Yeah i dunno today is a little bit in the limbo side... i decided to get back to the Paladin piece and finish it off. I cut a part of the piece that made me feel lost so now i'm just gonna go ahead and get it over with lol. I did a quick concept of a hut in the League of Creations and that got me back in digital painting again. Its really hard to go back and forth from digital to natural. But i am determined to finish all the work load i have given myself. I need a job baaaaaadly T_T PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Mr. oogleman is everywhere BEWARE!


Dean Grey said…
I love how you made the Strarbucks cup all your own!

I don't drink coffee but if I saw a cup with that crazed smiley face on it I would totally want to drink it!

Too cool!


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