Friday, July 31, 2009

Back Cover! RIP Cory

So I really wanted a cool piece on this book somehow so i decided to put all the crazy stuff on the back of the box. Both the front and back of the actual cover has artwork too but the back box is a little different. I'm trying to make the wings symmetrical but i think i'll definitely give up when i do my tech designs on it lol.

I'm still at the same time working on OLA business because there's like constant work that it needs to go through (gosh i wish someone can help me code >.<). But i am happy with its progress, and the people i'm working with to make this dream come true are like just amazing people. We're trying to do a OLAtv that helps promote people's upcoming projects and work they're putting up. We're basically building a site full of content that you can gain from. And when i'm happy with it, everyone will have a better chance in Ontario Canada to be a respectable artist. The idea that when you work hard, it pays off, is the thought i want from every artist.
As for me, i know i've been on a tangent on my situation but i'm working towards pushing for everything to work out. This book definitely got my frustration out and now everytime i look at the book i get all happy XD.

I wanna say Rest In Peace Cory Aquino. I wanna say something really great about her but what's great about her is that everyone has already said everything that needs to be said about her. I knew of her when i was a little boy in the Philippines, my Mom favoured her and supported her to be the President. I was taught early what her Husband did and all the horrors he went through. And also his assassination, but what she represented in our country was something i never forgot. i think that idea has been lost in our country and i could go into it but talk isnt' gonna change things, because actions speak louder than words. I don't get star struck i don't cry over people's deaths, but for me i feel the loss because of that connection she represented. Its like having this amazing Aunty and you never got to say good bye. Thank you President Aquino, for instilling goodness to our country.

Peace and Luv everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My sketchBOOK

Okay i've been working on this book for a bit now, and i can't seem to stop workin on it. Now its not your actual way of making a book. But for me when i make my book i like it to have this ridiculous spine, so i use a Chicago Screw. I always use it because i just love installing it. My current problem is that i need a third screw in the middle because the dang thing is so big lol.
I decided to make the book one day because i was thinking about my work and how it all seems to just stay in my room. I wanted to have all this work out and i felt like right now my work is decaying. Its gonna die in this enclosed room and be gone forever. So i decided to have like a book dedication to the work that i believe in. So this book isn't just a sketchbook, its gonna have 400 pages of my styles, and mostly my ideas and random thoughts. Which is basically my work that's put in an artistic context. I'm pretty sure i'm never parting with this book because unlike my work i'm doing this just for me, unless i'm presented with 10millie XD. Now I don't mean that i make my work for money, that's not the case at all, i just feel that this book is more personal than i usually do. I was so into this book that i made a slip cover for it and now i'm finding myself drawing the slip cover and then the actual cover XD. I'm doing more work on the covers than the inside lol

Anyway i also test printed the second chapter of Charlie cause i was trying to get the layouts right. Hopefully i can figure out all the logistics i need to print it massively. That's all i have i guess, i'm just trying to keep busy with OLA and finding another way to do my art show because its this thing left hanging and i just need to do it somehow.

Anyway that's all i can think of right now so PEACE AND LUV!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cover so far

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So i'm workin on the cover of this sketchbook and i'm luving it XD lol i'm having so much fun with it.

my big book 2

my big book 2
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I just finished makin this book and it makes me so happy XD. To me this really beats buying anything lol I can't wait to draw on it, i'll hug it one more time XD

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Charlie Chapter1

Okay so basically part of the new plan for OLA is the Production Initiative. We are creating a structure for all types of production and we're gonna have 4 guys create the comic to lead by example. So far its my Charlie comic, Space Guitar, and 2 other ones that will be announced soon. Our plans have been doing well and i'm actually anxious to find the problems, because after all they're just surprises we don't like. I've made my comic more digest size than the usual half a page indie style. I guess i just like the more square look, and the bottom piece can be a free comic for people to take home even if they don't get the comic. Coincidentally I found a plastic that fits perfect in it. So the next thing is to hunt down a plastic exactly like that and buy a bunch ^^. The plan is to make 10Chapters by next year. Which is definitely do-able... hopefully.

The artshow is now suddenly iffy, because of certain circumstances I am now stuck with no place to do the show. We're trying to make some events or get some grants to get it to launch but i'm actually not so optimistic about this one. I feel like i have no place to show these new pieces i've created, but i just have to keep moving. PEACE AND LUV ALL!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Not sure...

Okay so i'm not sure where i'm going with this post. I've been working on this Wingz series since November i think. Hoping that doing an artshow will really get me out of this situation i'm in right now. 8 months later and after switching from different venues, its actually not gonna happen. I've been sitting looking at a blank wall for i think 2 hours. I've been angry, i've been depressed, i've laughed feeling like i've gone actually Mad lol. There's just so many things running through my head, all those people with positive comments about what i'm doing all this for. My mother's trust, hoping that i can finally make it. I felt like i'm really stretching this whole thing a little too thin and i feel like a fraud. I hate feeling like an emo because there's always a way out. But when getting such a news where there's really nothing you can do. I really don't know what to say, its like i can't have any freebies at all. Even if i've gone through hell and back, i still should have known better. I'm not suicidal but i've definitely thought of killing my art. Just completely stopping it forever and never speak of it again. It's easy, I cancel my web hosting, I sell all my computer stuff, burn all my paper. Just live a normal life... It's tempting, but no. Even if i want to i'm bound by all this paper and ink. Well as of right now i'm gonna continue with OLA, and wait for that to fail. And then everyone will look at me in shame...

I played "Prototype" for 10 minutes, but instead of doing the missions i just ran around killing anything i saw in the most brutal way. And that my friends is what video games are for. lol

I'm sorry for pouring a stupid blog like this, but this is just something i need to get off my chest because its just a thing boiling in me right now. I guess you can call it a cry for help, but dont' worry you can just dismiss this post lol. So you dont' have to take everything i said seriously, i'm just really messed up right now.

i will be my up beat self again in no time,i just need to figure out what to do now.
Again i'm sorry folks! PEACE AND LUUUUUUUVVV!!!

Just drawing away away!

Just so you guys know i'm still workin on my stuff and i have like 27days left XD i'm so scared!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last week's Session

Hey guys decided to spew out some sketches i've done last week's session. But hopefully soon enough i'll have some new shots of my latest pieces.

I know they're not all that great but i actually like them cause i haven't drawn like this in awhile lol.

Monday, July 6, 2009

quick hi

Hi guys i haven't been doing alot of posting because of my hectic schedule and my scramble to make money so i could live ugh i hate money. I wish i could just make original artwork for everyone for free XD. I've been all out on the Ontario League of Artist project and so far it's lookin okay. i hate coding web but i've managed to make a running social networking website, not bad for a guy whose supposed to be an artist XD. We've been doing alot of Saturday Ssauga Sketch Session and so i just have to scan my sketches to show you guys ^^.
My School project is lookin pretty good, i've met 2 great teachers that are with the program. I just hope its good to go so i can schedule it for the fall. It's looking like fall is gonna be a busy time. We might be planning the 200artists in Dundas Square, hopefully artists would like to do it in September while school is just starting XD. Well i think that's all i have right now and hopefully i have more. I have things in my head i'd like to talk about but i'm really all over the place and not organized. I'll update when i have my brain all together Xd peace and luuuuuv!!!