyone!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Okay so I did do some work on the Excessive Force but it's not something major you guys can see, so i'll be hackin away at it till its something wicked. So just to let you know i did do alot in it. I even worked on some managing on the DYV design stuff. Anyway just a couple of hours ago I decided to go back into Unity and see what else i could learn. Well basically, long story short i ended up starting this StarFox like game. I'm actually thinking of making a level now, but i'm thinking of trying out a full 2D shooter first ^^ i keep getting all these ideas for crazy funky pixel/poly graphics. My mind hasn't stopped coming up with ideas, its ridiculous really. If you wanna see the FireGridMinx version1 ClickHere All this game making is making me happy, i think i'm gonna be doing some more concepts. I just love the fact that i can write up a story, draw the concepts, make the 3D model, Animate and then make the Game lol. It really makes me so happy that i can do that. Anyway, tmw i will probably be hangin out with Rene and I can't wait to show him this new Minx Version ^^ i'm so excited, PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Monday, January 18, 2010

FGD pt2

Alright got some good progress going on right now. I am so pumped but its like midnight and i really should get some sleep. I got the shooting functions working and the enemies go after you now! lol It's almost kind of creepy how they're slowly going towards you. But as a safety precaution i made them keep their distance. So if you bump into them you die, and that would be your own fault lol. The white spheres are going to be health spheres. Right now you can take them in but it wont give you more health. I still have so much to learn like score systems and stuff.
The Controls are the same the arrow keys are to move, or if you like you can use WASD. To shoot is Spacebar and thats about it.

Click here
I am also learning how to do a basic side 2d shooter. but i'll have to hold that off for another day because i'm going right back to Excessive Force tommorow with more 3d stuff. I think i've had enough scripting for now, i need to show more flashy stuff.
This experience has been fantastic, because of the feeling i get when something works in code ^^. Although its weird sometimes cause usually no ones around when i freak out. oh well, that's my life, but i'm used to it ^^. Peace and Luv everyone! i'll post again on Wednesday.

FGD pt1

Okay i realize slowly what i am doing and so in order for me to make playable games i need to experiment. So i have been playing with other types of games to see how the codes work. And i am also seeing how fast i can make objects from model to texture in a small scale game like FireGrid Dawn. I am basically going to take on the game ideas my friend's have had but none of us are programmers so we were never able to do it. Well i'm gonna try to pull this off.
Click here for the Game
FireGrid Dawn is an idea my older brother had to program but basically he wanted to make CrossFire (old old game) But i wanted to make something more complicated so we started writing about this character that basically gets called to planets whenever its a global scale catastrophy. So we had all these ideas for this ship and the pilot and this was one of my first ideas. I subtitled it Dawn because its the beggining of the recorded journal of his missions. I don't know what it is about stories but i luv a story intensive product. Weather that's comic, game, movie, watever. I luv character driven stuff, but i always look more into the whole story. Anyway right now the game is only about moving around and how you can see the crappy flames behind it. I'm having problems finding a code for shooting, because i'm stupid. So oh well, the search continues.

Don't worry the only thing i'm gonna really work on is Excessive Force because its the biggest one to tackle. I'm still writing down more assets to make, i just keep comin up with ideas to make the city more dynamic. It's not gonna be any bigger than 3blocks because i think the computer starts chuggin after that lol.

Hopefully for tmw i will get the enemy working properly and a model for it too. But for now, i will get back to Excessive Force!! peace and luv!