Hi Guys sry it took me some time to post something new. I can't really show what i have so far with the games so i decided to do a digital piece just for this post. I don't like alot of his facial features. I think the nose is too thin and the bottom cheeks now i see is annoying lol. But i just wanted to get it done and put it up, its not a quick digital painting if its a few hours.

I went to an IGDA meeting and its funnie cause i shouldn't have been there. Their topic was not what it said on their site. My friend felt bad for telling me about it, but the truth is i had such a great time working outside and being in downtown. I went to downtown a hours hours earlier so i could do some of gaming work stuff in a Starbucks. I got alot of stuff done, especially with the fact that Starbucks give 2 free hours on WiFi everyday ^^. Lately i only realize that i get alot of work done when the week is done. That's not exactly a bad thing but i tend to reflect on whats happened, especially if its something normal or good. I don't like reflecting on something bad that happened, like the IGDA thing.
I think the fact that i hung out with the Revolver Games guys and that we talked alot about game design was so motivating because i don't get to converse about that stuff in person. Rene is really the only person i talk about that stuff to. It's funnie cause now that i've learned some scripting, i actually know what he gets aggravated about when theres a bug he's fixing. I shouldn't be smiling when he tells be his issues, but i just can't help realize the fact that i just picked up something new. I swear if i really listed down all the things i've learned, it would be too long. And that is all because of the possibilities being in North America. We should always stop and realize how lucky we are to be living where we are and the time we live in.
Thank you for the new followers I hope to do some more artwork but i've been busy with our DYVnation project. Hopefully we can spread the word on that so we can keep producing great work. Peace and Luv Everyone!


Sheila said…
We are our worst critics. I thought this was a very cool portrait and didn't see the things you thought were lacking. Don't be so hard on yourself my friend. You are very talented!

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