Saturday, January 31, 2009

eep me and my no posting pictures...

My new desk, well actually its just my drawing table that was temporarily placed in the first floor. I came up with something that might be kind of fun and would serve such a good purpose for the World that I'm trying to present to everyone. Just a couple of days ago I talked to my fellow DYVboys and we thought of an idea to create 5pages with most characters made by Mark, Joe, and Peter. So we got together at the usual Starbucks (we've been going to the same place for over 3years now) and created more Thumbnail rough drafts of the comics of each creators. Its just 5 pages so its pretty short and quick, but the stories lead to something bigger.
So by doing this, it will help map the scale of the world and it will help us put things in order. So yay i can't way till we get all of the mini comics done! We've been able to do the pages pretty quick now and get our moods down on paper. So yay i'll post up skeches next post, really i will! PEACE AND LUV!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A little late to code isn't it?

It's 12:44 and I'm daring myself to do the portfolio page using wordpress lol. I've got a lot of the prepping done now, i just have to start getting the photo album theme to work with this thing. I dunno why I'm doing it this late, i just have so much to do tomorrow and i thought if i do this now I'll have this itch off me lol. I'll get some drawings done for you guys tomorrow...promise... ^_^ peace and luv everyone!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

no drawings yet

Yeah today i had a lot of drawings i was working on. But here's something that kind of bothered me. I was in the book store and i got a call from a client i had and for some reason I've been lazying around with his commission. The thing is the last work i had to do for him he wasn't too happy with the work and he kind of made me feel like it was good enough and that i screwed up with some stuff. My problem with clients usually is always this, they're always making me feel like i did moderate and not great. I wanna blame them for not giving me such a detailed description because that's what it is really about. But on the other hand, me personally as an artist, they're making me draw something that they want and get rid of my style. Well that's not exactly what i do. I'm more comfortable if they let me do whatever i want. But usually they'll just tell me to be free and then suddenly they're telling me I'm not doing what they told me to do.

Well that's the life of an artist i tells yah, they don't appreciate you when they're paying you lol. Well that's not entirely true... just a little bit... Still this guy is probably the best client I've got lol everyone else has been a nightmare. But he will be the last business client i will ever have, from here on in i'm only doing character commission drawings and my own stuff. I really don't like drawing other peoples products and plans. I wanna have my own identity, and notoriety, i think I've been under the radar for way too many years and not have my own identity in the art communities. I feel it's time for me to push my work out there harder and harder. WHOSE WITH ME?? LETS GOOOO!! YES WE CAAAN lol

Okay anyway, yeah I've been pulling my hair out trying to finish the second chapter, but with all this website coding I've been doing it might take some time. I'd stop coding but it's so much fun, and its instant gratification lol. I code something and i can see if it works or not lol. I don't like a color i change it lol. The problem with doing absolutely everything by yourself is that you only got two hands and one brain lol. So right now I'm trying to figure out how to get people to read the comic and visit the main site. Because as of right now, absolutely no one is visiting it lol. I guess I'll work that out somehow, no need to worry about it. Anyway this is a ranting post, cause I've been sort of stressed but not desperate. If you've read this far i commend you lol And i sincerely appreciate your willingness to read this post. Peace and Luv!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Charlie Series 1 preview

These are the people that he's gonna meet and are going to play a big role in what will come. HOpe you guys like it! Oh yeah there are 3 more people that needs to be finished but i'm also going to color the whole thing. ^_^ so excited!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yay found me a new Method

So i was trying to create thumbnails and i found out i luv doing these lol. So I went ahead and started on chapter 3 cause i was really wondering what was gonna happen next lol. So i've kinda stopped keeping up with certain things cause i really wanna finish chapter 3. Its starting to feel like an addiction where i'd say i'll stop after one more @_@. I'm just glad i have something i can completely obsess about. I've also been keeping up with the latest comics and i tend to gravitate towards comics that i can relate to in terms of style which is fun. I don't usually draw like the way i draw on the Charlie comic so its really fun to do it. I hope i can push the backgrounds more once i'm comfortable with my style of writing.

I luv this pic so much! This is my brother Sonny and our dog Coco. Coco fills my heart with all kinds of goodness lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Haha I still got something done.

Just when i thought i didn't get anything done today, I finally went all out on the main page and figured out how i wanted to lay it out. I know i know it has alot of pictures. But this studio is about images and entertainment, so why not? hehe

So now the next on the list is the products for the online shop and creating a donate button for this whole thing. I really need some dough rolling in on this cause i really wanna put more time in it. I mean yeah the recession is really making it hard for me to work and it leaves me a lot of time to work on this stuff. But i have money problems that need solving too guh @_@. Anyway that rant was brought to you by the number 3 and the letter U.

I have been writing so much since I've started developing the heroes that Charlie will be meeting. It has been so exciting but also exhausting, since i can only go on for 16 hours of writing and drawing, then my body just gives up and my eyes starts to close by itself. Its worth the pain, i have finally found out how to tell this story and i am not about to stop for anything XD.

Have a great TGIF everyone! PEACE AND LUV!! llb(>.<)dll

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

concepts for charlie

So these guys are a super hero team, i came up with thats gonna be getting to know charlie pretty soon. I couldn't help but put out some sketches of these guys cause these guys have been on my mind for days now. I luv them very much, and i hope you get to like them too.
I wanted to make Aceman look like a clean cut but he's more of the mean batman leader type.

I wanted to do some almost real type style to see how they would look like on a pure super hero comic book.

So the guy who looks like batman is actually all the good qualities of batman but with some funny lazy type attitude that really goes well with Charlie so they become buddies lol. He can be serious and he'll be a leader, but only when the leader isn't' there lol. And also unlike batman he actually has powers.

I'm going to attempt to do a mini comic for each member so you get to see wat they're like before they appear in the actual Charlie comic.

PEACE&LUV! llb ^_^

Monday, January 12, 2009

epicfail at the NOBIT

lol I completely said screw it with the saturday comic strip lol. I'm not gonna stop it, i'm just gonna do 2 for next saturday and try to put it back to its normal schedule. Man i really gotta fix my scheduling, i can't quit on doing two comics cause i know i can do it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Charlie Chapter One1

>>>>Charlie Chapter One<<<<
So i finally finished Chapter One, and i'm actually happy with it. There's still alot of things i could have done better. The great thing is tho, is that i can actually do better next time. And i am willing to take it to the next level, i wanna fix my writing skills, and my storyboarding skills. I'm still trying to figure out how i wanna lay down my backgrounds, because i realized a lot with how i draw. I could do more dynamics and pull from real life shots. So I will be working hard to making this comic book a totally great one. I hope you guys enjoy this comic because i will be enjoying making this for the next couple of years. My goal is to get this book up to 4 volumes worth of stuff. Then hopefully everyone gets the idea i have for this entire world I have had in my head for 8 years lol.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Almost done

So basically I've just got some digital things to do with it, and the letterings and i'll be showing it probably Sunday. I still have to do the latest Notorious BIT comic strip for tmw damnit!! why do i do this to myself... doesn't matter i've set a goal and i know its gonna lead me somewhere, CHAAAAAAARRGGGE!! peace and luv everyone ^_^

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sketches and ideas

This was suppose to be a concept of a short film i was workin on. I couldn't finish the whole thing because i need to clean up the rest of the animation because it was done through motion capture. But the main problem was the set, i couldn't get the right idea in the scene. So i have this 3d build laying around and i'm doing it all over again when i get a chance @_@. That's film for ya lol...
This sketch probably helped make that look go wrong, because what i should've done was create a place that was almost deserted and was dusty all over the place, almost like Metal Gear Solid 4. But i wanted the band of brothers feel to the lighting and such. Anyway i hope i can get it done this year so i can get at least 1 animated film done.

I had this idea of ideas growing on trees. And then i just got that idea of a light bulb and maybe i could make a gigantic painting of this where its a mechanical tree that grows light bulbs. Like we grow ideas lol I luv the idea so much because most of us would luv to see that. I'm still contemplating on what medium i should use, cause i know i can make that in 3d and have it animate and stuff. But i wanna make it into an artpiece so i might just try to make it in either water color or acrylic. We'll see i guess hehe ^_^

I also started to do some water colors on my little moleskine books. they're not the actual brand but they're pocket sketchbooks. Kinda like a rip off of it or something, i luv them.

The sketches were pretty old but i just wanted to test out my Waterbrush and my mini watercolor pack ^_^. Soon i wanna be able to go around and do some buildings and such. TILL NEXT TIME! PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New things for New Year

So I'm pretty sure i've mentioned before that I am starting from scratch. I no longer have any hours to work in Seneca College, and I don't do motion capture anymore. I also don't anymore own a partnership company. But i do now own StudioDYV as sole ownership, but anyways. I still do some coloring work for the BlackBastard comic, but i no longer will be working on Patent Drawings for it rarely comes along. I have no calls from game companies and to be honest i didn't want them to call lol. The thing is tho, i need income, so to be completely stepping down, i have been applying to art stores and game stores ^_^.

Alot of people told me to get a normal job, for a long time. But I was scared of taking a normal job and not knowing what to do with myself. Thus not figuring out where i wanna bounce back from. I would be totally lost if that's all i'd be doing every day. But going through the fall season, i've realized alot about myself. I don't usually just bitch and moan because i'm "depressed", I was frustrated because i didn't know where i wanted to be. I knew that alot of people go through the same things, but i wasn't complaining that i was alone in this. There are people worse off than I am, but i was trying to figure out what to do. I felt like it was a puzzle as to why am i not succeeding.

Now I know what it is, and its honestly every hour i try to fix myself. I have gotten alot of bad habbits, where i have given up hard work on my art pieces and techniques. Every day i fix myself, i fix my mind. In hopes to be a better, hard working person. One thing is for sure, i have gotten back my passion to draw. I am not a painter, or a sculptor, I just luv to make lines ^_^. And if people could appreciate that, i will work my butt off to show hundreds.

Counting my Blessings
I wanna take the time to Thank the women in my life! I got so hyper today and got my mom all hyped up, jumping with me in the kitchen laughing like crazy people lol. Thank you for the positive life you have given me Mom. I have alot of things i do, but if theres a person who has done things I can't do, Its Helen Hsu. She's a sculptor, a Jewelry designer, Painter, and more! She blows my mind! She is i have to say one of the best friends i've ever had. You can pretty much say we're siblings ^_^. Helen Cho is another girl that is AWESOME and a great artist! She's a Florist. She inspired me to get back to the Wingz series and do better. And when we were highschool classmates she totally kicked my ass with her paintings! She still kicks major ass with her skills. Genevieve is one amazing girl that pushes me to add more detail. Our work is very different, but when i showed her detail, she attempted to do more detail. Then i got pushed to do more detail, and so on. This went on for years lol. I'm sorry this is going too long, i promise to show pictures next time. Zemmy and May are new girls that helped me through some tough episodes in my life, and they are both absolutely amazing girls. Last but not least, Isabelle, she is one strong woman. She helped me when i was completely down years ago and she had been such an emotional help.

I wanna Thank all you Angels for keeping me alive! You are all always in my mind, and the thoughts keep me going. I am forever grateful and i will work harder to give back to you all.

Okay now that i got that out of my chest, I am releasing Charlie on Saturday along with The Notorious BIT. I figured its a good way to keep organized, and if its not then i'll switch it up. Thanx for taking the time to read this one. Its pretty long, i guess i like writing after all lol. WEll i'll be heading to bed, do me a favour and take care of each other. PEACE AND LUV TO U ALL!! ^_^

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Introducing the Notorious BIT Is the original post.

So basically while I was making changes and finishing up "Charlie: issue1" Me and my brother were talking about making a topical comic strip in Hexabites. Suddenly I had a joke in my head so I decided to put it on paper. Then after that i couldn't help but actually finish it so i ended up with the idea of 2 I.T. guys screwin around the office. But they basically work for the Hexabites company. I dunno how far i will get to this one, but I'm hoping to keep doing it every Saturday. I'm pretty sure I can do the Charlie book every 2 weeks. I just need to make some quicker decisions with the process of clean up. I am almost done with Charlie, i just need to put it in digital soon. So i'm gunning for tuesday or wednesday. >_< I know its a little long but I wanna be happy with it first then show it to everyone else lol. Till Next time chow!

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm stalling

I'm stalling by showing u guys more pics of Charlie. I have an issue where someone takes his cape. lol thats all i'll say about it for now...