Being an Artist

So I kinda wanted to write about being an artists, and what i feel what we are. In my early years all I've really done was draw and draw. I loved art every since i was 8 when i saw my brother trying to draw Spider man. I realized that's all i wanted to do, and that's pretty much all I've done. All those times I've been sure about what art means to me. It kept me alive from all the things happening around me. I mean living through Philippines and handling the culture shock (moving to Canada), art was the only thing consistent in my life. It definitely stopped me from going crazy lol.
Being in the OLA Sketch Sessions I realized how mature I've gotten with my art and how i looked at life. I've always looked at the over all experience of life and how others live through it and how their judgments are influenced by their environment since their birth. Now a days when someone young talks to me about art i just feel like their attitudes will change once they get older. I usually get caught in the discussions about our beliefs and some artists get a little strong and i get stronger with my point. Now a days i have like this imaginary me that just pulls me out of myself and says "hey, your about to do it again." I don't like these confrontations because it never goes anywhere. And I'm gonna be open about this but i really get this adrenalin that you get when your about to get in fights when I'm in these conversations. As if it goes bad I'm ready to fight, and i seriously hate this feeling. So i just say to myself they'll see it when they're older. Don't worry i haven't been in a fight for like a looong time. And i usually get riled up when a cocky person or someone is testing me so its not like i pick fights with people. I hate social violence, but its like there's something in my blood that is naturally triggered when it comes to anger lol.
My point of view in art is that, we're not saving the world, we're just making artwork. So i don't kid myself by making political pieces or conscious work because most of the people that need to see that don't see it. And words don't get things done, actions always does. That's how i was raised and when a problem is there, you solve it yourself. I'm not dissing anyone's work, I'm just reflecting with the experiences I've had when i was a kid growing up in the Philippines.
For me my work is a window in another world that you can get lost in. It's something you can enjoy and not make you sad. I'd prefer to take you somewhere than tell you something you already know. Alot of random people like to tell me stuff that I already know and I'm older than them lol. I try not to open up to those people because if they find out who i really am, they wouldn't know what to say. I would say my life has been unique and I've seen and experienced messed up things. My Family went through tough times, but we were together every step of the way. If i didn't have my Family and Art, i wouldn't know what I'd be now. When i meet people sometimes they feel like they have to top what i say and i try to break the chain but i get caught in it most of the time. I hate it because i don't wanna prove anything to anyone. I just wanna draw... So for you new kids out there proving yourself through art, keep doing it but be excited about other artists, because they're not your competition, they're your friend.

OLA news we're lining up some Events in September and we're gonna be advocating through the Expo in late august! The comics will be announced Tuesday and hopefully will be ready in a couple of weeks before the convention. The 2 events that will happen in September are the Subspace Cinema Festival which is a film fest of great inspirational movies and artwork to check out. The second one is 200A Dsquared, which is 200 artists in dundas square toronto drawing frozen flash mob people ^^. It's actually pretty hard to set up the clothes they're gonna wear cause we need a ton of OLA t-shirts for them to wear. I can't wait cause both these events are gonna be super exciting. I'll have a video coverage of this when it happens so the youtubers see it. That's all for now PEACE AND LUV!


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