Monday, August 17, 2009

My life's progress

Okay so this is a cut me wide open kind of post, where i put down what i've done so far. So right away i'll put down the bad parts; I've lost the artshow i was suppose to do. I am in a financial crisis with my family and me putting all my time in my projects i'm really dragging them down. Now its easy to say that i'm making alot of bad decisions but i'm taking a huge risk that i really feel is my only chance left to accomplish my goal. What i'm going through is the grinding out period where i have to put my work out there because for the past few years of my life i've just been promoting other artists and working on desk jobs. Working for a short period in the industry showed me that i hated working for someone else when i know i could do what they're doing.
Anyway on to the latest progress (which is alot). OLA is gaining more members every week, and our events are about to start in september. I've made a social networking website with OLA all by myself. And i'm just talking about the coding because for the most part spreading the word has been with the new found group i've been working with. Casey is our business man that can deal all sorts of stuff. German is our Marketing man that has alot of connections with getting the word out. Sonny is my brother and he's been working hard to promoting the site to the young artists in colleges. There are alot of other guys also involved in this and i am so lucky to have these awesome people. I've also lately done some freelance work and its actually not as bad as i remembered it. The school is also doing pretty well so i can't wait till it goes full swing and i'll be busy with so much things.
I'm trying to think if i've told you guys about OLA but i'll say it anyway. The Ontario League of Artist was a community group i've wanted to make for Ontario Canada. I've noticed that most of the groups created for arts are traditional groups that really don't care much for digital arts and all the new media artwork being produced out there. Most artists move out of this area to get more exposure. So what i've done is create a community where you can express yourself with no judgment with your work. What i'm proposing really is to close the gap between the old school and the new school. Maybe the traditional can see that most modern artists still do traditional. For the modern artists to get better chances to take more notes on traditional work. So basically its starting as an online Social Network but soon we will have events and activities and later a Store/Studio. Where people can have their local work be sold at "Artist Alley" and behind is us working on everything. We also want the store to be a chill out spot for people to draw and socialize. There will be a store for every city of Ontario so that we can help every artists in every city. There are alot of reasons for this movement to happen, our educational system doesn't have the full capacity to help young artists really feed their need to be a better artist. We want to take that burden because we're not bound by any curriculum that the board of education keeps the art classes in. Also the reason for having it strictly in Ontario is so that we can have full attention on all the young artists. We tend to think of the whole world right away and we end up casting a gigantic net that misses the small ones that really need the help. Our mandate is to Connect Learn and Celebrate, connect with other artists, Learn to be the best, and Celebrate art.

We already have a lot of members, and we've caught some attention in various places like the Living Arts Center, so i think we're heading the right direction. I hope you could take a gander at our website and let us know if you like what you see. If you aren't at Ontario Canada at all, we are creating alot of content involving arts, like art blogs from animation, comics, to illustration arts. We're also getting ready to launch a lot of webcomics and be printed by us too. So please keep an eye out on OLA. Just by visiting you can help us keep it going. ^^ PEACE AND LUV!!

Ontario League of Artists

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sketch Report

Here's some sketches i've done up lately on my new book. I'll save up things i wanna talk about for next time. I just wanna upload some images just so you guys can see what i've been up to. PnL!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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since i've been so busy in OLA and there's little to no traffic in dyv main site. I've decided i will just keep it clean and simple, and re-direct any lost souls to the 2 projects of dyv which is Hexabites and OLA XD

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oogle in Petes work

I was so in love with Peter's latest work that we talked about adding characters on it. This will be the first colab we've done in years lol, But it also sparked an idea to do a bunch of colab work with Me, Genevieve and Peter. Mark my words, i will make this happen!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Updates on some stuff

So i've been keeping myself happy with this back cover of the sketch book while i do client work on the side. I'm still trying to get back into finishing the last art pieces i've started and hopefully using them to get art work type jobs. I'm a little afraid that people see me with only this way of style so i'm hoping to finish it so i can create more of my other ideas and style. I really just have this compulsion with wingz and my machine parts. One day when i have the resources i will summon my good friend to help me make an installation of the Wingz, but one that will stay on forever. I've also had this curiosity with boxes lately, i've actually had this obsession with boxes before. one time i was in Solutions and i saw an isle with full of storage boxes, you know those small ones like you put cue cards in them to store. On the front it would have a metal slot that you can put a label on it... When i saw them there were tons just all on the shelves and i just imagined a studio filled with these boxes, and i kept thinkin of what would be in those boxes lol. I looked at the price and it cost 9 bucks just for one. I thought i could make that! So i looked through my stash of stuff and i found tons and i mean tons of Bristol board. I also had alot of illustration board that i wasn't using anymore. So i decided to make a test box and see whats a comfortable size that i would like. Then i saw on a design website a shelf made out of squares so you can take it a part and make your shelf how ever size you want it. So i decided to make a Manga shelf lol. basically i didn't exactly do both, but i made a box with no lid on it haha. I'm thinkin either to make the shelf or make the lid box, hopefully something will spark in my brain ^^.
Anyway i'm really stoked with this back cover because of its symmetry, but its not perfect at all. Still from an initial stand point, it looks symmetrical, its later when you stare closer that its all wrong lol. Just having fun with it is all i really care about. This book is really just for myself, so that way i can work on stuff staying happy =) Till next time folks PEACE and LUV!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


imgprsimage copy
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This is something we're working on to support the prints coming out of OLA. So there will be our own publishing department, XD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Being an Artist

So I kinda wanted to write about being an artists, and what i feel what we are. In my early years all I've really done was draw and draw. I loved art every since i was 8 when i saw my brother trying to draw Spider man. I realized that's all i wanted to do, and that's pretty much all I've done. All those times I've been sure about what art means to me. It kept me alive from all the things happening around me. I mean living through Philippines and handling the culture shock (moving to Canada), art was the only thing consistent in my life. It definitely stopped me from going crazy lol.
Being in the OLA Sketch Sessions I realized how mature I've gotten with my art and how i looked at life. I've always looked at the over all experience of life and how others live through it and how their judgments are influenced by their environment since their birth. Now a days when someone young talks to me about art i just feel like their attitudes will change once they get older. I usually get caught in the discussions about our beliefs and some artists get a little strong and i get stronger with my point. Now a days i have like this imaginary me that just pulls me out of myself and says "hey, your about to do it again." I don't like these confrontations because it never goes anywhere. And I'm gonna be open about this but i really get this adrenalin that you get when your about to get in fights when I'm in these conversations. As if it goes bad I'm ready to fight, and i seriously hate this feeling. So i just say to myself they'll see it when they're older. Don't worry i haven't been in a fight for like a looong time. And i usually get riled up when a cocky person or someone is testing me so its not like i pick fights with people. I hate social violence, but its like there's something in my blood that is naturally triggered when it comes to anger lol.
My point of view in art is that, we're not saving the world, we're just making artwork. So i don't kid myself by making political pieces or conscious work because most of the people that need to see that don't see it. And words don't get things done, actions always does. That's how i was raised and when a problem is there, you solve it yourself. I'm not dissing anyone's work, I'm just reflecting with the experiences I've had when i was a kid growing up in the Philippines.
For me my work is a window in another world that you can get lost in. It's something you can enjoy and not make you sad. I'd prefer to take you somewhere than tell you something you already know. Alot of random people like to tell me stuff that I already know and I'm older than them lol. I try not to open up to those people because if they find out who i really am, they wouldn't know what to say. I would say my life has been unique and I've seen and experienced messed up things. My Family went through tough times, but we were together every step of the way. If i didn't have my Family and Art, i wouldn't know what I'd be now. When i meet people sometimes they feel like they have to top what i say and i try to break the chain but i get caught in it most of the time. I hate it because i don't wanna prove anything to anyone. I just wanna draw... So for you new kids out there proving yourself through art, keep doing it but be excited about other artists, because they're not your competition, they're your friend.

OLA news we're lining up some Events in September and we're gonna be advocating through the Expo in late august! The comics will be announced Tuesday and hopefully will be ready in a couple of weeks before the convention. The 2 events that will happen in September are the Subspace Cinema Festival which is a film fest of great inspirational movies and artwork to check out. The second one is 200A Dsquared, which is 200 artists in dundas square toronto drawing frozen flash mob people ^^. It's actually pretty hard to set up the clothes they're gonna wear cause we need a ton of OLA t-shirts for them to wear. I can't wait cause both these events are gonna be super exciting. I'll have a video coverage of this when it happens so the youtubers see it. That's all for now PEACE AND LUV!