Monday, January 25, 2010

FGD: more stuff

Okay so of course i'm learning more stuff, and i'm doing alot of stuff. Right now i don't wanna show it yet but i'm redesigning the main ship and at the same time thinking of the storyline. I have a harder idea of what the game is going to be like. But i'm mainly going to only make about 3 levels; level 1(easy bad guys), level 2(crash in the mother ship), level 3(boss).

So i'll post up better images of my production for this game, and hopefully some better stuff with the Excessive Force game. Lots to do!! no money to do it!!

Anyway tmw i'll have some images of my current stuf. Peace and Luv!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

FGD pt3

Okay so here's the update. I have been working on alot of prototypes, and i've got alot started which is nice. I've learned a whole lot of scripting in Unity, and am able to apply it. I still need to learn alot of message scripting and more GUI stuff but i know its just a matter of time. I've decided that my 2D shooter game will be side scrolling and at a certain point will switch to StarFox style!! ^^ I'm very excited cause it'll be all about the low poly wicked Textures realm! I luv that stuff.
I'm still working on EForce but its gonna take a while till you guys see something significantly new to it. It's alot of tweaking the map and technical stuff, so its kinda boring lol.

I even talked to Gen and got some prototypes started to make an interesting game with her artwork. It's very exciting cause we've fantasized about her designs in a wicked videogame, now I can really try to pull it off.

Our Designs that will debut soon, are almost ready, they're actually releasing Feb 8th and hopefully we can spread the word so fast. So watch out for all that good stuff!

Oh yeah I'll update the FGD next time with some enemies to shoot at, how bout that? would you like that? okay i'll do it, just for you guys. Peace and Luv everyone!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Okay so I did do some work on the Excessive Force but it's not something major you guys can see, so i'll be hackin away at it till its something wicked. So just to let you know i did do alot in it. I even worked on some managing on the DYV design stuff. Anyway just a couple of hours ago I decided to go back into Unity and see what else i could learn. Well basically, long story short i ended up starting this StarFox like game. I'm actually thinking of making a level now, but i'm thinking of trying out a full 2D shooter first ^^ i keep getting all these ideas for crazy funky pixel/poly graphics. My mind hasn't stopped coming up with ideas, its ridiculous really. If you wanna see the FireGridMinx version1 ClickHere All this game making is making me happy, i think i'm gonna be doing some more concepts. I just love the fact that i can write up a story, draw the concepts, make the 3D model, Animate and then make the Game lol. It really makes me so happy that i can do that. Anyway, tmw i will probably be hangin out with Rene and I can't wait to show him this new Minx Version ^^ i'm so excited, PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Monday, January 18, 2010

FGD pt2

Alright got some good progress going on right now. I am so pumped but its like midnight and i really should get some sleep. I got the shooting functions working and the enemies go after you now! lol It's almost kind of creepy how they're slowly going towards you. But as a safety precaution i made them keep their distance. So if you bump into them you die, and that would be your own fault lol. The white spheres are going to be health spheres. Right now you can take them in but it wont give you more health. I still have so much to learn like score systems and stuff.
The Controls are the same the arrow keys are to move, or if you like you can use WASD. To shoot is Spacebar and thats about it.

Click here
I am also learning how to do a basic side 2d shooter. but i'll have to hold that off for another day because i'm going right back to Excessive Force tommorow with more 3d stuff. I think i've had enough scripting for now, i need to show more flashy stuff.
This experience has been fantastic, because of the feeling i get when something works in code ^^. Although its weird sometimes cause usually no ones around when i freak out. oh well, that's my life, but i'm used to it ^^. Peace and Luv everyone! i'll post again on Wednesday.

FGD pt1

Okay i realize slowly what i am doing and so in order for me to make playable games i need to experiment. So i have been playing with other types of games to see how the codes work. And i am also seeing how fast i can make objects from model to texture in a small scale game like FireGrid Dawn. I am basically going to take on the game ideas my friend's have had but none of us are programmers so we were never able to do it. Well i'm gonna try to pull this off.
Click here for the Game
FireGrid Dawn is an idea my older brother had to program but basically he wanted to make CrossFire (old old game) But i wanted to make something more complicated so we started writing about this character that basically gets called to planets whenever its a global scale catastrophy. So we had all these ideas for this ship and the pilot and this was one of my first ideas. I subtitled it Dawn because its the beggining of the recorded journal of his missions. I don't know what it is about stories but i luv a story intensive product. Weather that's comic, game, movie, watever. I luv character driven stuff, but i always look more into the whole story. Anyway right now the game is only about moving around and how you can see the crappy flames behind it. I'm having problems finding a code for shooting, because i'm stupid. So oh well, the search continues.

Don't worry the only thing i'm gonna really work on is Excessive Force because its the biggest one to tackle. I'm still writing down more assets to make, i just keep comin up with ideas to make the city more dynamic. It's not gonna be any bigger than 3blocks because i think the computer starts chuggin after that lol.

Hopefully for tmw i will get the enemy working properly and a model for it too. But for now, i will get back to Excessive Force!! peace and luv!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

EF Report pt3

I've been testing with the engine and i've put together this space ship thing. I'm still learning some stuff in terms of shooting and collision detection and a whole lot of other stuff. If i learn how to shoot with this guy i can use it for the Excessive Force game. It's been really fun learning all kinds of stuff, and knowing i can make it look good. The only thing i've yet to really be comfortable doing is making a good looking HUD. I guess i have to do alot of it before i can make one that i'm happy with. But so far i've learned some ways to do stuff like even a GPS radar thing where i can see where i'm going. It's so interesting and i hope that i can show it to everyone soon. PEACE AND LUV!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

EForce Update 1.1

I have been working very hard on this game. Right now i'm taking small steps and making sure the look is how i want it before i jump into all the other mess. Like GUI coding, main menu, and all the stuff a game usually needs. I've decided to use Helvetica Ultra Light for the fonts of it, because i absolutely love Helvetica. I made the poster thingy just to help me be inspired. I still feel like i'm going off track by making a game but, my heart really feels like i should finish what me and dyv started. By DYV i mean, Mark Williams, Peter Braeley, and Joe Bonsu. Mainly me and Mark spent 16 hours a day for 3 weeks straight, making all the objects in the scene, and now, i finally get to make the game we wanted to put together.
Oh by the way the tank was something i wanted to do a long time ago, but it isn't rigged yet for animation. I'm prioritizing that tank after all the models. So many still needs to be done, but i am confident that i can actually make this game. Oh and yes i'm doing the whole thing by myself lol, because i don't trust anyone with it anymore lol. I'm pretty much the only one in the group who is willing to script the game so oh wells.
As if that isn't enough work, i'm almost done roughing out the pages for Armored Starr. I'm excited for Roman and Rodolfo, and what they are going to do with these pages. At some point i will start getting hard on them, but i just want them to be used to drawing alot first. ^^; Anyway i should keep working I will report again after a couple of days, or if something major cool was added to the game. PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Been doing alot of keep ups with the pages i have to go through. I did that sketch (above) one time and i've been meaning to ink it and add all the detail stuff that i usually do. I was thinking he belongs to one of the Guardian Angels roaming around Neo Gaia, but he's one of the good guys... Or is he? lol So yeah just wanted to post that up. Everything is going fine, did some updates on 24fps webcomic site. Christ and Kristin are so great in input, but its partly because they really want it to work. They have such enthusiasm for their comic and its very motivational. It made me wanna work more on Charlie. I wont post the link to the site yet but i will soon. Oh and I wanna give a shout out to Thea! lol Peace and Luv everyone!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Excessive Force

Just came up with it after i blogged just awhile ago. I just thought i should put it up cause i got a little excited about it lol. I'll probably change it again cause i want some kind of fire element on it. PnL!

No drawings today =(

Well I got no drawings today, but i did have alot of productivity happening. The level i have been working on has had some improvements and every day i learn something new to the Unity program. I enjoy it very much but everyday i work on it, i realize how much more work i really have to add onto it, now that my vision of this tiny project has gotten bigger. The idea was to create a level so i can get to know this Game Engine, and its taking me places i never thought i could learn. But i also can't lose the sight of the main goal which was to have a demo to show that our studio is capable of many things. If i do this, i can provide for alot of people that are struggling to be artists.

The other idea that i have been wondering about was a game that was appealing to everyone. Not exactly something that will please everyone cause that's not exactly the greatest idea. But something that isn't too violent but still engaging to young kids. Something that the city of Mississauga would be proud to have. Anyway i'm blabbering on again. Next week i'm gonna be learning some codes for the game and see if i can pack alot of crazy feature for this dude. But hopefully this week i can finish off the street layout for our dude. Oh by the way the Character's name is Ossington ^^ Peace and luv everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The L word

Love is a word i LOVE to use lol. Although I feel like I over use it, I know that when it comes a time that i have to be careful with the word, I get very serious about it. I look back at my life and think of the one very thing I absolutely love, and that's drawing. I've never really loved a girl although I am attracted to girls of course, I've never really, really loved one. But I know it is mainly because I've never met the one I've been looking for. The worst part about that is that I never have the time to find her.
I always feel like if i were to get with a girl right now, I would be ruining her life. Because even though i would love to be there for her, i know that i wont be able to really be there for her. My life rely's on my ability to draw, without that, I am nothing. Of course this is how I think and I know some people will tell me otherwise, but the truth of the matter is. I have wrapped my entire life with this fascination to drawing, a line. I have given myself a goal since I was 8 Years old, and that is to be an absolutely great artist. 2001 I lost that goal, thinking that it was an impossible dream. 8 years later i realize that it doesn't matter if it is impossible. It's not like i need a license to be amazing, I just have to keep working until I am satisfied.
I'm sure one day i will meet the girl of my dreams and she will be beautiful (because i'm shallow). Together we will have the most amazing journey through life and we will grow old together. I will draw her in every town we go to all over the world, for she will be the only girl worth drawing. She'll need to put up a lot of crap from me tho, which will suck but i will do everything in my power to be open to her. If you are out there mystery girl... STAY AWAY! I'M SERIOUS YOU LIFE WILL BE IN DANGER! I WILL RUIN YOUUU!! haha that was fun ^^'
Okay enough garbage i'll be alone for ever muhahahaha. I'm gonna be a lone senile person in japan scaring kids with my walking stick shaped like a snake.

I have alot of stuff goin on and i don't know which one to focus on in terms of blogging, but right now i have a game i'm actually making on my own, but with some help for old work done by the DYV crew. It's looking freakin wicked and i've never been this excited working on 3D stuff. I'm back workin on the pages of Charlie which is getting to be fun again.

I'm whipping some of the new DYV kids into shape. Starting to Teach them Photoshop basics and why know it. Hopefully by September i can get them up to speed with 3Dsmax and Maya. We've actually started to create a pipeline for designs that will be advertised pretty soon. But the release date of these products will be around early Febuary. I'm very excited about these because they are lookin quite spiffy ^^ Anyway i hope you guys a great week! PEACE AND LUUUUUUUUVV!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year with a New Adventure

Well here we are, a brand new year. I have no time to waste, Expo is coming up in August, and i'm hoping to have Charlie Vol. 1, Armored Starr Issue 1 and a DYV artbook. I have 8months to do all of this, but I am pretty confident that me and my guys can accomplish this. A new year has given us a chance to finally make something out of the Studio and i cannot wait for our success.

I am thinking of using this blog, or make a video blog to help me get through my projects and talk about it. Maybe doing so might help me get to my goal. I can't wait to get back to my usual habits in this blog. Peace and Love everyone!