No drawings today =(

Well I got no drawings today, but i did have alot of productivity happening. The level i have been working on has had some improvements and every day i learn something new to the Unity program. I enjoy it very much but everyday i work on it, i realize how much more work i really have to add onto it, now that my vision of this tiny project has gotten bigger. The idea was to create a level so i can get to know this Game Engine, and its taking me places i never thought i could learn. But i also can't lose the sight of the main goal which was to have a demo to show that our studio is capable of many things. If i do this, i can provide for alot of people that are struggling to be artists.

The other idea that i have been wondering about was a game that was appealing to everyone. Not exactly something that will please everyone cause that's not exactly the greatest idea. But something that isn't too violent but still engaging to young kids. Something that the city of Mississauga would be proud to have. Anyway i'm blabbering on again. Next week i'm gonna be learning some codes for the game and see if i can pack alot of crazy feature for this dude. But hopefully this week i can finish off the street layout for our dude. Oh by the way the Character's name is Ossington ^^ Peace and luv everyone!


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