The title just felt like it fit so i'm trying to work it in. This one is so quick to me i think a couple of more hours and i'll be done the entire thing. I really need to move on to the other ones. But at least this one grew on me because in the beginning i wasn't liking it too much. Things are starting to get busy and i'm still trying to make everything work. The first Sketch Jam of OLA was quite fun, had some deep conversations with the guys at Revolver Games. Sketched some things and definitely got me into sketching back again. These days i'm more concentrated in the Main Art pieces. This coming Saturday unfortunately i cannot be there in the beginning. Hopefully i can make it towards the end, and get some sketches in there.

Trying to build the OLA beta site and its a gigantic undertaking. I actually would like to talk to everyone that would like to get involved and have their say on the design look of the site. Make the whole founding building blocks of the OLA be very much involved, and memorable. If i can achieve this goal to bring all artists together in Ontario i would achieve one of my goals. Peace and Luv ya'll!


Art Fan Ako said…
Looks like everything fit harmoniously into place.

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