what have i been up to?

Well i've been super inspired with my art, but lately there's been alot of problems i'm facing. So i'm just trying to take it all one at a time and just pace myself. I've been working on a different comic with a totally diff format. I'm only gonna work on the first page so that it can be a preview of what i wanted to put out. Then ill be back on Charlie and finish up the Space Guitar site so we can finally put that out.
The OLA website right now is not getting alot of updates mainly because i only have two hands lol. I decided to work on my comics because i need to have something for next year and I don't intend on falling short of my goals. The site is kind of struggling with the will from people to say things and share their artwork in the forums. But that isn't something i should force on anyone, it should be natural.

For months now i try to pull back on talking too much or debating topics because i know how it always ends. And when i pull away from it i can see i'm always right lol. This has been going on since early this year actually. I usually get all riled up and stuff but things have been chilled and i try to approach everything with a more calmer than usual feel. It's funnie when you say you know it but when you've really hit a level of maturity its totally different. Anyway that's been on my mind since last year. I really hate debates and when people try to top each other because its so pointless. To me what really matters most is drawing, so i guess anything else is trivial bull. Anyway that's as much rant as i will get at tonight, cause i really haven't gotten that kind of stuff in awhile.

Looking back i've gone through so much, dealing with all kinds of companies, schools and so much stuff, i feel like i've really grown up, since Sheridan. And that was like 8 years ago! lol wow.

Before i go i just wanna say whats on my plate.
Charlie Comic
Page one of Moral Affairs
RockMiles Project (DYV thing)
OLA webcomics
NPCC concept design course
Tattoo Commission A day late.
Art work as a wedding present
and ARt Juried show submission (fail, on account of no money)

I think that's what i have so far but yeah anyway just gotta keep workin PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


Sheila said…
Life happens and you're wise to learn from all that you've been going through. You're very talented, but it still takes hard work to succeed. Hang in there!

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