Saturday, February 27, 2010

The change!

Okay so its time to turn this blog into something bigger. I am now changing this blog from Maddsketch's blog to DYVnation blog!! BRAPS! yes from now on this will be the update blog for everything DYV. Since i'm so used to it i figured what the hey.

First thing's first!
updates, we will be premiering Pete's work in April all over the net and there will also be special limited packages with more goodies inside. More on that at a later date.

We have alot of stuff brewing but patience... We'll have some images up soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drawing again...

Well after learning new things and doing digital painting. I realized i have not drawn in quite some time now, so since i have some drawings i need to work out i decided to do some drawings. I also had Mariel come over and do some digital painting with line art with me. We didn't get far really, but while i was showing her my methods i kind of stumbled on to her frustrations in being a better artist. To her it became too frustrating, not enough happy, and i believe this happens to most of us at some point. For the longest time i have searched within myself how i could be a better artist. The older i got the more serious i got with it, and the more frustrating it became. Sometimes i was wondering "why am i doing this?" lol, or "would it really matter if i finish this at all?". I would loose being happy and end up with frustration. When i started this (oh man i just checked back when i started this blog lol), it was to start my life all over again. When i did that i remembered how fun it was to draw. Just the freedom of it all blew me away, and how ridiculous it was that i forgot all about it. So basically i'm glad that i'm still able to draw haha, i am grateful.

Okay so i don't have a picture to upload but i will do that tomorrow. Right now i am finishing the NoBIT 8page short for Mint Anthology. And i'm also hacking away at Charlie chapter3 lol man its so embarrassing how i have not finished it. I am also inking a page of Armored Starr but the unthinkable happened, I have run out of inking pens.
Pens, i wanna say thank you for years of service. You have exceeded the expectations of MaddSketch and i will always remember you all as the hardest working pens there is.
Now trying to restock will be a pain, but i can doooiiitt!! On the upside i have a ton of acrylic that i'm gonna use for the GeroWorld canvas pieces. I have a bout 7 canvases i'm gonna work on which will be after the release of GeroWorld. Can't wait! i'm excited. Oh if you guys have not done so we have set up a DYVnation fanpage on Facebook. If you have not seen it please go to the site and become a fan! we're trying to pump up our number of fans so we can really hit hard when we debut Gero World. Anyway! i hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! and don't party too hard! PEACE AND LUV!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fire Grid update

And below is kind of how i usually work, i usually have another window of the same image so i dont' have to keep zooming in and out.
From Blogger Pictures

Okay so i decided to leave the character design as is for now and move on with other designs that need to be attended. Since i'm the only one workin on this i need to be all over the place. Which is nice cause i'm all A.D.D. anyway lol Like right now i have like 6 browsers in front of my face with different blogs and sites lol That makes me comfortable in someway lol
The comics are moving along quite nicely, so nice in fact that i have decided to pick up Charlie again and try to finish off the pages. With everything thats going on, its actually making me feel good about my drawings again lol. My surprise to everyone is the story of everything we will be putting out. I sure hope people will enjoy it. So much to do in every week, working hard to put all this stuff out to you guys as soon as possible. Thank you by the way for reading this blog if you are, because i'm never really sure who reads this ^^ but thank you, who ever you are. Peace and Love everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

something to show

A concept design for my character Azarias. He was just a doodle but i really liked his helmet so i decided to explore his look. So far that is what he looks like and i kinda like it. He's still got alot to go but i thought it was kinda fun working on this guy at a Tim Hortons cause they had a power outlet and i was able to have coffee outside and digi-paint this dude. I like him so far he makes me happy so i think i'm gonna keep going and see where this picture takes me. The character is for the FireGrid Dawn video game and he is the pilot of the ship. I needed to concept the character because he will have so much more to do in other installments and he'll have cinematic shots of him so yeah ^^ thats it for now! tataaa! peace and luv!

Monday, February 15, 2010

must blog in the moment...

Or else it will pass and i wont wanna do it at the end of the day lol.

Okay i was gonna talk about my day with kids at Neilson Park and how fun it was to draw with kids. but i ran out of energy lol and i've been workin' on stuff so instead i wanna show that.

We're doing a bunch of stuff for the upcoming Gero Project we have going on and so i've been making some dummy books for the cd size artbook. i didn't think i was gonna like the cover i made for it but when i printed it i was quite happy with it. But i think what really matters is what all you guys think of it. Anyway that's all for now. Peace and Love!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No more Forums

Just wanted to put it out there that i will never ever go on someone else's forum and mention something. I always get some kind of crap from it, i guess it was my fault to think i was gonna get a clean response.
I was at a forum where everyone was, well it evolved to bashing the iPad. So what i thought i was mentioning was information instead of bashing, well someone decided to reply that my reply was spam.
To be quite clear about what i mentioned was that at CES, it seemed like almost everyone was putting out a tablet. Nvidia came with the Tegra2 chip that was basically on all these new tablets. It was so fast that they demonstrated Unreal 3 Engine on the dang thing. I thought this was really cool, cause our technology is really really pushing it now. But weeks and weeks later the macworld thingy came up and mentioned the iPad,i just thought that maybe apple released the iPad prematurely because they noticed that so many companies released it. I mean even Viewsonic came up with one! So yeah thats all i said and i guess that's spam. Figures i should just shut up and keep working.

The only interesting thing i've been seeing is how society sees the Apple company. They were late in releasing something but in the eyes of the world, they're always the first in a way. I wish everyone would just be open to everything and not always pick on how people say things or expect them to be bashing something. The only reason i don't like apple is that they offend other people that don't use their products. Well mainly its those commercials they always put out, but i'm glad i don't see them as much anymore. Well i was hoping i wouldn't rant but i did... i'm sorry.

But seriously check out what the other guys are doing with tablets, it's so amazing!
If people want links i'll put them up. But only if you guys want it ^^.

Apple users know that i love you guys. I love everyone!! Peace and Luv!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

weekend winding down

Well I had a great weekend, it involved some artworks and friends. That's pretty much all i need to complete my weekend, and we had some progress with DYV so thats a bonus. This latest piece i did i am not at all happy with lol. So many things i wish i did but i don't like going back on my pieces. I'm just gonna keep trying these until i get used to my quick painting stuff.

Had the DYVnation in my head most of the time now and i hope to pull it off the way i would like to. We have been trying to reorganize our system of doing things and i think its getting there. I am so excited to push out this website to everyone because its gonna be everything i've worked for in years now. And it will finally all channel through this site. I am happy that its getting to this point, i just hope that people will accept it ^^ PEACE AND LUV!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Hi Guys sry it took me some time to post something new. I can't really show what i have so far with the games so i decided to do a digital piece just for this post. I don't like alot of his facial features. I think the nose is too thin and the bottom cheeks now i see is annoying lol. But i just wanted to get it done and put it up, its not a quick digital painting if its a few hours.

I went to an IGDA meeting and its funnie cause i shouldn't have been there. Their topic was not what it said on their site. My friend felt bad for telling me about it, but the truth is i had such a great time working outside and being in downtown. I went to downtown a hours hours earlier so i could do some of gaming work stuff in a Starbucks. I got alot of stuff done, especially with the fact that Starbucks give 2 free hours on WiFi everyday ^^. Lately i only realize that i get alot of work done when the week is done. That's not exactly a bad thing but i tend to reflect on whats happened, especially if its something normal or good. I don't like reflecting on something bad that happened, like the IGDA thing.
I think the fact that i hung out with the Revolver Games guys and that we talked alot about game design was so motivating because i don't get to converse about that stuff in person. Rene is really the only person i talk about that stuff to. It's funnie cause now that i've learned some scripting, i actually know what he gets aggravated about when theres a bug he's fixing. I shouldn't be smiling when he tells be his issues, but i just can't help realize the fact that i just picked up something new. I swear if i really listed down all the things i've learned, it would be too long. And that is all because of the possibilities being in North America. We should always stop and realize how lucky we are to be living where we are and the time we live in.
Thank you for the new followers I hope to do some more artwork but i've been busy with our DYVnation project. Hopefully we can spread the word on that so we can keep producing great work. Peace and Luv Everyone!