Monday, September 28, 2009

what have i been up to?

Well i've been super inspired with my art, but lately there's been alot of problems i'm facing. So i'm just trying to take it all one at a time and just pace myself. I've been working on a different comic with a totally diff format. I'm only gonna work on the first page so that it can be a preview of what i wanted to put out. Then ill be back on Charlie and finish up the Space Guitar site so we can finally put that out.
The OLA website right now is not getting alot of updates mainly because i only have two hands lol. I decided to work on my comics because i need to have something for next year and I don't intend on falling short of my goals. The site is kind of struggling with the will from people to say things and share their artwork in the forums. But that isn't something i should force on anyone, it should be natural.

For months now i try to pull back on talking too much or debating topics because i know how it always ends. And when i pull away from it i can see i'm always right lol. This has been going on since early this year actually. I usually get all riled up and stuff but things have been chilled and i try to approach everything with a more calmer than usual feel. It's funnie when you say you know it but when you've really hit a level of maturity its totally different. Anyway that's been on my mind since last year. I really hate debates and when people try to top each other because its so pointless. To me what really matters most is drawing, so i guess anything else is trivial bull. Anyway that's as much rant as i will get at tonight, cause i really haven't gotten that kind of stuff in awhile.

Looking back i've gone through so much, dealing with all kinds of companies, schools and so much stuff, i feel like i've really grown up, since Sheridan. And that was like 8 years ago! lol wow.

Before i go i just wanna say whats on my plate.
Charlie Comic
Page one of Moral Affairs
RockMiles Project (DYV thing)
OLA webcomics
NPCC concept design course
Tattoo Commission A day late.
Art work as a wedding present
and ARt Juried show submission (fail, on account of no money)

I think that's what i have so far but yeah anyway just gotta keep workin PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bus drawing

Drawing in the bus can be frustrating but if you change your attitude it could be tons of fun! XD

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ack more posting

i'm seriously blogged out so i'm just gonna post these and leave it at that. I've been blogging on diff sites so i'm kind of tired of typing lol

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

art dump of the day

So yeah i had to take a large Art dump.

Okay so yeah i stole that from another artist. but anyway i've been realizing myself through these strokes anyway. Me having fun drawing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bring in the faiyah!

I've been working on the Charlie comic because we have this challenge to finish 20 pages by next week or else we wear a dunce cap and put it up on all our avatars. Well its not like complete complete, not inked u kno. Anyway i was taking a break and just realized i should keep up those manga style sketches i've been doing and came up with this stuff. They're not perfect but i'm just happy i did something this fast lol on digital. Anyway just a little quick one peace and luv!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Paladin Update

So i have been working on this piece and i think its time to put up what i have so far. I'm now workin on the background because its pretty bland right now and i've pretty much finished the character anyway. For some of the OLA people they've already seen it in the forum, i just forgot to blog about it here. the part that's really getting me is the ship getting shot above. It's large enough that it needs the detail it deserves. So i think i'll be working on that next. PnL!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moral Affairs 2010

So I'm thinking after i made a volume of Charlie (which i am currently working on) i'm gonna push to make these guys. They're gonna appear once in Charlie then use that as a means to make a spin off for Wright and Wrong. These characters are my most favorite characters i've ever had the pleasure of conceiving. To me they are real people that i visit every now and then. I feel like they're mad at me cause i haven't hung out with them in a long time. They badly wanna go on adventures and i think i owe it to them. So they will be my next goal to get to.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weee more tonal XD

I couldn't help myself so before i go to sleep i'll put this up and just have it there.

Manga wannabe!

This one is drawn by Terry and i inked it and toned it.

Just playing with tones, i'm having alot of fun with it ^^. Don't mean to confuse you guys, the tones are done in photoshop, and its fairly easy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Art is fun!

Okay so i've been real busy with all the OLA stuff and the progress has been amazing. We went to the Fan Expo and met alot of people that registered to OLA and it was fantastic! We're growing strong baby!

Saw the Tron bike ^^ Pretty cool!

Helped a bit at the Heroes of the World Booth because that's how we roll. They had a really good Con this time and i believe its gonna get waaaaay bigger!

For the most part i was working for Genevieve all through out the Con. It was alot of fun and she did fairly well i'd say. She and I were drawing so much actually, it was fun to draw with her again like that.
So here are my last art dump! As you can see i've had some ideas but nothing to really commit on. Most of my latest projects are already on the go so i'm trying not to get into these characters lol.

This one really got to me hard. I really wanted to make a book with this style all the way but later on i was just thinking its not really something i would have fun with all the way through.

I will be posting more work next time and my latest progress with the PALADIN piece ^^ its been awhile but i've made alot of progress. I'll post it soon ^^ PEACE AND LUV!