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Okay so this is a cut me wide open kind of post, where i put down what i've done so far. So right away i'll put down the bad parts; I've lost the artshow i was suppose to do. I am in a financial crisis with my family and me putting all my time in my projects i'm really dragging them down. Now its easy to say that i'm making alot of bad decisions but i'm taking a huge risk that i really feel is my only chance left to accomplish my goal. What i'm going through is the grinding out period where i have to put my work out there because for the past few years of my life i've just been promoting other artists and working on desk jobs. Working for a short period in the industry showed me that i hated working for someone else when i know i could do what they're doing.
Anyway on to the latest progress (which is alot). OLA is gaining more members every week, and our events are about to start in september. I've made a social networking website with OLA all by myself. And i'm just talking about the coding because for the most part spreading the word has been with the new found group i've been working with. Casey is our business man that can deal all sorts of stuff. German is our Marketing man that has alot of connections with getting the word out. Sonny is my brother and he's been working hard to promoting the site to the young artists in colleges. There are alot of other guys also involved in this and i am so lucky to have these awesome people. I've also lately done some freelance work and its actually not as bad as i remembered it. The school is also doing pretty well so i can't wait till it goes full swing and i'll be busy with so much things.
I'm trying to think if i've told you guys about OLA but i'll say it anyway. The Ontario League of Artist was a community group i've wanted to make for Ontario Canada. I've noticed that most of the groups created for arts are traditional groups that really don't care much for digital arts and all the new media artwork being produced out there. Most artists move out of this area to get more exposure. So what i've done is create a community where you can express yourself with no judgment with your work. What i'm proposing really is to close the gap between the old school and the new school. Maybe the traditional can see that most modern artists still do traditional. For the modern artists to get better chances to take more notes on traditional work. So basically its starting as an online Social Network but soon we will have events and activities and later a Store/Studio. Where people can have their local work be sold at "Artist Alley" and behind is us working on everything. We also want the store to be a chill out spot for people to draw and socialize. There will be a store for every city of Ontario so that we can help every artists in every city. There are alot of reasons for this movement to happen, our educational system doesn't have the full capacity to help young artists really feed their need to be a better artist. We want to take that burden because we're not bound by any curriculum that the board of education keeps the art classes in. Also the reason for having it strictly in Ontario is so that we can have full attention on all the young artists. We tend to think of the whole world right away and we end up casting a gigantic net that misses the small ones that really need the help. Our mandate is to Connect Learn and Celebrate, connect with other artists, Learn to be the best, and Celebrate art.

We already have a lot of members, and we've caught some attention in various places like the Living Arts Center, so i think we're heading the right direction. I hope you could take a gander at our website and let us know if you like what you see. If you aren't at Ontario Canada at all, we are creating alot of content involving arts, like art blogs from animation, comics, to illustration arts. We're also getting ready to launch a lot of webcomics and be printed by us too. So please keep an eye out on OLA. Just by visiting you can help us keep it going. ^^ PEACE AND LUV!!

Ontario League of Artists


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