Reviving a Dream

Every Saturday starting next week will be a sketchjam around SquareOne. Trying to hype up artists in the Area and give them something to do in the summer.

So i've been doing alot of back and forth and figuring things out. I happen to go back and notice that the OLA (Ontario League of Artists) is still somewhat growing on facebook. And the group decided would be a good idea to call the artshow a OLA organized event. So i'm workin things out and figuring out how this could be a healthy progress, and how it could help us in the future. The idea was to create a hub for young artists and have everyone share and grow together. At the same time it will attract alot of attention with all the work being made. Its still getting worked out with all the groups and "companies" cause StudioDYV, Heroes of the World, and PandaPAD are all separate companies now. Anyway here is the link if you are curious with the Group and ur in Ontario OLA


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