Finally a real update!

Okay i'm sorry cause i was suppose to put up an update like 2days ago i think lol. I had alot of things happen, and i was basically distracted. By the time i could do an update it was 2am lol. So here's what i got for everyone so far.

First off i wanna say thank you to RayvenLuv because she sent me this package when i mentioned that i lost my mechanical pencil. haha This kinds of stuff keeps me to believe that luv for each other is always there. No matter what is going on, people still luv each other. And I luv you Rayv ^^ thank you so much. To me this is such an amazing gesture of friendship. I jumped like a kid when i saw it lol my mom was laughing at me lol.

Okay so i woke up from my dream of digital painting, then i found alot of my papers empty and my canvas' with just washed paints. So i am making a list of the unfinished tasks.

This was something I roughed out so that I wouldn't forget it because I knew I was gonna leave it lol This is something i want for Gero World, so hopefully it looks the way i want it.

This one was something i wanted to do for the wingz series after the one below.

And this one i just need to do the gray tones and vignette the over all to focus on the subject. I call this one Melody, and you'll never guess why its called that lol.

And finally this one is the one i'll tackle right after the Melody. This is for the Gero Series, and i'm calling it Champion: Syco Phreak.

So now i have the digital pieces to go through, the large pieces and a bunch of canvas' to do. And on top of it all i'm writing a proposal to teach kids Conceptual Arts. Its a course that teaches kids up to teens if they wanna make video games as their career. I'm just finishing up the proposal and hopefully i can take it to another art school to see if they'll like the idea of it. That means part-time job yay lol. Anyway I have another possibility of actually doing an artshow but i'm not quite sure if it will happen at all. So hopefully things go well and i'll make everything i've been planning for 6months come true. thanx all for the supports and kindness, i kno i'm not out of the woods yet, but i'm just so damn happy to be alive! PEACE AND LUV TO YOU ALL!!


Sheila said…
You will be an AWESOME teacher! How cool that you can do this. Congrats I know they'll love the proposal.
Rayven Victori said…
You are so sweet! You're welcome. That is so sweet that you want to teach the youngsters. How awesome are you?!?!? Keep me updated on the goings on. Now that I found your blog I guess I'll be able to bother you even more!
Love ya!

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