Saturday, March 28, 2009

updateroonies pt1

Hokay! I have alot of stuff to post but I need to organize it first so i'll probably post them tonight which is like... i dunno... 8hours from now... its for people that are in many different countries. Since BlogTV I've been very cautious about that stuff. Aaaanyways i've been trying to finish the roughs of chapter 3 and came to the conclusion that i should just cut 2 pages off and have the serious fight scenes on the next chapter lol. so... yeah... and i did some canvas paintings because it somewhat calms me down and stops me from chewing my tablet pen from anxiety.
I'm workin on this one for now. I'm hoping to put this on hexabites or the main dyv site or something.

So i was thinking of doing a 2hour piece every day starting april to really push me over the edge lol and hopefully i do and make a book out of it i dunno lol. I would like to ask you guys for ideas or comments as to how i could make money lol because i'm completely dying here lol. that's it for now lol PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

War Journal:1

So i was really diggin this concept for the WarMachine. I might do some schematic views of how this guy works because there's alot going in his back but i'm starting to think i might wanna change the head a bit. I dunno yet, for the longest time i had one design i kept sketching then i stumbled upon this one. I was just messing with shapes and this one really caught my eye. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint later and then i might have to pull other ones out lol. Anyway tadaaah! ^^ PnL!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whats been on my mind

Okay this post is gonna be more of a journal ish or some kind lol. There's just been alot of things on my mind, and i just feel that if i typed it where it has some use it could help me out. I've been trying to use StudioDYV as a way to make a living but my plans just keep changing. I've been looking for a part-time job but there's no one that wants to hire me. I know this is happening everywhere but i worry about what my parents think of me. I move back in and I feel like I'm a total slacking slob lol.

Today i had all these plans and i was so energized and happy because of the daylight and how great it is and stuff. But later i get all down and became so negative. I tried to convince my self that your having your typical moments of ups and down moment and nothing is changing just your train of thought. That kinda helped me out so i got back in figuring out how to get StudioDYV to where it is suppose to be. So from here on in i will finish the Studio's main focus and stick to it.

The problems that i have are mainly that i like to do everything. I taught at a college, I worked in Motion Capture Systems, etc. I have done all kinds of stuff and only now i'm going back to what i really wanted to do which is draw. So its hard for me to just stick to one thing when I watch Wall-E and go oh man if only i could finish my Aerials Project film. After that i'm suppose to just keep drawing... its hard.

So what is on my plate? I'm gonna lay it out here for everyone to see. Because i'm an idiot lol

-Charlie Chapter 3 (those 3 damn pages)
-3 Strips of The Notorious BIT they're actually roughed out
-Thumbnails for Dominance War 4 almost done all
-The Paladin Piece Yikes!
-New posts on Hexabites like Artist of the Week etc.
-Giant Robo Champion Piece (need to finish inking it) i'll show it one day ^^
-And creating a new Business Plan for StudioDYV's new focus.

So there you have it, i do too much. And the help i usually get is Sonny posting tech stuff for Hexabites, and Gen proof reading my writings lol. Not this one of course jeez, the business plan!

Next blog i will talk about my dream of making an art agency union thing for the young Torontonians XD if your still reading this wow I luv you! TAKE CARE and remember PEACE AND LUV!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What am i doing??

Okay i'm sorry for not updating this image for awhile now, but it just took a major turn. I started with this image at 2000pixels and then i went ahead and pushed it to 4000pixels. Working the background it forced me to go to 5000pixels scared that my comp might crash. As of right now this image is at 7000pixels wide and 4032tall hahaha. I was really bothered by the fact that his feet wasn't showing, so i felt that in order to show it i needed to shrink him. My problem with this was that quality might shrink along with it so i pushed the size a bit bigger just so everything will be somewhat intact.

Of course you notice the little guy beside him going whaaa??? I really liked my sketche of him and had this hunch that he could fit in this scene so i dropped him right in front of the Paladin. Of course that took so much attention away from the Paladin so i pushed him to the other side.

i was going mad! with the background and had no idea what to do with it. So I summoned my good friend Peter (my matte painting expert) to give me some ideas as to where this layout could go. He made it wider and suggested the giant structure at the back. I've just added the clouds on the back but there's definitely a lot more to be done with it, as well as every since pixel of this piece lol. But essentially i want a dark cloud approaching the towers as if the Human Terror is blanketing this planet with horror lol. I dunno, sorry for the creepyness of it all. But basically this piece is probably gonna go for 2 more weeks before it gets finished. And that would also mean like 16hours a day @_@

At least its exciting again, cause for awhile i thought it got pretty boring. Thank you Peter for the major help on the environment it really made it great! ^^ Well off to pulling the triggerrrr... i mean happily painting away! ^^' Peace and Luv everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Soldier raaaaarr

I was just really happy with this one that i wanted to post it pre-maturely lol hope you guys like it! PnL!

Animation Test

So tried to animate on my ds cause i found this wonderful program that lets you. I have done so much but this one i like alot lol. I know its not like anything but i'm not a 2d animator and this might by the first animation you will ever see from any of my experience in animation lol PnL!

Monday, March 9, 2009

an oldie but goodie

here's an old drawing i did when i had this idea to make a short animated about a merman (well boy). The story was about growing up and why we should look forward to it. I was like in my early 20s so i was kind of just thinking positively i guess lol. Of course i never got it to work but now i'm thinkin maybe i could work in it, or at least just storyboard it or something. But then again at this point my brain is on overload and i will probably shoot myself in the head if i try to work on this. In my head i have 3Short animated film i wanted to do and the comics and games lol. So yeah i wish i have like 10 of me, then i'd be happy making everything lol. I don't even have a name for this particular kid so yeah lol.

I've been trying to fix alot of stuff and give some attention to Hexabites because its getting alot of views and i want people to have a reason to come back to it. So i'm trying to do more Strips of Notorious BIT. I'm thinking of making it also an art blog where we feature artists that i'm really digging right now. We'll see where it all goes, i just want more people to keep checkin it out.

Okay well that's it for now, i'll post something new tmw promise! PEACE AND LUV!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

update on the paladin

okay so I've start workin on the horse body of the bloody thing. and i can see now this is gonna take me another month. On top of the Dominance War 4 that's about to begin, yikes. Well its kind of tough right now cause the colors are allover the place. I'm gonna fix that once all the parts are all tighter.