Drawing again...

Well after learning new things and doing digital painting. I realized i have not drawn in quite some time now, so since i have some drawings i need to work out i decided to do some drawings. I also had Mariel come over and do some digital painting with line art with me. We didn't get far really, but while i was showing her my methods i kind of stumbled on to her frustrations in being a better artist. To her it became too frustrating, not enough happy, and i believe this happens to most of us at some point. For the longest time i have searched within myself how i could be a better artist. The older i got the more serious i got with it, and the more frustrating it became. Sometimes i was wondering "why am i doing this?" lol, or "would it really matter if i finish this at all?". I would loose being happy and end up with frustration. When i started this (oh man i just checked back when i started this blog lol), it was to start my life all over again. When i did that i remembered how fun it was to draw. Just the freedom of it all blew me away, and how ridiculous it was that i forgot all about it. So basically i'm glad that i'm still able to draw haha, i am grateful.

Okay so i don't have a picture to upload but i will do that tomorrow. Right now i am finishing the NoBIT 8page short for Mint Anthology. And i'm also hacking away at Charlie chapter3 lol man its so embarrassing how i have not finished it. I am also inking a page of Armored Starr but the unthinkable happened, I have run out of inking pens.
Pens, i wanna say thank you for years of service. You have exceeded the expectations of MaddSketch and i will always remember you all as the hardest working pens there is.
Now trying to restock will be a pain, but i can doooiiitt!! On the upside i have a ton of acrylic that i'm gonna use for the GeroWorld canvas pieces. I have a bout 7 canvases i'm gonna work on which will be after the release of GeroWorld. Can't wait! i'm excited. Oh if you guys have not done so we have set up a DYVnation fanpage on Facebook. If you have not seen it please go to the site and become a fan! we're trying to pump up our number of fans so we can really hit hard when we debut Gero World. Anyway! i hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! and don't party too hard! PEACE AND LUV!


Sheila said…
You know drawing is the base for almost all art. You're very strong there and wise to keep your skill up to par. Always a fan of your stuff!

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