another artbooklet?

okay so for some reason this video is still being viewed and i keep gettin comments randomly about this. Now I'm thinkin' i should do a newer one that's bigger and with my latest work. Since this i got some nice comments on this one i think i might just do that. Reason why i didn't do it last year was because i sent it to a store that showcases and sells art work and artbooks and stuff. They didn't like my work and told me that it's not on par with the rest of their collection. When i get comments like that i get completely down and depressed lol I'm such a crybaby so now since i'm doing an artshow i'm thinking of doing a small booklet for the people that come in for free XD or maybe just sell it all for a dollar lol. Let me know what you guys think cause i'm trying to get myself some courage to do it lol. pnl! ^^


Sheila said…
It's so nice to see your work in the context of your environment. Very VERY cool!

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