One Day at a time

Lately i've just been doing whatever i can and its almost like i'm on autopilot. I'm just doing everything as i think of it and think nothing of it after.  Still trying to focus on the game studio, and finishing off the plans, sort out the online shop and so on.  Lots of stuff back and forth i'm doing but i'm just feeling so trapped in this room and haven't really gone out at all. I need a break this weekend and just go somewhere, most of my friends are all busy so i wont be able to go out with anyone but just me.  Oh well, you do what you can, as a person i guess.

Okay artwork more more more! i have a bunch of artwork i made in the last few weeks and I've been posting a ton of them on my facebook.

I'm not exactly sure what i'm planning to do with these designs but, well basically i thought of putting them on tshirts but also making a book with them in it or something. All this is going to be under my game company because it would be easier that way to track everything. And i could have new ideas with all the stuff we're doing at FMS-games.  Most of these are just stuff i didn't finish for the last year or so, and I wanted to just tackle them now, while i sort of have a chance to.  The next thing i'm doing now is the munny toys. One is half way done, and the other is about a quarter done.  It's really hard to get microns in them but i'm trying.  They tend to wear out after a couple of strokes, and then i would have to draw on paper surface to get the ink going again.  I was also thinking of doing the tech design on canvas and also doing the big pieces i've always wanted to do.  I guess i'm just gonna take it one piece at a time.  Peace and Luv ya'll!!


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