Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Latest on the second major piece.

So basically I have been trying to finish this piece and its turning out pretty good so far.  The only thing i have been trying to figure out is coloring it.  I have decided on trying out a way concept car designers and industrial designers do usually which is markers with some pastels. I will be experimenting first because i don’t want this one to go bad.

I have been going back and forth thinking i should leave it to just grey tones but i seriously don’t think it would have the effect i want without the colors.  And its also important that the colors are strong too.  I dunno it’ll work out somehow.  Hope you guys like the vid, i’m actually thinking of doing some youtube vlogs again.  Not alot just once in a while, help me be productive.  Peace and Luv!

Monday, April 27, 2009

yay summer!

Okay yay summer but my life is still not moving along. I feel like i'm not making progress even if i'm doing so much things. I make no money lol. I have a new idea i'm gonna write about soon and hopefully i can illustrate it well. If anyone has any commission artwork that i could do or know someone or watever i dunno or have any idea of this stuff. let me know pls! ^^ PnL!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Madd idea: Fusion Color

So okay here's my idea. A robots digestive system... @_@ yeah but it wont be all gross looking obviously because its a robot not a human being.
So basically the thing in the center is called the Core. It's kinda like the heart but its metal. So what happens is the robot eats metal and it gets broken down to its minerals. The particles are basically the minerals and it will go down to the Core. Now what you can't let happen is touch the core. So what you have is the brackets that circulate the core. So you basically use left and right key to rotate it. So what you do is if u have 4 clustered together they turn into energy.
So basically its how long you can last cause it gets faster and if u clog it up then game over. Or if you keep getting the core hit with the Particles then game over.

What i have to do now is think of the coding part of it. I dunno if i should just use Actionscript3, since i'm learning it. But we'll see what i'll use.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Madd Idea

Just had this idea to put down the ideas i have on blog so that i can look back at it and share with everyone ideas that i have.

Game Art Album

Okay so first off i found this documentary about BBSing (bulletin board system) basically its the internet before the internet. At this time that was the way to communicate with other people using the computer. But the thing was it was really slow, anyway I'm not gonna get into a historical thing but hackers back in the day would have these packs on the hacker BBSes. It was all chopped up in zip files (well it was some kind of compression) and it basically contained cracked games and a bunch of artwork that was made by the crew of hackers.

What i was intrigued by was how professional they were and organized when it came to putting things together. It was almost like how rappers are now with their industry. Now I'm not saying we should hack games and sell them cause well people already do that and I'm not interested in other people's games. I'm interested in my games ^^.

I have been a fan of Hip-Hop for as long as i could remember. Although there was a time when i got to Canada that i listened to a lot of alternative rock but it was awesome so yeah... Anyway I have been interested in how they get started and how the process of a professional album gets finished. There are tons of people involved and the timing is very important (just like everything else).

So one day i found this link ad to some guy that made a ton of indie games, artworks, animations, etc. All into one cd, and he's selling them for 10bucks! It was basically all his work spanning 10 years. Most of his games were gross cause yah its his thang lol.
If you have anything against gross stuff even the slightest? dont' watch it lol.

If you see where i'm headed with this then yay if not then let me propose the idea then.

Creating a small group of programmers and artists. Goal is to make small indie games that is fun to play but it doesn't take 6months to make. All the concept to create the characters, illustrations to capture the scenes and stuff, make it into an artbook. Even put it in the cd. These days it isn't actually hard to make games with all the tools provided and such. Even right now i have my friends that want to make a game. So my personal thing i wanna try is like how rappers have it. Have one person with his "solo album" have 10games or 10 "tracks" and with the studio's crew people can get credit for either help with the scripting and other stuff.

Now musicians and rappers go on tour and mostly that's where they get alot of their money. So what would be cool is an artshow with alot of artwork and games.
You can sell all your stuff there like original artwork, prints, games albums, etc.

I'm not able to fully express everything i've thought in this idea yet but maybe i can create a part two or something.

For anyone that is interested in this idea you can toss more ideas on the comments and i can put it in for the next one. I wanna make this more organized when i write it down but yeah thats all i have for now. I wanna try to make some small concepts as to how i wanna put one together. Hopefully this helps me organize my thoughts cause i have like tons of ideas lol so that's it for now.

A quick painting

Just had to do this piece cause it has been in my head for days and i thought getting int on a canvas will make me happy. It does actually it was pretty close to what i saw in my head. I just wanted it to be more about the lines and curves, not so much on a full anatomically correct portrayal of a woman's figure. Anyway i'm really happy about it so i hope u guys like it ^^.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

another artbooklet?

okay so for some reason this video is still being viewed and i keep gettin comments randomly about this. Now I'm thinkin' i should do a newer one that's bigger and with my latest work. Since this i got some nice comments on this one i think i might just do that. Reason why i didn't do it last year was because i sent it to a store that showcases and sells art work and artbooks and stuff. They didn't like my work and told me that it's not on par with the rest of their collection. When i get comments like that i get completely down and depressed lol I'm such a crybaby so now since i'm doing an artshow i'm thinking of doing a small booklet for the people that come in for free XD or maybe just sell it all for a dollar lol. Let me know what you guys think cause i'm trying to get myself some courage to do it lol. pnl! ^^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yeah i dunno today is a little bit in the limbo side... i decided to get back to the Paladin piece and finish it off. I cut a part of the piece that made me feel lost so now i'm just gonna go ahead and get it over with lol. I did a quick concept of a hut in the League of Creations and that got me back in digital painting again. Its really hard to go back and forth from digital to natural. But i am determined to finish all the work load i have given myself. I need a job baaaaaadly T_T PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Mr. oogleman is everywhere BEWARE!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Heroes of the World!

I am not good at following up on things i say huh... well this is something we did last year and unfortunately i don't work for their Project right now but we're still great friends. These guys are my brothers for ever!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

just a jabber

Upload pics tmw, but for now i'm just gonna blah about stuff. I went to the Art school today and i gave them the proposal cause they didn't get my email (stupid emails). I took a peek at their gallery and they had some great stuff. A lot of abstract stuff but it actually looked pretty cool. I have been thinking of my work and trying to open my brain in terms of what else i could do. I'm really liking the pop art stuff mixing with graffiti and graphic design. So i started thinking of doing more story based stuff. I'd like that there's some kind of purpose to it, and I've always thought that images give much more of an affect when it has a purpose.

Anyway right now i'm letting my emotions take control of the artwork and my brain take care of the art show. Speaking of art show, I have had a day with everyone separately except for Pete. But other than that everyone seems hyped up about it. I talked to Pete and he sounds nervous lol as always. But now one of the hardest parts is to get everyone all together in one room for a couple of hours. Everyone's schedule is so scattered that getting them all together is gonna be hard. The thing is i'm the only person that can make this happen. So i hope i can pull this off, and this isn't even the actual show lol. Its okay, they're my friends so its totally worth it.

Oh yeah one of the little things i'm gonna try to do is make an installation art. its basically the wings but like huge. Anyway blabbering away i should stop lol. I usually have these moments where my mood just dies, so i just let it die for a bit and then i pick up where i left off. Right now im back and now i gotta really get moving again. I'll show stuff next time, until then, Peace and Luv everyone!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

War Journal:2

So i didn't like how the head was looking so i designed some tighter versions of wat i like and the last one i like alot.

So much is brewing up lately and i'm so excited. Hopefully its all gonna be good things and i can start to be a better artist that can make a living out of it.

I don't mean to jinx it even tho i do it to everything that comes my way lol. I might be finally doing an artshow with all my bestfriends at once! but the circumstances are that we aren't exactly as StudioDYV. It's showcasing everyone's different stuff which is Pandapad, Elle's playground (i dunno if its still called that), and Heroes of the World. But i'm gonna arrange a huge meeting to see how this is all gonna work. PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Melody piece update

Okay so its practically done i just have to put the vignette on it and i'm done.

Okay so i finished the proposal and now i'm just waiting for the approval of the school. *cross fingers* I think the next thing i should tackle is get back to the dominance war thing and the paladin piece. i feel like i'll completely loose it if i don't do it. Not go crazy but like completely forget about it lol. Or not want to work on it anymore. Anyway that's my update... PEACE AND LUV U ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finally a real update!

Okay i'm sorry cause i was suppose to put up an update like 2days ago i think lol. I had alot of things happen, and i was basically distracted. By the time i could do an update it was 2am lol. So here's what i got for everyone so far.

First off i wanna say thank you to RayvenLuv because she sent me this package when i mentioned that i lost my mechanical pencil. haha This kinds of stuff keeps me to believe that luv for each other is always there. No matter what is going on, people still luv each other. And I luv you Rayv ^^ thank you so much. To me this is such an amazing gesture of friendship. I jumped like a kid when i saw it lol my mom was laughing at me lol.

Okay so i woke up from my dream of digital painting, then i found alot of my papers empty and my canvas' with just washed paints. So i am making a list of the unfinished tasks.

This was something I roughed out so that I wouldn't forget it because I knew I was gonna leave it lol This is something i want for Gero World, so hopefully it looks the way i want it.

This one was something i wanted to do for the wingz series after the one below.

And this one i just need to do the gray tones and vignette the over all to focus on the subject. I call this one Melody, and you'll never guess why its called that lol.

And finally this one is the one i'll tackle right after the Melody. This is for the Gero Series, and i'm calling it Champion: Syco Phreak.

So now i have the digital pieces to go through, the large pieces and a bunch of canvas' to do. And on top of it all i'm writing a proposal to teach kids Conceptual Arts. Its a course that teaches kids up to teens if they wanna make video games as their career. I'm just finishing up the proposal and hopefully i can take it to another art school to see if they'll like the idea of it. That means part-time job yay lol. Anyway I have another possibility of actually doing an artshow but i'm not quite sure if it will happen at all. So hopefully things go well and i'll make everything i've been planning for 6months come true. thanx all for the supports and kindness, i kno i'm not out of the woods yet, but i'm just so damn happy to be alive! PEACE AND LUV TO YOU ALL!!