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Just had this idea to put down the ideas i have on blog so that i can look back at it and share with everyone ideas that i have.

Game Art Album

Okay so first off i found this documentary about BBSing (bulletin board system) basically its the internet before the internet. At this time that was the way to communicate with other people using the computer. But the thing was it was really slow, anyway I'm not gonna get into a historical thing but hackers back in the day would have these packs on the hacker BBSes. It was all chopped up in zip files (well it was some kind of compression) and it basically contained cracked games and a bunch of artwork that was made by the crew of hackers.

What i was intrigued by was how professional they were and organized when it came to putting things together. It was almost like how rappers are now with their industry. Now I'm not saying we should hack games and sell them cause well people already do that and I'm not interested in other people's games. I'm interested in my games ^^.

I have been a fan of Hip-Hop for as long as i could remember. Although there was a time when i got to Canada that i listened to a lot of alternative rock but it was awesome so yeah... Anyway I have been interested in how they get started and how the process of a professional album gets finished. There are tons of people involved and the timing is very important (just like everything else).

So one day i found this link ad to some guy that made a ton of indie games, artworks, animations, etc. All into one cd, and he's selling them for 10bucks! It was basically all his work spanning 10 years. Most of his games were gross cause yah its his thang lol.
If you have anything against gross stuff even the slightest? dont' watch it lol.

If you see where i'm headed with this then yay if not then let me propose the idea then.

Creating a small group of programmers and artists. Goal is to make small indie games that is fun to play but it doesn't take 6months to make. All the concept to create the characters, illustrations to capture the scenes and stuff, make it into an artbook. Even put it in the cd. These days it isn't actually hard to make games with all the tools provided and such. Even right now i have my friends that want to make a game. So my personal thing i wanna try is like how rappers have it. Have one person with his "solo album" have 10games or 10 "tracks" and with the studio's crew people can get credit for either help with the scripting and other stuff.

Now musicians and rappers go on tour and mostly that's where they get alot of their money. So what would be cool is an artshow with alot of artwork and games.
You can sell all your stuff there like original artwork, prints, games albums, etc.

I'm not able to fully express everything i've thought in this idea yet but maybe i can create a part two or something.

For anyone that is interested in this idea you can toss more ideas on the comments and i can put it in for the next one. I wanna make this more organized when i write it down but yeah thats all i have for now. I wanna try to make some small concepts as to how i wanna put one together. Hopefully this helps me organize my thoughts cause i have like tons of ideas lol so that's it for now.


Madd Sketch said…
I think i'm gonna call the project VideoGame Mixtape lol the whole movement needs a name...

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