No more Forums

Just wanted to put it out there that i will never ever go on someone else's forum and mention something. I always get some kind of crap from it, i guess it was my fault to think i was gonna get a clean response.
I was at a forum where everyone was, well it evolved to bashing the iPad. So what i thought i was mentioning was information instead of bashing, well someone decided to reply that my reply was spam.
To be quite clear about what i mentioned was that at CES, it seemed like almost everyone was putting out a tablet. Nvidia came with the Tegra2 chip that was basically on all these new tablets. It was so fast that they demonstrated Unreal 3 Engine on the dang thing. I thought this was really cool, cause our technology is really really pushing it now. But weeks and weeks later the macworld thingy came up and mentioned the iPad,i just thought that maybe apple released the iPad prematurely because they noticed that so many companies released it. I mean even Viewsonic came up with one! So yeah thats all i said and i guess that's spam. Figures i should just shut up and keep working.

The only interesting thing i've been seeing is how society sees the Apple company. They were late in releasing something but in the eyes of the world, they're always the first in a way. I wish everyone would just be open to everything and not always pick on how people say things or expect them to be bashing something. The only reason i don't like apple is that they offend other people that don't use their products. Well mainly its those commercials they always put out, but i'm glad i don't see them as much anymore. Well i was hoping i wouldn't rant but i did... i'm sorry.

But seriously check out what the other guys are doing with tablets, it's so amazing!
If people want links i'll put them up. But only if you guys want it ^^.

Apple users know that i love you guys. I love everyone!! Peace and Luv!!


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