Updates on some stuff

So i've been keeping myself happy with this back cover of the sketch book while i do client work on the side. I'm still trying to get back into finishing the last art pieces i've started and hopefully using them to get art work type jobs. I'm a little afraid that people see me with only this way of style so i'm hoping to finish it so i can create more of my other ideas and style. I really just have this compulsion with wingz and my machine parts. One day when i have the resources i will summon my good friend to help me make an installation of the Wingz, but one that will stay on forever. I've also had this curiosity with boxes lately, i've actually had this obsession with boxes before. one time i was in Solutions and i saw an isle with full of storage boxes, you know those small ones like you put cue cards in them to store. On the front it would have a metal slot that you can put a label on it... When i saw them there were tons just all on the shelves and i just imagined a studio filled with these boxes, and i kept thinkin of what would be in those boxes lol. I looked at the price and it cost 9 bucks just for one. I thought i could make that! So i looked through my stash of stuff and i found tons and i mean tons of Bristol board. I also had alot of illustration board that i wasn't using anymore. So i decided to make a test box and see whats a comfortable size that i would like. Then i saw on a design website a shelf made out of squares so you can take it a part and make your shelf how ever size you want it. So i decided to make a Manga shelf lol. basically i didn't exactly do both, but i made a box with no lid on it haha. I'm thinkin either to make the shelf or make the lid box, hopefully something will spark in my brain ^^.
Anyway i'm really stoked with this back cover because of its symmetry, but its not perfect at all. Still from an initial stand point, it looks symmetrical, its later when you stare closer that its all wrong lol. Just having fun with it is all i really care about. This book is really just for myself, so that way i can work on stuff staying happy =) Till next time folks PEACE and LUV!


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