My sketchBOOK

Okay i've been working on this book for a bit now, and i can't seem to stop workin on it. Now its not your actual way of making a book. But for me when i make my book i like it to have this ridiculous spine, so i use a Chicago Screw. I always use it because i just love installing it. My current problem is that i need a third screw in the middle because the dang thing is so big lol.
I decided to make the book one day because i was thinking about my work and how it all seems to just stay in my room. I wanted to have all this work out and i felt like right now my work is decaying. Its gonna die in this enclosed room and be gone forever. So i decided to have like a book dedication to the work that i believe in. So this book isn't just a sketchbook, its gonna have 400 pages of my styles, and mostly my ideas and random thoughts. Which is basically my work that's put in an artistic context. I'm pretty sure i'm never parting with this book because unlike my work i'm doing this just for me, unless i'm presented with 10millie XD. Now I don't mean that i make my work for money, that's not the case at all, i just feel that this book is more personal than i usually do. I was so into this book that i made a slip cover for it and now i'm finding myself drawing the slip cover and then the actual cover XD. I'm doing more work on the covers than the inside lol

Anyway i also test printed the second chapter of Charlie cause i was trying to get the layouts right. Hopefully i can figure out all the logistics i need to print it massively. That's all i have i guess, i'm just trying to keep busy with OLA and finding another way to do my art show because its this thing left hanging and i just need to do it somehow.

Anyway that's all i can think of right now so PEACE AND LUV!!


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