Thursday, December 10, 2009

I call this one Ultimate

I'm starting to find this type of work boring. I get frustrated that people don't see th detail when i scan it. My work now is so detailed but the computer can't really show all of it. Even if i show my full resolution of the images it is being shown on a monitor that can't really fully show the real size of the image. That bums me out...

I have decided to take a trip to LA on July and maybe at some point i can see the art scene of LA. I need to keep this motivation i have been having and i think taking trips will be a huge help for me. I will also be going back to Philippines in May, but i'm not sure if i can afford to go to Taiwan also =( I'll do my best.

Anyway gotta get back to artworkin cya! PEACE AND LUV! and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I thought i posted this here before

Oh yeah I thought i posted this image before here but it looks like i haven't.
I have suddenly had the urge to continue to push for my art career and also pushing our studio further and do more freelancing with the group. It's been awhile since i've done freelancing with the guys but i think we really need each other now more than ever. We are all getting frustrated dealing with clients i decided that we should try to pull together the team and fine tune things. When the studio works out better i can finally find some help for OLA to push it further. The network is already growing so i just need the right people in place to all push it further.
The right people are stepping up in DYV and its working out great, lets hope we keep it going ^^. peace and luv everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taking it one day at a time.

Yeah i have been too all over the place to post a blog about what i've been doing. I have though been getting alot of drawing done which i will post tomorrow when i wake up. My best friend is leaving for Taiwan which makes me super sad, i'm trying to be extra busy so i don't think about it for too long. But that's not hard to do because there is a million things to do. I have been getting emails about artwork submissions all over the place which i am excited for so i'm preparing for that. I am also trying to find sometime to make new art because i'm due for another huge piece lol. I've also joined an Anthology book organized by a great artist named German Shible. That's not exactly all i'm working on but its just alot of stuff that might be boring. I am able to do everything no problem because of the Google Calendar which helps me map everything i do every day and every hour. I barely have any time in between to even chill, so sometimes i back everything up just so i can watch Community and Supernatural XD yes i actually watch tv haha. And yeah everything that we have been working on is still happening but its now getting bigger in scope, which means it will take a long grinding period.
Oh another thing i was taking in consideration was making sketchbooks for anyone that wants to buy. So i've been planning it out in my head and i think it can work. I'm thinking of taking awhole weekend to do a lot of it and then just carry it with me if someone wants to buy one, like a dealer, just kidding i know that's not exactly how it works. Anyway i just luv making packaging and binding books i wanna see if i can make one that's cheap, good sizes, and cool looking. Well i'll post again tmw to show my latest stuff. Peace and Luv!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Being a Teacher

I think there's something about passing on your knowledge to younger artists is one of the greatest ways to feel accomplished. I was guest teaching today at Neilson Park Creative Center and I was so happy to see such happy students to have me there and talk about arts. I also had one on saturday and it was about character drawing, but today was layouts and talking about perspectives. John Wood was such an amazing person to have me at the class, he was so grateful for me to be there. Having to be the one that bridge the gap between the age of the teacher and the students. I was able to help them understand the importance of foundation arts to 3D animation and Video Games. They were very happy to see my work that i presented and wanted to see more but i only had two hands i could carry stuff with.
All in all it was a great weekend to spend time with kids. Also still made it to the Saturday Sketch Session with the guys although i was late. We did some activities where people drew different parts of the body but without seeing each others parts. It was very entertaining what we ended up with. There were two friends that were really interested in finally making some comic books. I talked with them about doing something together so we finally agreed to do one and now I'm going through my files in Neo Gaia storylines that would fit their style of work. So far i have some plot lines i really like. So for this week i have a bunch of tasks that i'm afraid i might not get done. But still i can get some kind of plot line for them next week.
I also found out about this game engine program called Unity that is now free to have and use for indie development. So i downloaded it and had some ideas as to how i can use this to demonstrate more games coming out of StudioDYV. So i found the game idea i wanted to do in early last winter and decided to actually make it. My idea is to create a basic small game so that people can see something tangible when i say the project i want to be funded with grants. So i'm gonna make some contacts in making a game project with Mississauga and see if its possible or not. The demo project will take 2 months and will all be displayed in the forums of Ontario League of Artists. My idea was to make a game with Co-op students so they can get experience in making a video game. I know it sounds like its alot of work but i've scheduled it all to work out for the rest of the year. I've dropped alot of other projects i wanted to do so i can make room for this.
Also i have not given up on making Webcomics i just hope its not too late for the others to get into it. I'm almost done the Tattoo that i've been workin on for a friend and hopefully after that i can have some more room to work on website stuff.
Anyway alot of stuff i still gotta do as always ^^ Thank you Sheila for always checking out my blog altho i don't comment alot i always go to ur blog and see what you have been up to. Your work always inspires me ^^ Peace and Love guys!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heey i remember this blog!

Between work, the sites, and my commissions, i haven't been able to go back to this blog. Sry for not updating as much, but i have some stuff for you guys. Since it takes me 2hours to get to the Artschool i have so much time to Write and Draw in the bus. I have done alot of rough pages for comics which is so much fun. I have made some contacts with certain groups and guilds so some progress is being made with OLA. i try not to make a big deal with it for now so i don't jinx it ^^. I just need more people to want to use the forums more.
Anyway i am happy to be drawing so much and getting alot of things to do. Looks like there's a way for me to get noticed in the National Cartoonist Society so i gotta make a good impression. I am hoping to join alot of guilds and groups soon so i can talk to everyone about OLA and how i can make it better based on their experiences.

I am really glad that i can breath right now because in the last few weeks my family has been going through alot of hard stuff, and we can all finally help each other out. I really didn't wanna give up on OLA because it has given back to me alot of positive feeling that gives me a reason to move forward. The power of people just continues to fill my heart. With all the insane stuff that has happened all my life, i sometimes find it hard to believe that i'm here comfortably typing for my own blog. For the longest time i felt that my luck is always short and for 8 years after trying and trying to succeed i felt that i was a part of a joke. I always do this because after thinking that for a short period of time, i look around me and see all the things i am lucky to have. i mean its ridiculous how much computers i have and papers i can use, and artbooks i can look through. Anything i wanna learn is all up on the internet and it goes on and on. Life is definitely great! and i owe it all to my parents for bringing me to Canada.

I think i have dabbled into so many things that the issue usually is not if i can do it or not, but when can i do it. I thank you Internet! and Canada for giving me so much opportunity to do anything i want. PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

what have i been up to?

Well i've been super inspired with my art, but lately there's been alot of problems i'm facing. So i'm just trying to take it all one at a time and just pace myself. I've been working on a different comic with a totally diff format. I'm only gonna work on the first page so that it can be a preview of what i wanted to put out. Then ill be back on Charlie and finish up the Space Guitar site so we can finally put that out.
The OLA website right now is not getting alot of updates mainly because i only have two hands lol. I decided to work on my comics because i need to have something for next year and I don't intend on falling short of my goals. The site is kind of struggling with the will from people to say things and share their artwork in the forums. But that isn't something i should force on anyone, it should be natural.

For months now i try to pull back on talking too much or debating topics because i know how it always ends. And when i pull away from it i can see i'm always right lol. This has been going on since early this year actually. I usually get all riled up and stuff but things have been chilled and i try to approach everything with a more calmer than usual feel. It's funnie when you say you know it but when you've really hit a level of maturity its totally different. Anyway that's been on my mind since last year. I really hate debates and when people try to top each other because its so pointless. To me what really matters most is drawing, so i guess anything else is trivial bull. Anyway that's as much rant as i will get at tonight, cause i really haven't gotten that kind of stuff in awhile.

Looking back i've gone through so much, dealing with all kinds of companies, schools and so much stuff, i feel like i've really grown up, since Sheridan. And that was like 8 years ago! lol wow.

Before i go i just wanna say whats on my plate.
Charlie Comic
Page one of Moral Affairs
RockMiles Project (DYV thing)
OLA webcomics
NPCC concept design course
Tattoo Commission A day late.
Art work as a wedding present
and ARt Juried show submission (fail, on account of no money)

I think that's what i have so far but yeah anyway just gotta keep workin PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bus drawing

Drawing in the bus can be frustrating but if you change your attitude it could be tons of fun! XD

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ack more posting

i'm seriously blogged out so i'm just gonna post these and leave it at that. I've been blogging on diff sites so i'm kind of tired of typing lol

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

art dump of the day

So yeah i had to take a large Art dump.

Okay so yeah i stole that from another artist. but anyway i've been realizing myself through these strokes anyway. Me having fun drawing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bring in the faiyah!

I've been working on the Charlie comic because we have this challenge to finish 20 pages by next week or else we wear a dunce cap and put it up on all our avatars. Well its not like complete complete, not inked u kno. Anyway i was taking a break and just realized i should keep up those manga style sketches i've been doing and came up with this stuff. They're not perfect but i'm just happy i did something this fast lol on digital. Anyway just a little quick one peace and luv!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Paladin Update

So i have been working on this piece and i think its time to put up what i have so far. I'm now workin on the background because its pretty bland right now and i've pretty much finished the character anyway. For some of the OLA people they've already seen it in the forum, i just forgot to blog about it here. the part that's really getting me is the ship getting shot above. It's large enough that it needs the detail it deserves. So i think i'll be working on that next. PnL!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moral Affairs 2010

So I'm thinking after i made a volume of Charlie (which i am currently working on) i'm gonna push to make these guys. They're gonna appear once in Charlie then use that as a means to make a spin off for Wright and Wrong. These characters are my most favorite characters i've ever had the pleasure of conceiving. To me they are real people that i visit every now and then. I feel like they're mad at me cause i haven't hung out with them in a long time. They badly wanna go on adventures and i think i owe it to them. So they will be my next goal to get to.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weee more tonal XD

I couldn't help myself so before i go to sleep i'll put this up and just have it there.

Manga wannabe!

This one is drawn by Terry and i inked it and toned it.

Just playing with tones, i'm having alot of fun with it ^^. Don't mean to confuse you guys, the tones are done in photoshop, and its fairly easy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Art is fun!

Okay so i've been real busy with all the OLA stuff and the progress has been amazing. We went to the Fan Expo and met alot of people that registered to OLA and it was fantastic! We're growing strong baby!

Saw the Tron bike ^^ Pretty cool!

Helped a bit at the Heroes of the World Booth because that's how we roll. They had a really good Con this time and i believe its gonna get waaaaay bigger!

For the most part i was working for Genevieve all through out the Con. It was alot of fun and she did fairly well i'd say. She and I were drawing so much actually, it was fun to draw with her again like that.
So here are my last art dump! As you can see i've had some ideas but nothing to really commit on. Most of my latest projects are already on the go so i'm trying not to get into these characters lol.

This one really got to me hard. I really wanted to make a book with this style all the way but later on i was just thinking its not really something i would have fun with all the way through.

I will be posting more work next time and my latest progress with the PALADIN piece ^^ its been awhile but i've made alot of progress. I'll post it soon ^^ PEACE AND LUV!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My life's progress

Okay so this is a cut me wide open kind of post, where i put down what i've done so far. So right away i'll put down the bad parts; I've lost the artshow i was suppose to do. I am in a financial crisis with my family and me putting all my time in my projects i'm really dragging them down. Now its easy to say that i'm making alot of bad decisions but i'm taking a huge risk that i really feel is my only chance left to accomplish my goal. What i'm going through is the grinding out period where i have to put my work out there because for the past few years of my life i've just been promoting other artists and working on desk jobs. Working for a short period in the industry showed me that i hated working for someone else when i know i could do what they're doing.
Anyway on to the latest progress (which is alot). OLA is gaining more members every week, and our events are about to start in september. I've made a social networking website with OLA all by myself. And i'm just talking about the coding because for the most part spreading the word has been with the new found group i've been working with. Casey is our business man that can deal all sorts of stuff. German is our Marketing man that has alot of connections with getting the word out. Sonny is my brother and he's been working hard to promoting the site to the young artists in colleges. There are alot of other guys also involved in this and i am so lucky to have these awesome people. I've also lately done some freelance work and its actually not as bad as i remembered it. The school is also doing pretty well so i can't wait till it goes full swing and i'll be busy with so much things.
I'm trying to think if i've told you guys about OLA but i'll say it anyway. The Ontario League of Artist was a community group i've wanted to make for Ontario Canada. I've noticed that most of the groups created for arts are traditional groups that really don't care much for digital arts and all the new media artwork being produced out there. Most artists move out of this area to get more exposure. So what i've done is create a community where you can express yourself with no judgment with your work. What i'm proposing really is to close the gap between the old school and the new school. Maybe the traditional can see that most modern artists still do traditional. For the modern artists to get better chances to take more notes on traditional work. So basically its starting as an online Social Network but soon we will have events and activities and later a Store/Studio. Where people can have their local work be sold at "Artist Alley" and behind is us working on everything. We also want the store to be a chill out spot for people to draw and socialize. There will be a store for every city of Ontario so that we can help every artists in every city. There are alot of reasons for this movement to happen, our educational system doesn't have the full capacity to help young artists really feed their need to be a better artist. We want to take that burden because we're not bound by any curriculum that the board of education keeps the art classes in. Also the reason for having it strictly in Ontario is so that we can have full attention on all the young artists. We tend to think of the whole world right away and we end up casting a gigantic net that misses the small ones that really need the help. Our mandate is to Connect Learn and Celebrate, connect with other artists, Learn to be the best, and Celebrate art.

We already have a lot of members, and we've caught some attention in various places like the Living Arts Center, so i think we're heading the right direction. I hope you could take a gander at our website and let us know if you like what you see. If you aren't at Ontario Canada at all, we are creating alot of content involving arts, like art blogs from animation, comics, to illustration arts. We're also getting ready to launch a lot of webcomics and be printed by us too. So please keep an eye out on OLA. Just by visiting you can help us keep it going. ^^ PEACE AND LUV!!

Ontario League of Artists

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sketch Report

Here's some sketches i've done up lately on my new book. I'll save up things i wanna talk about for next time. I just wanna upload some images just so you guys can see what i've been up to. PnL!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Originally uploaded by madd_sketch
since i've been so busy in OLA and there's little to no traffic in dyv main site. I've decided i will just keep it clean and simple, and re-direct any lost souls to the 2 projects of dyv which is Hexabites and OLA XD

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oogle in Petes work

I was so in love with Peter's latest work that we talked about adding characters on it. This will be the first colab we've done in years lol, But it also sparked an idea to do a bunch of colab work with Me, Genevieve and Peter. Mark my words, i will make this happen!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Updates on some stuff

So i've been keeping myself happy with this back cover of the sketch book while i do client work on the side. I'm still trying to get back into finishing the last art pieces i've started and hopefully using them to get art work type jobs. I'm a little afraid that people see me with only this way of style so i'm hoping to finish it so i can create more of my other ideas and style. I really just have this compulsion with wingz and my machine parts. One day when i have the resources i will summon my good friend to help me make an installation of the Wingz, but one that will stay on forever. I've also had this curiosity with boxes lately, i've actually had this obsession with boxes before. one time i was in Solutions and i saw an isle with full of storage boxes, you know those small ones like you put cue cards in them to store. On the front it would have a metal slot that you can put a label on it... When i saw them there were tons just all on the shelves and i just imagined a studio filled with these boxes, and i kept thinkin of what would be in those boxes lol. I looked at the price and it cost 9 bucks just for one. I thought i could make that! So i looked through my stash of stuff and i found tons and i mean tons of Bristol board. I also had alot of illustration board that i wasn't using anymore. So i decided to make a test box and see whats a comfortable size that i would like. Then i saw on a design website a shelf made out of squares so you can take it a part and make your shelf how ever size you want it. So i decided to make a Manga shelf lol. basically i didn't exactly do both, but i made a box with no lid on it haha. I'm thinkin either to make the shelf or make the lid box, hopefully something will spark in my brain ^^.
Anyway i'm really stoked with this back cover because of its symmetry, but its not perfect at all. Still from an initial stand point, it looks symmetrical, its later when you stare closer that its all wrong lol. Just having fun with it is all i really care about. This book is really just for myself, so that way i can work on stuff staying happy =) Till next time folks PEACE and LUV!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


imgprsimage copy
Originally uploaded by madd_sketch
This is something we're working on to support the prints coming out of OLA. So there will be our own publishing department, XD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Being an Artist

So I kinda wanted to write about being an artists, and what i feel what we are. In my early years all I've really done was draw and draw. I loved art every since i was 8 when i saw my brother trying to draw Spider man. I realized that's all i wanted to do, and that's pretty much all I've done. All those times I've been sure about what art means to me. It kept me alive from all the things happening around me. I mean living through Philippines and handling the culture shock (moving to Canada), art was the only thing consistent in my life. It definitely stopped me from going crazy lol.
Being in the OLA Sketch Sessions I realized how mature I've gotten with my art and how i looked at life. I've always looked at the over all experience of life and how others live through it and how their judgments are influenced by their environment since their birth. Now a days when someone young talks to me about art i just feel like their attitudes will change once they get older. I usually get caught in the discussions about our beliefs and some artists get a little strong and i get stronger with my point. Now a days i have like this imaginary me that just pulls me out of myself and says "hey, your about to do it again." I don't like these confrontations because it never goes anywhere. And I'm gonna be open about this but i really get this adrenalin that you get when your about to get in fights when I'm in these conversations. As if it goes bad I'm ready to fight, and i seriously hate this feeling. So i just say to myself they'll see it when they're older. Don't worry i haven't been in a fight for like a looong time. And i usually get riled up when a cocky person or someone is testing me so its not like i pick fights with people. I hate social violence, but its like there's something in my blood that is naturally triggered when it comes to anger lol.
My point of view in art is that, we're not saving the world, we're just making artwork. So i don't kid myself by making political pieces or conscious work because most of the people that need to see that don't see it. And words don't get things done, actions always does. That's how i was raised and when a problem is there, you solve it yourself. I'm not dissing anyone's work, I'm just reflecting with the experiences I've had when i was a kid growing up in the Philippines.
For me my work is a window in another world that you can get lost in. It's something you can enjoy and not make you sad. I'd prefer to take you somewhere than tell you something you already know. Alot of random people like to tell me stuff that I already know and I'm older than them lol. I try not to open up to those people because if they find out who i really am, they wouldn't know what to say. I would say my life has been unique and I've seen and experienced messed up things. My Family went through tough times, but we were together every step of the way. If i didn't have my Family and Art, i wouldn't know what I'd be now. When i meet people sometimes they feel like they have to top what i say and i try to break the chain but i get caught in it most of the time. I hate it because i don't wanna prove anything to anyone. I just wanna draw... So for you new kids out there proving yourself through art, keep doing it but be excited about other artists, because they're not your competition, they're your friend.

OLA news we're lining up some Events in September and we're gonna be advocating through the Expo in late august! The comics will be announced Tuesday and hopefully will be ready in a couple of weeks before the convention. The 2 events that will happen in September are the Subspace Cinema Festival which is a film fest of great inspirational movies and artwork to check out. The second one is 200A Dsquared, which is 200 artists in dundas square toronto drawing frozen flash mob people ^^. It's actually pretty hard to set up the clothes they're gonna wear cause we need a ton of OLA t-shirts for them to wear. I can't wait cause both these events are gonna be super exciting. I'll have a video coverage of this when it happens so the youtubers see it. That's all for now PEACE AND LUV!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Back Cover! RIP Cory

So I really wanted a cool piece on this book somehow so i decided to put all the crazy stuff on the back of the box. Both the front and back of the actual cover has artwork too but the back box is a little different. I'm trying to make the wings symmetrical but i think i'll definitely give up when i do my tech designs on it lol.

I'm still at the same time working on OLA business because there's like constant work that it needs to go through (gosh i wish someone can help me code >.<). But i am happy with its progress, and the people i'm working with to make this dream come true are like just amazing people. We're trying to do a OLAtv that helps promote people's upcoming projects and work they're putting up. We're basically building a site full of content that you can gain from. And when i'm happy with it, everyone will have a better chance in Ontario Canada to be a respectable artist. The idea that when you work hard, it pays off, is the thought i want from every artist.
As for me, i know i've been on a tangent on my situation but i'm working towards pushing for everything to work out. This book definitely got my frustration out and now everytime i look at the book i get all happy XD.

I wanna say Rest In Peace Cory Aquino. I wanna say something really great about her but what's great about her is that everyone has already said everything that needs to be said about her. I knew of her when i was a little boy in the Philippines, my Mom favoured her and supported her to be the President. I was taught early what her Husband did and all the horrors he went through. And also his assassination, but what she represented in our country was something i never forgot. i think that idea has been lost in our country and i could go into it but talk isnt' gonna change things, because actions speak louder than words. I don't get star struck i don't cry over people's deaths, but for me i feel the loss because of that connection she represented. Its like having this amazing Aunty and you never got to say good bye. Thank you President Aquino, for instilling goodness to our country.

Peace and Luv everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My sketchBOOK

Okay i've been working on this book for a bit now, and i can't seem to stop workin on it. Now its not your actual way of making a book. But for me when i make my book i like it to have this ridiculous spine, so i use a Chicago Screw. I always use it because i just love installing it. My current problem is that i need a third screw in the middle because the dang thing is so big lol.
I decided to make the book one day because i was thinking about my work and how it all seems to just stay in my room. I wanted to have all this work out and i felt like right now my work is decaying. Its gonna die in this enclosed room and be gone forever. So i decided to have like a book dedication to the work that i believe in. So this book isn't just a sketchbook, its gonna have 400 pages of my styles, and mostly my ideas and random thoughts. Which is basically my work that's put in an artistic context. I'm pretty sure i'm never parting with this book because unlike my work i'm doing this just for me, unless i'm presented with 10millie XD. Now I don't mean that i make my work for money, that's not the case at all, i just feel that this book is more personal than i usually do. I was so into this book that i made a slip cover for it and now i'm finding myself drawing the slip cover and then the actual cover XD. I'm doing more work on the covers than the inside lol

Anyway i also test printed the second chapter of Charlie cause i was trying to get the layouts right. Hopefully i can figure out all the logistics i need to print it massively. That's all i have i guess, i'm just trying to keep busy with OLA and finding another way to do my art show because its this thing left hanging and i just need to do it somehow.

Anyway that's all i can think of right now so PEACE AND LUV!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cover so far

Originally uploaded by madd_sketch
So i'm workin on the cover of this sketchbook and i'm luving it XD lol i'm having so much fun with it.