Latest on the second major piece.

So basically I have been trying to finish this piece and its turning out pretty good so far.  The only thing i have been trying to figure out is coloring it.  I have decided on trying out a way concept car designers and industrial designers do usually which is markers with some pastels. I will be experimenting first because i don’t want this one to go bad.

I have been going back and forth thinking i should leave it to just grey tones but i seriously don’t think it would have the effect i want without the colors.  And its also important that the colors are strong too.  I dunno it’ll work out somehow.  Hope you guys like the vid, i’m actually thinking of doing some youtube vlogs again.  Not alot just once in a while, help me be productive.  Peace and Luv!


Sheila said…
Very cool! The way you were panning and getting close up made it look like a movie almost!

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