Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taking it one day at a time.

Yeah i have been too all over the place to post a blog about what i've been doing. I have though been getting alot of drawing done which i will post tomorrow when i wake up. My best friend is leaving for Taiwan which makes me super sad, i'm trying to be extra busy so i don't think about it for too long. But that's not hard to do because there is a million things to do. I have been getting emails about artwork submissions all over the place which i am excited for so i'm preparing for that. I am also trying to find sometime to make new art because i'm due for another huge piece lol. I've also joined an Anthology book organized by a great artist named German Shible. That's not exactly all i'm working on but its just alot of stuff that might be boring. I am able to do everything no problem because of the Google Calendar which helps me map everything i do every day and every hour. I barely have any time in between to even chill, so sometimes i back everything up just so i can watch Community and Supernatural XD yes i actually watch tv haha. And yeah everything that we have been working on is still happening but its now getting bigger in scope, which means it will take a long grinding period.
Oh another thing i was taking in consideration was making sketchbooks for anyone that wants to buy. So i've been planning it out in my head and i think it can work. I'm thinking of taking awhole weekend to do a lot of it and then just carry it with me if someone wants to buy one, like a dealer, just kidding i know that's not exactly how it works. Anyway i just luv making packaging and binding books i wanna see if i can make one that's cheap, good sizes, and cool looking. Well i'll post again tmw to show my latest stuff. Peace and Luv!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Being a Teacher

I think there's something about passing on your knowledge to younger artists is one of the greatest ways to feel accomplished. I was guest teaching today at Neilson Park Creative Center and I was so happy to see such happy students to have me there and talk about arts. I also had one on saturday and it was about character drawing, but today was layouts and talking about perspectives. John Wood was such an amazing person to have me at the class, he was so grateful for me to be there. Having to be the one that bridge the gap between the age of the teacher and the students. I was able to help them understand the importance of foundation arts to 3D animation and Video Games. They were very happy to see my work that i presented and wanted to see more but i only had two hands i could carry stuff with.
All in all it was a great weekend to spend time with kids. Also still made it to the Saturday Sketch Session with the guys although i was late. We did some activities where people drew different parts of the body but without seeing each others parts. It was very entertaining what we ended up with. There were two friends that were really interested in finally making some comic books. I talked with them about doing something together so we finally agreed to do one and now I'm going through my files in Neo Gaia storylines that would fit their style of work. So far i have some plot lines i really like. So for this week i have a bunch of tasks that i'm afraid i might not get done. But still i can get some kind of plot line for them next week.
I also found out about this game engine program called Unity that is now free to have and use for indie development. So i downloaded it and had some ideas as to how i can use this to demonstrate more games coming out of StudioDYV. So i found the game idea i wanted to do in early last winter and decided to actually make it. My idea is to create a basic small game so that people can see something tangible when i say the project i want to be funded with grants. So i'm gonna make some contacts in making a game project with Mississauga and see if its possible or not. The demo project will take 2 months and will all be displayed in the forums of Ontario League of Artists. My idea was to make a game with Co-op students so they can get experience in making a video game. I know it sounds like its alot of work but i've scheduled it all to work out for the rest of the year. I've dropped alot of other projects i wanted to do so i can make room for this.
Also i have not given up on making Webcomics i just hope its not too late for the others to get into it. I'm almost done the Tattoo that i've been workin on for a friend and hopefully after that i can have some more room to work on website stuff.
Anyway alot of stuff i still gotta do as always ^^ Thank you Sheila for always checking out my blog altho i don't comment alot i always go to ur blog and see what you have been up to. Your work always inspires me ^^ Peace and Love guys!!