Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The title just felt like it fit so i'm trying to work it in. This one is so quick to me i think a couple of more hours and i'll be done the entire thing. I really need to move on to the other ones. But at least this one grew on me because in the beginning i wasn't liking it too much. Things are starting to get busy and i'm still trying to make everything work. The first Sketch Jam of OLA was quite fun, had some deep conversations with the guys at Revolver Games. Sketched some things and definitely got me into sketching back again. These days i'm more concentrated in the Main Art pieces. This coming Saturday unfortunately i cannot be there in the beginning. Hopefully i can make it towards the end, and get some sketches in there.

Trying to build the OLA beta site and its a gigantic undertaking. I actually would like to talk to everyone that would like to get involved and have their say on the design look of the site. Make the whole founding building blocks of the OLA be very much involved, and memorable. If i can achieve this goal to bring all artists together in Ontario i would achieve one of my goals. Peace and Luv ya'll!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Reviving a Dream

Every Saturday starting next week will be a sketchjam around SquareOne. Trying to hype up artists in the Area and give them something to do in the summer.

So i've been doing alot of back and forth and figuring things out. I happen to go back and notice that the OLA (Ontario League of Artists) is still somewhat growing on facebook. And the group decided would be a good idea to call the artshow a OLA organized event. So i'm workin things out and figuring out how this could be a healthy progress, and how it could help us in the future. The idea was to create a hub for young artists and have everyone share and grow together. At the same time it will attract alot of attention with all the work being made. Its still getting worked out with all the groups and "companies" cause StudioDYV, Heroes of the World, and PandaPAD are all separate companies now. Anyway here is the link if you are curious with the Group and ur in Ontario OLA

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strike a pose!

I was thinkin of goin to sleep early then i had the urge to quickly do this. As usual i just suddenly lost the need and just stopped. I hate it when that happens lol, but i can't help it.

Decided to plan out financially where the studio is headed and it seems to have given me more clarity and more purpose to go the way i have planned. its great when you feel like your goin the right way. Its never really certain exactly but its nice to have good feelings. PnL!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day by Day

Lately i have been constantly going through sites looking for news that is relevant to post about weather it be Hexabites stories or for this blog. But every time i check out blogs or lately i have been checking out digg.com, i have found myself searching through comments. Comments that usually end up in a "flame war", which i read thoroughly in every news. I know its useless and reading through completely terrible comments can make my brain into mush.
I can't stop reading through them, because as i skim through and find all these terrible accusations and ignorant assumptions, i always hope that someone will state something that will close the argument and that i won't have to do it. And always i find that half way through i see that it is useless to jump into the madness. It's like jumping in the mob and picking up a brick to throw it through a window. It's like joining a mosh pit and just randomly flailing my arms hoping to hit someone. It's usually pointless hoping to gain a small satisfaction that I will stop the argument. To be the all knowing being that made everyone realize their futile attempts to be correct.
It doesn't really matter weather if I'm right or Wrong. I've always believed in the idea that what matters is what is right and what is wrong. So now i try to focus and keep at the task at hand. My future is the most important task right now and intend to keep it that way. And as for the Comments i just look for anything hilarious someone might have left, they usually make my day.
My Goal has become bigger and bigger, with every project comes one that supports It incredibly. It's a really difficult task but one that i believe in more than anything i have ever immersed myself in. The progress is still on-going but at least its getting there. I make very little money right now but the sacrifice is something I expect to be worth it. You all would know that i write this because it helps me remember why i do what i do. When your alone like i am, working on this every day you tend lose yourself in everything. I feel I have lost a great deal amount of social skills and I talk way too much when i meet a new person, telling them things they really don't care about. Even right now i am spilling a lot to the internet, things none of you folks might not care for. But i trust that if this isn't quite what you expected for you will dismiss it. And for the people that read my posts especially Sheila who always comments ^^ i thank you.
I promise i will have another set of artworks coming soon, once i am more comfortable with the first draft of the course outlines. I hope to reveal my ever evolving plans of my future and the Studio's future. Peace and Luv everyone ^_^

Friday, June 5, 2009


So okay i have been slacking off but alot of things are now fixed up and i'm glad to be posting something on my blog. Its been awhile since i've been on track with everything so i'm trying to bring it back to that.

I did this sketch because i felt bad i haven't had anything new to put up for you guys. so i just finished this one hehe, and its like passed midnight but i'm glad how it turned out. If i really spent some time i would've actually went all out on it and put all the wires and gears on it, but I am so lazy these days.

I also did this piece because i have been trying to get back into the paladin piece which i am actually making some significant progress with. At the end of june i actually have to have 2 new pieces done for the art show... Yikes...

I am trying to figure out how i can integrate the artschool with my online tutorials i wanna put up for studioDYV but for now i have to keep it as a personal project. I am also trying to document the entire process of the artshow to shine some light on the artists that's gonna be in the art show. Trying to squeeze in more time on that one and still try to work on the course outline i'm trying to develop and the Comics (oh god i am so behind on the comic).

The other ordeal i had was the host change on StudioDYV.com we've managed to make a very smooth transition and fortunately nothing was lost. I wanna say a gigantic THANK YOU to Genevieve for helping me with the transition. She is a tru angel, and i wouldn't know what i would do without her lol.

Until next time i will try to show more stuff when i post, its hard but it encourages me to keep producing work. PEACE AND LUV GUYS!

ps. oh yeah i feel absolutely great now, no longer sick ^^'