Armored Starr Update

This is pretty much all i can do for now for this piece, i have so much others to work on.  I feel like i can do so much more with this piece but that's life.  I'll focus that energy on making a better piece next time.
The comic is really close to finishing and headed for Printing but there's all these little things i gotta add on and i can't seem to finish.  But seriously i'm getting it done lol.

We're preparing it for FanExpo, next weekend so its getting tense.  Oh well just showing you guys, now i gotta get back to work XD PEACE AND LUV!


This is great stuff!! I love the perspective on this! Great work...and I especially love the slightly muted color palette.
Anonymous said…
Nice blog you have here. It's about the favorite thing I do everyday. Your drawings are the best I ever saw.
The above comment is from my 9 year old daughter who was awestruck when we visited your blog and insisted on posting this comment.

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