Introducing the Notorious BIT Is the original post.

So basically while I was making changes and finishing up "Charlie: issue1" Me and my brother were talking about making a topical comic strip in Hexabites. Suddenly I had a joke in my head so I decided to put it on paper. Then after that i couldn't help but actually finish it so i ended up with the idea of 2 I.T. guys screwin around the office. But they basically work for the Hexabites company. I dunno how far i will get to this one, but I'm hoping to keep doing it every Saturday. I'm pretty sure I can do the Charlie book every 2 weeks. I just need to make some quicker decisions with the process of clean up. I am almost done with Charlie, i just need to put it in digital soon. So i'm gunning for tuesday or wednesday. >_< I know its a little long but I wanna be happy with it first then show it to everyone else lol. Till Next time chow!


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