Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally issue 1 is finished and we have sent it to the printing place.  They are pretty cool people and i hope that it turns out great so that we can keep going there.  I learned alot through the production of this comic, and it's different working with new artists especially from where i am at right now.  I feel that i need to really take the opportunity to focus on my own career instead of constantly trying to go out of my way to help people.  This comic turned out very satisfactory for me.  I of course find myself seeing a ton of things that could have done better, but the ultimate idea of this project was to give 2 people a chance to finish a comic and so they can move on and make a better comic.  Sometimes just experiencing any accomplishment and seeing mistakes is a better lesson than always trying to avoid mistakes. 

 So what's next? well the next project will be pushed along, and i'm also gonna finish off some other projects like the shirts and books and so on. I might start shrinking the group and reduce what it does. I will be really focusing on drawing, so charlie comeback, and Project Dove. Wish me luck people! Peace and Luv!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Armored Starr Update

This is pretty much all i can do for now for this piece, i have so much others to work on.  I feel like i can do so much more with this piece but that's life.  I'll focus that energy on making a better piece next time.
The comic is really close to finishing and headed for Printing but there's all these little things i gotta add on and i can't seem to finish.  But seriously i'm getting it done lol.

We're preparing it for FanExpo, next weekend so its getting tense.  Oh well just showing you guys, now i gotta get back to work XD PEACE AND LUV!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

whats with the lack of posts?

I'm very sorry guys for not posting so frequent as i used to be, but all these transitions have been taking up lots of time.  As you know I run most of the DYV projects and websites.  Since most of my old crew are pretty much busy working on their own babies.  I am now faced to work alone, for the most part. 
The main task right now is to finish the Armored Starr issue 1 comic.  Although the comic is fairly good, i am moving on to another project after the FanExpo.  The team is still together, but they are all working independently on their comics, brands, etc.  While working on the comic i am also making videos for my youtube channel , and posting stuff for Ill Collective.  For 10 years i've had this idea that i don't exist alone, i need a team, a family to exist.  I have to say i have reached a breaking point in this idea and felt that i need to concentrate fully on me alone.  The team will still be around and most of my projects and works will be put out through StudioDYV.  There are other business that will need my attention but i really feel like working on my own is something i owe to myself.  The project is called Dove and my brother is writing it, so i'm not entirely alone, but the comic art will be done entire by me.  I am pretty excited about this, because it will finally show everyone what i feel about my work now.  It has been 3 years of working on my lines and patience to get to this level and i haven't really shown people what i can really do now.  I will be making some dev blog in terms of the pages but i wont be revealing the storyline and character backgrounds, because the story has more connections beyond the comic.  Hopefully you guys will enjoy the next few months because i will be working really hard to bring you guys more content.

PEACE AND LOVE everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

UX cover final

Finished the UX cover ^^

Experiment might be over

 Certain things have changed during these past couple of months.  Things might start changing for DYVnation and i feel that because i've changed this site to DYVnation blog it has lost it's appeal.  I will have to change some things again but also i am probably gonna change this blog back to just MaddSketch.  I have learned some more stuff and so my plan for DYVnation will be bigger and better.  So next week this site will return to its original fashion, MaddSketch. 
 I hope i didn't bore you all too much wit the studio stuff, but don't worry i'm bringin it back! PEACE AND LUV!