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Okay so I've been trying to think about what to blog and instead of going on and on about my life. This blog will be talking about my latest year project. I am working on a graphic novel and I want to talk about my progress and process here. It has been a huge tackle to be working on this story and trying to make it the most well rounded story is really really fun. I feel like I'm pushing myself so hard that it's showing what i can really do. But then again that's all I really do, just push till I hit a wall and that's when I roll up my sleeves and push harder till the wall moves. 
 I realize that I've been working on way too many short stories and to attempt to make a long form could give me more growth as a storyteller. Also the story has a lot of the things I've always wanted to talk about and it gives me a chance to pour my emotions to. I'm very excited about the story and I'm also terrified that I wont do it well enough to convey my feelings t…

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