Comics and Fanart

Okay hi guys! I always leave this blog last priority and i'm sorry. I've been working alot on making the videos more content filled and it got me working on fan art stuff that i can how off. I was gonna wait till all the artwork were fully colored and stuff but i just thought forget it line are awesome XD.

i have a lot more to do so i'll keep posting them up when they get to this point of the progress.

So i am now rolling with the Spent Pencil Crew and if you wanna know more about that, check out my last 3 vlogs about that and my adventure through different events with them.

I am currently working on 2 titles for 2 different groups, one is UX which will be with Spent Pencils and the other title is called Cold for TYL. on top of that i'm also doing 3 more titles for different writers. one of them i'm only doing the backgrounds and inking. It doesn't have a title yet so i'll talk about it once we get one. Another is called Hound Brigade which is my brother's story that he wrote on one part of Neo Gaia called Avelon. Another is called Espion which is a title for TYL from a friend that needed an artist to do his story.

My plan for my two titles is to do a 32 page one shot and see which one will have more hits in one month. which ever gets more hits will stay. The looser i guess will have a different artist so i can work on my bigger projects.

Unfortunately i don't have anyone buying my art prints lately and i've been just barely getting by. Hoping to get more prints sold until i can get my webcomics rolling but that's just wishful thinking. Can't really count on much, just gotta keep going with it. Anyway that will be all for now, i will try to do more this week or at least blog again on friday. until then Peace and Luv everyone!


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