Art is fun!

Okay so i've been real busy with all the OLA stuff and the progress has been amazing. We went to the Fan Expo and met alot of people that registered to OLA and it was fantastic! We're growing strong baby!

Saw the Tron bike ^^ Pretty cool!

Helped a bit at the Heroes of the World Booth because that's how we roll. They had a really good Con this time and i believe its gonna get waaaaay bigger!

For the most part i was working for Genevieve all through out the Con. It was alot of fun and she did fairly well i'd say. She and I were drawing so much actually, it was fun to draw with her again like that.
So here are my last art dump! As you can see i've had some ideas but nothing to really commit on. Most of my latest projects are already on the go so i'm trying not to get into these characters lol.

This one really got to me hard. I really wanted to make a book with this style all the way but later on i was just thinking its not really something i would have fun with all the way through.

I will be posting more work next time and my latest progress with the PALADIN piece ^^ its been awhile but i've made alot of progress. I'll post it soon ^^ PEACE AND LUV!


Doomz said…
I would like a hi-res version of that first pic immediately, plzthx :)

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