Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Mistakes Two Many

My friend Naseer has started an IndieGoGo campaign and i wanted to talk a little about it to help him out. See he is a fellow OLA member and is also super talented. He asked for my help and now I am looking for all the avenues i have to promote his campaign. Here is the link to the page

oh and by the way check out my facebook page for more instant info on anything i'm doing

Peace and Luv!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy Little Bee I Am

  I know it has been way too long since i've posted a blog and i'm imagining i could probably do some good by bringing myself back to this and use this as therapy.  I have been working on a project for many weeks now and it has been great and also very mentally exhausting. It is the biggest project I have ever gotten myself into but i know it will be well worth it. Everything is still in working progress but we've started the facebook group also to get the hype going. If you would like to see it, you can check it out here Excessive Force FBpage .

Now enough of that time to talk about what else has been going on. I am doing alot of drawing still and am on to working on my comic for next year. If all works out I will have my book in several stores, but we're hoping that things go well. So far we have a lot of support through Spent Pencils crew and with my relations with them I have been able to do more good and accomplish more things. I've also learned alot on doing fan art and prints for events. We've been able to do so many events, many of which i vlogged about but haven't finished editing them because of my project that i do on the weekdays.

Here's what i did on Thanos
The one thing I realized about fan art is that I could make money doing other people's characters but also be artistically satisfied. I get to be creative and show off my skills without compromising my style and integrity. I was able to be appreciated for the work i do and have my style be recognized. It has been pretty liberating and rewarding. I have done alot more because i need to build my collection of prints and also open up my commission list for bigger pieces.

Next time i will have my pages to show off for the UX comic. Which for now i am thinking i would be doing a 32 page comic instead of a 200 page graphic novel because of my devotion to the major project i am doing. So far it looks like i could have a window of doing more pages and such but i just need to keep working away on all the projects because i have taken more jobs from different sources just so i can stay afloat. Next post i will show off more of my prints and some shots of my project. Peace and Love everyone! (i miss saying that ^_^)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Comics and Fanart

Okay hi guys! I always leave this blog last priority and i'm sorry. I've been working alot on making the videos more content filled and it got me working on fan art stuff that i can how off. I was gonna wait till all the artwork were fully colored and stuff but i just thought forget it line are awesome XD.

i have a lot more to do so i'll keep posting them up when they get to this point of the progress.

So i am now rolling with the Spent Pencil Crew and if you wanna know more about that, check out my last 3 vlogs about that and my adventure through different events with them.

I am currently working on 2 titles for 2 different groups, one is UX which will be with Spent Pencils and the other title is called Cold for TYL. on top of that i'm also doing 3 more titles for different writers. one of them i'm only doing the backgrounds and inking. It doesn't have a title yet so i'll talk about it once we get one. Another is called Hound Brigade which is my brother's story that he wrote on one part of Neo Gaia called Avelon. Another is called Espion which is a title for TYL from a friend that needed an artist to do his story.

My plan for my two titles is to do a 32 page one shot and see which one will have more hits in one month. which ever gets more hits will stay. The looser i guess will have a different artist so i can work on my bigger projects.

Unfortunately i don't have anyone buying my art prints lately and i've been just barely getting by. Hoping to get more prints sold until i can get my webcomics rolling but that's just wishful thinking. Can't really count on much, just gotta keep going with it. Anyway that will be all for now, i will try to do more this week or at least blog again on friday. until then Peace and Luv everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Scratch the bottom pic and just like the main pic. I have set aside surviving earth because of my involvement in my brand and fms-games. But UX has an easy development of story so i've decided to make it a one page a week webcomic and just keep drawing it till its 200 pages. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Staffan Holm

I love watching short docs about creations. I say creations because of videos like this. I also do wood working so to watch stuff like this inspires me to create. The way to look at it is be inspired by anything that is about creating. They think very hard about function and style. And we do the same thing, function translates to composition, or anything that pulls emotion out of the viewer. That is our function, trigger emotions. We could be as useless as therapists, or we could be as important as friends. Peace and Luv ya'll

STAFFAN HOLM - Short doc about funiture design from STAVFEL PRODUKTION on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Just hit a milestone in my life right now, and i'm super happy. Problem is i have no one to celebrate this feeling right now, so i'll just post a blog about how happy i am and stuff.  I've got the green light for my project and i'm moving along with development. It's gonna be fun to lead a new team to produce a series of great stuff. My life has been so much about trying to make things happen and making them work that it's hard to be happy about something.

I also wanted to give a shout out to my friend Monica and her talented fashion design.  I love that i have friends that do fashion and jewelry and stuff because it's something i kind wish i can get into, but for men and maybe sometimes womens bags XD her blog is so check it out while you can.

Well i guess that's it for now, i hope this year i can post some stuff for the project i'm doing or else i'm just sounding like a crazy person with an imaginary friend lol. Peace and Luv!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pieces done and Fundraiser

Hi All! Being productive and getting on with my life, I have reached a point of realization that I just can't control certain things. But art, its always there for me. I've been doing alot of work on a certain project and it looks like things are moving along.

I just finished this piece for my mom, she asked me to work on this like last year. So I worked on this all through out Anime North and finally finished it off.  I'm happy with how it finished off but my mom things i'm missing something so i guess i'm not done yet lol.  Now that that piece is done, I am moving on with older pieces and finishing them off. But also i am grabbing all my stuff in my room and moving it to the studio to work there. My project is moving along well and I can finally afford to commute to the studio and work there everyday. My plans are to pay everything off and finally move to an apartment in downtown Toronto. I wanna push the artwork and hopefully get an Art show by next year.

This Sunday I am joining a bunch of new friends to do a fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital and draw a bunch of super heroes.  It looked really fun watching them do it when i visited a month ago and i was really psyched when I got invited to join them this time. As long as they don't ask me to do portraits I am absolutely cool doing other people's super heroes. When i came before I met the man that invited me through facebook where we were introduced by a friend we both knew.  He has some serious art and his style really got me inspired to keep doing comics.  He had so much enthusiasm and positive atmosphere that it really got me wanting to draw with them. check out his instagram. I've never had to do a fundraiser and i'm so happy to be able to do one at all. I'm willing to do whatever for my art career and really take it seriously and going out and meeting people and putting my work out there is really something i want to keep doing.  That sentence was all messed up but i seriously am too tired to fix anything at this point lol.  I will try to take pictures and post them on this blog hopefully ^_^ but for now Peace and Luv! gnite!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mind is mush, need to squeeze it more

I am blogging right now because my brain is mush from writing this story for a big project I'm working on. Thinking of what I can say about it but so far everything about this project is (i was told) secret. It's not that big a deal, it's my idea and we're doing a bunch of diff media based routes for it. Once we get our grant, I could very well be working full tilt with my new team as early as next week. I am so excited but at the same time I am also stressed out and tired. I have been cramming my brain for the story for so long now and it's just getting to me. When people require you to squeeze out every bit of your creativity it can be very challenging but obviously i still do it because it is still fun. If it was all bad i would have dropped it or not even said let's do it in the first place. This is the chance I've been working hard for for about 10 years now and I am finally given the opportunity to tell the world my kind of stories. The goal is to get my team full time and also start cooking up the next few projects before we run out of money (there's always that problem). Before I would be so giddy with excitement and always full of hope, but since I've been through the same old story I am not as worked up as i used to be. I am hopeful but i just focus on getting my work as best as i can because if i'm not i could lose the chance again.  If i lose it, it would be my 4th attempt and that would be it for me, i dunno if i could recover from that. The stress of the entertainment business is so tough it can bring down tough people for sure.

I just felt like typing whatever i wanted instead of the storyline for the project lol.  When i'm all settled again at the studio i will start finishing off more art pieces. This Saturday i will be doing a seminar for parents and technology, for any parent that needs to be in the know.  On Sunday I will be doing a fundraiser for sick kids hospital, doing drawings and shtuff.  Everything is so hectic right now and I'm so tired, i can't possibly burn out when my big break is just about to start.

To anyone that has a goal that is more ambitious than their friends they are with, i want to say this. Never forget your main goal, always keep a focus.  When people tell you to get into something because there's money in it, say no.  There's money in everything, it doesn't mean it's easy. Everything that I do is a step closer to my goal.  I will tell you my goal, my dream, an Academy Award.  It seems insane, but i would love to have an Award for best Director. I've actually dreamed it since i was in grade 8, i just loved movies and how prestigious to be respected by so many amazing people.  Maybe one day i will be able to do one film and it will be my best work yet.

Since i'm here just sharing like crazy lol, I've been doing some research on my heritage in the Philippines. I have been long fascinated with the Martial Law that happened when i was a little boy in the Philippines. Also the story of my dad who was a communications person for the rebels, during the martial law.  I've started searching for books about Ninoy and the Martial Law. So my dream was one day tell the story of my dad and his heroic acts with his friends in that time.  I will be making it in English because most Filipinos that lived through it would rather forget about it and in order for this history to be remembered, the whole world needs to see it.  So the film is meant for the world to watch not just for Filipinos.

Okay I think i've blabbered on too much lol I have a few images i got ready for next time, Peace and Love everyone!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sry I haven't posted in awhile, the projects i have been working on are ramping up on the pace and i'ts weighing down on me. Learning a lot with writing for TV series with all it's quirks and complexity, and its very hard, also very worth it. There's also some workshops i will be doing, and so it looks like my year is about to get crazy. Hopefully when we do all of this that the money starts to get thicker and i will pay off alot of my debt.   It's always the issue isn't it? it's never just to gain income but pay off outstanding debt.  no zeros more like minuses.  I have been fixing up Charlie and is currently calling it Surviving Earth so now I am challenging myself with drawing every single panel to be insane.  I feel i am ready to show the world what my comic skills truly are. I've roughed up about 3 pages now and i keep redoing the character style because its still going in a super cartoony look, trying to get rid of that. I have a huge plan for it and reading indie books is really influencing how i look at mine, which i don't want to.  We have shirts coming up too, i was fortunate enough to get capital to produce my line of t-shirts and soon i will have a certain amount of units to start selling them.  It's really alot of work to get all that sorted out and i am glad to be getting it produced.  I will have to work extra hard to sell them and get them out there.  Well lots more to do, hopefully i can get a video out to explain to my youtubers what i've been working on. Peace and Luv, oh and one more thing, make good art!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Packaging is everything

I luv making stuff for anyone that purchases my work.  I feel like i might be putting too much time and money in it but for now its letting my customers know i appreciate them because they're the only ones buying my work.  When someone cares for me or my work i tend to do everything i can to let them know i appreciate it. But of course sometimes i fall short of it but i'm human, i only have 2 hands and 1 brain that's all patched up but with a few things leaking lol.

An Important artist and business man taught me the value of giving something neat to ur customers and i've always remembered that so that when it came time i started developing products for customers i would make something cool for them to have.  I'm a little slow at it so i'm going to be sending these to customers i've already sent their purchases later.

I even made tags for clothes when i get my stock ready for people to buy directly from me.  I'm so into it but i just don't have the money to make it all happen at once.  But i do enjoy that all my funds are coming from profit i'm making from the work i'm selling.  That way its very hardcore ^_^.

One of my friends from the UK bought one of my prints and she has been a cool person that has supported my work.  I've prepped her print but i wanted to add something cool with it so i took one of the stickers from the munny toy and draw up something cool.

I also made caps for all the tube packages because it doesn't have any and i took the opportunity to create a design that might make the delivery people go whoa! XD  hopefully.  It's like graffiti artists tagging trains and it goes all over new york city and people see it all over the place.  We'll see if it works ^_^

You like my shirt? i'm trying to change up my look XD.  Need to get thinner tho haha .  Even tho i starve everyday i still look big i have no idea why lol.

I like the long hair but the sides always bother me.  I think for the summer i'm gonna keep my hair short but maybe long on the top. If anything i can cover it up with my hat if i'm having a bad day.  I'm pretty sure everyone does that lol

So that's it for now, i just thought i could put words on the things i post on instagram and facebook.  I can rant and blabber on here so i like dat.  I'm also doing commissions for certain people.  But the price is being reworked since i feel it conflicts with my prints prices.  I dunno to be announced i guess.  PEACE AND LUV everyone!! hug someone if you can today.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Day at a time

Lately i've just been doing whatever i can and its almost like i'm on autopilot. I'm just doing everything as i think of it and think nothing of it after.  Still trying to focus on the game studio, and finishing off the plans, sort out the online shop and so on.  Lots of stuff back and forth i'm doing but i'm just feeling so trapped in this room and haven't really gone out at all. I need a break this weekend and just go somewhere, most of my friends are all busy so i wont be able to go out with anyone but just me.  Oh well, you do what you can, as a person i guess.

Okay artwork more more more! i have a bunch of artwork i made in the last few weeks and I've been posting a ton of them on my facebook.

I'm not exactly sure what i'm planning to do with these designs but, well basically i thought of putting them on tshirts but also making a book with them in it or something. All this is going to be under my game company because it would be easier that way to track everything. And i could have new ideas with all the stuff we're doing at FMS-games.  Most of these are just stuff i didn't finish for the last year or so, and I wanted to just tackle them now, while i sort of have a chance to.  The next thing i'm doing now is the munny toys. One is half way done, and the other is about a quarter done.  It's really hard to get microns in them but i'm trying.  They tend to wear out after a couple of strokes, and then i would have to draw on paper surface to get the ink going again.  I was also thinking of doing the tech design on canvas and also doing the big pieces i've always wanted to do.  I guess i'm just gonna take it one piece at a time.  Peace and Luv ya'll!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I did some sketches for the past few weeks on just fashion ideas but i'm not sure if they'd go anywhere because i can't even get a shirt printed for myself lol.

I also was thinking of a look I can put together for myself and make it just for me.  Now these are just ideas i come up with in between moments i have where i'm not doing work. I seriously work on so many things I don't do anything else.  Especially now a days, I have been more to myself and focused on my work that i just pile up all the designs that weren't done and plan out ways to get my work out there. So when i have a chance, i would open one of my notebooks that i made and doodle designs.

The one thing i'm having a hard time doing is youTube, i've actually gained so much attention on my channel just recently and I'm not sure how to pick up where i left off.  I'm trying to organize the videos i'm gonna do so i can shoot it and edit it but i seem to be so focused in drawing and work that i can't get myself to start filming.  My thoughts are all over the place too so i can't think of what i'm going to say.  Alot of people are asking for tutorials but i hate teaching everyone as if they're not individuals that's not gonna grasp entirely what i'm trying to teach.  Some people need the 1 to 1 approach to learn things, and i like that better.

 This dude i like just cause of his shape and I'm kind of a hip hop kid from the 90s so baggy clothes are always cool to me.

The hair also reminds me of the Japanese old school style funky style.  It was cool so i kept it on.

The rest i like too but i think i'm gonna try to ink'em now cause i just feel like they're not done or something.  I guess my sketchy days are long gone, i really feel like i have to ink and finish most of my work.  

If you guys haven't been on my facebook i'm always up to date there and i also have my designs there whenever i get them done, i post them right away.  I signed up to a website that makes tshirts called wordans and so far they are pretty cool.  I'm still gonna try to make my own clothes just cause i really wanna get my hands dirty on that kind of stuff.  Plus i can't afford to buy it online myself.  I'll tell ya right now,i'm flat broke, all my money goes to bills and i can't afford to go out and have fun.  I try to save and any money i make on prints i put it all back to get supplies.  Right now i'm doing most of the stuff on my own but its hard when i get over flowed with work and i can't organize.  I manage, but i just hope everyday to get more orders for prints, cause i really would like to sell more.  That sounds petty, but i really don't wanna depend on the vfx movie industry anymore, i was trying to earn alot of money running a concept design studio, and motion capture studio, but i kept loosing so much clients and lost alot of people that i had alot of people lose confidence in me.  It's a tough thing to be ambitious and have the courage to try to achieve something.  But i guess it's selfish for me to want people to believe in me. If they don't wanna believe i guess that's their choice. I'll just have to keep working hard and get that goal. It's taking me awhile but i have no doubt that i will get that success that i've been wanting for my whole life.  It's just taking me time, but this year is going to be it.  I can feel it in my bones! i will end up getting a brand new space just for me to fit the storage and work space.  

Anyway here are some of the designs i have for the shirts

I hope you guys are having a good week, take care! Peace and Luv!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Printing and Packaging

So I sold a print last week and the week before that! I'm excited because I'm starting to sell some.  The interesting part was that I created a back for this package because its so big i couldn't trust any kind of cheap looking plastic bag to go with it.  So i created my own bag which was pretty interesting.  In and of itself i guess it's kind of cheap but I thought it was a good moment to take to get creative and try out new ways to do packaging.  The lady had her eye on a piece that was not on my new list of art prints to sell but i thought i should make it up for sale.  So I got the print wrapped it and shoved some business cards in case she wanted to give some to people she knew.  I'm super stoked at this new way of selling my work because it does not rely on a convention, it just happens any time any place.  I also had to run around weeks before to wrap the first print but it was being shipped all the way to freakin Australia! so cool! It was an old high school friend of mine which lives in the land down under now.  UPS was gonna charge me 100bucks to ship it lol which was about 70bucks more than the actual art print i was shipping lol, so i went with Canada Post and shipped it for 10bucks ! XD oh businessessesess.

Here's the package I created for the print, it had to fit a 19 x 13 print with a bunch of goodies.  I even made my own receipt for it, i'm a little too into it i know haha.  I found my old stencil that had the cross and crown  and i just ran through a marker to get that, i free handed the M and S cause, well, i didn't know what else to do lol.

I've also got a print of my Ultimate one, and wrapped it just cause i wanted to prep one just in case lol.

 I print out a template to make the handle hole for the bag and then i thought it would be a cool idea if it had a design inside so its simple outside but its got the details inside. It might be costly but you know what It's very personal right now and i'd love to make them in the future, i'll just make it with cheaper costs. I glue it on there so the bag as more support on the handle when its being used, without it the bag is kinda flimsy.

That's it for now, i'll post some new artwork tommorow ^_^ peace and love everyone!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


 The older I get the more things I have to leave behind. The one thing I love about this blog is that I can be very open and honest here. I used to leave it all in this blog, I actually had some conflicts with my friends because I talked about them here for awhile (without using their names of course), but they knew I was talking about them. That was like 10 years ago hehe, and I wanted to make sure I don't insult my friends. 

 Going through things in life I just realize how messed up my way of living is.  I do everything through my goal of being happy.  Happiness means many things, but it also culminates to just one. My goal for happiness has always been a shadow.  I can represent this face to make people happy, but it's because I know that smiles are infectious and it helps other people smile too.  Making people feel good is something I always try to do. When it works, it works well, but when I fail, I fail, bad. Life teaches you that, failure, a lot. I try so hard that I'm left with nothing, instead of pouring it slowly I dump it all at once. Then nothing is left, not even little pieces to pick up.  

 But there is one thing, the one thing i'm always left with when its all gone.  I can sit down, face my table, and attack the paper to create something that makes me content. But I will be very completely honest. It doesn't make me happy, well not enough at least.  My goals are absolutely insane, they're huge, like mountains.  But the end goal is simple to find and keep happiness.  Every goal I have puts me closer to that ultimate goal, and when you get to where I'm at right now, that's all you need, happiness. I messed up, i messed up big, and i needed to release it, i am ultimately a broken person piecing myself together, but eventually realizing, i have a lot of missing pieces and cannot be fully fixed. But at least i found out now, instead of 50 or something. 

I have been pretty inspired lately, with all the prints I have finished up, I managed to get one print sold.  To be honest I have no idea how i'm going to sell them, but I suppose that's the risk i take with my work. Having said that, I might have other avenues to try.  I was given the idea to print these way larger and as decals.  Might test some out by next month.

I have been doing a lot of artwork and also making books. So I combined both! I've been finishing up 1 new piece for this Artbook I have been working on for years, and it all poured in my head in one night.  Very excited to finish the last piece and to finally put out a book I will sell and even bind! I am hoping to plan out an Art show but I have never done one on my own. I have lots of plans for it, but i feel like it needs to be absolutely insane.  I guess it will take me a year to get all of it together. At least i still have my game company that's really pushing ahead.

 The game company is the main reason why i have not been blogging at all. It has pushed me to work harder and do what I said i would do.  This will be the lowest i will go in terms of motivation and i hope that i can do better next time.  I will report good artwork and show you guys more stuff.  Peace and Luv!

Please check out my new games in FMS-Games

I'm sorry

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspirational Videos for the night


My New Logo!

I'd like to present to you my new logo, it took me long enough.  I'm gonna be using this logo for everything, and of course i'd take away the texture just cause its pointless if i make it smaller.  I did have plans for this logo to be like T-shirts and stuff, but it wont work unless i can have this super big on the shirt.  I also wanted it to be a sticker and logo for all my books.  But we'll see, its all about the games right now, and the YouTube page. I forget how long it took but it was pretty long.  Reasoning to do it? I really just wanted to do it XD When I have this idea to try out I always have to go for it.  If art isn't about exploring your mind and your ability then why do it, right?

Here are some of the working in progress stuff.
And here are the finished close ups.

As a bonus here is something I've been working on.

That's all for now! Peace and Luv!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Whoa I Just Keep Dissapearing

 So sorry for neglecting this blog, who ever was reading this.  Now that the rest of my networks are doing good I can work on blogger site and give you guys more work to look at and stuff. So I've been doing a lot of stuff, games, comics, and more artworks.  Even a lot of YouTube stuff too, and also DYVtv stuff.

 So I'm gonna try to do sketching per day and this is one i did today.  This one guy is basically in the works because I saw this photograph of a dude and I just noticed how neat he looked and then his arms had all these tattoos.  It just got me all sorts of ideas, about a character with these living tattoos in his arms.  It just looked really cool so I had to note it.

The next picture is a bigger project to which I wont start till next year. I am basically gonna re-do Charlie comic into Helios. This way I get to really push the entire world's story for everyone to enjoy.    I had a real problem with the old Charlie style and I felt like I was just pretending to be someone I'm not.  This is pretty much gonna be how I wanna stay as so I can be true to myself. I wanna pile up the detail now a days because I just can't get enough of it.  Anyway, that is all for now I hope to put up a lot more work for you all to check out. Peace and Love!