Taking it one day at a time.

Yeah i have been too all over the place to post a blog about what i've been doing. I have though been getting alot of drawing done which i will post tomorrow when i wake up. My best friend is leaving for Taiwan which makes me super sad, i'm trying to be extra busy so i don't think about it for too long. But that's not hard to do because there is a million things to do. I have been getting emails about artwork submissions all over the place which i am excited for so i'm preparing for that. I am also trying to find sometime to make new art because i'm due for another huge piece lol. I've also joined an Anthology book organized by a great artist named German Shible. That's not exactly all i'm working on but its just alot of stuff that might be boring. I am able to do everything no problem because of the Google Calendar which helps me map everything i do every day and every hour. I barely have any time in between to even chill, so sometimes i back everything up just so i can watch Community and Supernatural XD yes i actually watch tv haha. And yeah everything that we have been working on is still happening but its now getting bigger in scope, which means it will take a long grinding period.
Oh another thing i was taking in consideration was making sketchbooks for anyone that wants to buy. So i've been planning it out in my head and i think it can work. I'm thinking of taking awhole weekend to do a lot of it and then just carry it with me if someone wants to buy one, like a dealer, just kidding i know that's not exactly how it works. Anyway i just luv making packaging and binding books i wanna see if i can make one that's cheap, good sizes, and cool looking. Well i'll post again tmw to show my latest stuff. Peace and Luv!


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