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Tron x Madd x Doodle

Let us Yell till our face lights up

Ape Mecha Soldier

Captain Knight Man

Monstruo ArtBook Review

Fly Me to Robot Town

Artbook of the Week: SkillFul Huntsman and the Graphic Novel Kingdom Come

Look Back Man!

Goodbye Tito and thank you.

This week's videos doodle and work

People in Armor always looks better!

Wooj, Mei and Me

Little Lot about me.

Keeping my life new

twists and turns

The ever changing course

Whose painting is this?

Armored Starr Update

whats with the lack of posts?

UX cover final

Experiment might be over

UX Armored Starr and so forth.

The Armored Starr


Video Update

Shor Update

Primo Classics

Makina galore!

Travelbook for July!

Madds crafts

Madd's vloggity Anime North day 2 and 3

Madd's vloggity Anime North day1

short Update

DYVnation clothing ^^

Makina Series in an exhibition in NPCC

New Wallpaper pt2


Roughing Designs

New Wallpaper ^^

Update on everything

EXP and beyond

HOTW comic Madd Sketching and Jayo Sessions1

What have I been doing

Comin back! HOTW DYVnation

Sketch moments 03

Sketch moments 02

Sketch moments 01

FireGrid Update

Artist of the Week: Agnes Garbowska

DevUpdate: Excited

New day!

The change!

Drawing again...

Fire Grid update

something to show

must blog in the moment...

No more Forums

weekend winding down


FGD: more stuff

FGD pt3


FGD pt2

FGD pt1