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Upload pics tmw, but for now i'm just gonna blah about stuff. I went to the Art school today and i gave them the proposal cause they didn't get my email (stupid emails). I took a peek at their gallery and they had some great stuff. A lot of abstract stuff but it actually looked pretty cool. I have been thinking of my work and trying to open my brain in terms of what else i could do. I'm really liking the pop art stuff mixing with graffiti and graphic design. So i started thinking of doing more story based stuff. I'd like that there's some kind of purpose to it, and I've always thought that images give much more of an affect when it has a purpose.

Anyway right now i'm letting my emotions take control of the artwork and my brain take care of the art show. Speaking of art show, I have had a day with everyone separately except for Pete. But other than that everyone seems hyped up about it. I talked to Pete and he sounds nervous lol as always. But now one of the hardest parts is to get everyone all together in one room for a couple of hours. Everyone's schedule is so scattered that getting them all together is gonna be hard. The thing is i'm the only person that can make this happen. So i hope i can pull this off, and this isn't even the actual show lol. Its okay, they're my friends so its totally worth it.

Oh yeah one of the little things i'm gonna try to do is make an installation art. its basically the wings but like huge. Anyway blabbering away i should stop lol. I usually have these moments where my mood just dies, so i just let it die for a bit and then i pick up where i left off. Right now im back and now i gotta really get moving again. I'll show stuff next time, until then, Peace and Luv everyone!


Amel Hanan said…
Been following your blog but this is my first comment. Your artwork's the best. Good luck with the art show!

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