A quick painting

Just had to do this piece cause it has been in my head for days and i thought getting int on a canvas will make me happy. It does actually it was pretty close to what i saw in my head. I just wanted it to be more about the lines and curves, not so much on a full anatomically correct portrayal of a woman's figure. Anyway i'm really happy about it so i hope u guys like it ^^.


Sheila said…
Hey! A gal can appreciate a thing of beauty too!

Good to see you paint! I think you should do more. Or do we need for you to get another "vision"?
Rayven Victori said…
It is great! I love it! You are so talented that it is somewhat scary. Take care love!
Dean Grey said…
It's the fact that this is more about the curves and less about being anatomically correct that makes this so lovely to look at.

The color choices are great. The soft pinks and reds work wonderfully together. Very soft and sensual.

Also, the flowing brushwork mimics the curves of the figure.

A simple but beautiful female nude!

Madd Sketch said…
thnx alot guys! i gotta say i'm starting to understand contemporary and abstract a little more lol.

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