Printing and Packaging

So I sold a print last week and the week before that! I'm excited because I'm starting to sell some.  The interesting part was that I created a back for this package because its so big i couldn't trust any kind of cheap looking plastic bag to go with it.  So i created my own bag which was pretty interesting.  In and of itself i guess it's kind of cheap but I thought it was a good moment to take to get creative and try out new ways to do packaging.  The lady had her eye on a piece that was not on my new list of art prints to sell but i thought i should make it up for sale.  So I got the print wrapped it and shoved some business cards in case she wanted to give some to people she knew.  I'm super stoked at this new way of selling my work because it does not rely on a convention, it just happens any time any place.  I also had to run around weeks before to wrap the first print but it was being shipped all the way to freakin Australia! so cool! It was an old high school friend of mine which lives in the land down under now.  UPS was gonna charge me 100bucks to ship it lol which was about 70bucks more than the actual art print i was shipping lol, so i went with Canada Post and shipped it for 10bucks ! XD oh businessessesess.

Here's the package I created for the print, it had to fit a 19 x 13 print with a bunch of goodies.  I even made my own receipt for it, i'm a little too into it i know haha.  I found my old stencil that had the cross and crown  and i just ran through a marker to get that, i free handed the M and S cause, well, i didn't know what else to do lol.

I've also got a print of my Ultimate one, and wrapped it just cause i wanted to prep one just in case lol.

 I print out a template to make the handle hole for the bag and then i thought it would be a cool idea if it had a design inside so its simple outside but its got the details inside. It might be costly but you know what It's very personal right now and i'd love to make them in the future, i'll just make it with cheaper costs. I glue it on there so the bag as more support on the handle when its being used, without it the bag is kinda flimsy.

That's it for now, i'll post some new artwork tommorow ^_^ peace and love everyone!


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