Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sketch moments 02

Did some sketching with a friend in downtown and got some good ones finished.  I am only putting up one tho but the rest i'll save for next time.

I hope it doesn't look terrible, i just spent 5 mins on the coloring of it lol.  There's something about super heroes that i can never stop drawing them.  I think it's because they are my mythological characters like the Norse Gods and stuff, and i am such a geek about it.  I love the stories that people come up with and it inspires me to do better in writing.  Anyway that's it for now! Peace and Love!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sketch moments 01

I decided to have a post where i just keep putting up sketches.  I used to do it alot here i know, but i have been forgetting to do them lately.  I figured if i make it a task i can easilly put it in my schedule of tasks that i do on a daily basis.  I don't like drawing other people's characters really, maybe it's because i love my characters so much.  I feel like if i don't draw my characters, its almost like they've left me. When i draw them again it's like they came over to hang out with me. 

 Wrong Brigman is like my favourite character i have created.  He is witty, funny, and strong.  He doesn't like to show that he cares to people because people don't know what to do respond to his care.  So he guards himself with humor and only relies on his actions to make the point.  He loves his 2 brothers but hates them at the same time (of course).  He doesn't depend on any of them which makes him a loose canon.  Wright pulls him out of trouble everytime and he hates it.  He works as a bounty hunter but he creates more problems than he solves.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FireGrid Update

Still got a long way for a playable beta but I thought you guys might like to see some concepts and some poster designs.

So here are some of one's i've done lately.  The idea is to do the first level and put it out there, then move on to the other levels like episodes. Hopefully it keeps everyone happy when i start releasing it,  I'm making this one the demo free version and maybe the full 4 levels of episode1 will be for purchase some way.  It might take longer for it to look fully polished because i'm the only one doing it.  The only time i'm getting someone else to do something is Roman for some music awesome fast guitar work. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Artist of the Week: Agnes Garbowska

A good friend of mine Agnes, I always tell people about her when I get a chance because she always gets me excited about Comics.

She has started a book called You, me, and Zombie, that looks great.  Her style is very appealing to all and the coloring is very refreshing when you look at most comics are pretty much photoshoped or done in corel painter.

Linkage Galore!! Check out all her products and blogs to know more about her and her great work.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DevUpdate: Excited

We've managed to get the inks done on our Covers and soon we'll have some illustration for you folks.


FireGrid is now back up to development and right now i'm doing some research on 2D shooters and figuring out what i would love to do in Shooters.  I am no means a purely gamer kind of person, i enjoy making games but i personally don't like playing it for days.  That doesn't mean i don't get obsessed every now and then but thats when i'm playing an FPS game lol.  I find the development of games such an exciting experience because you create.

Just for kicks i decided to start modeling the Azarias just to help me keep developing the story and the future of this series.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New day!

DYVnation has taken over Madd's blog!! 
The transitions and Madd's Talk all after the break. Go ahead click it!