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Say hi to Charlie


The Metatron!

Merry Christmas to everyone

Meeeep still Sick @_@

Alchemy is freakin awsome!

Madd Box Set

Ooglemen Invasion! @_@

New piece coming up soon.

Ugh beeig sick @_@

Final day of the Wingz Project

Day4 of the Wingz Project

Day3 of the Wingz Project

Day2 of the Wingz Project

Okay i need to show y i haven't updated lol

Ugh no posting in awhile


Slowly but surely

Drawing sometimes is tough


@_@ nothin to really talk about.

Gears of War 2 has come out!

I am finally done my online portfolio

My city render

My Idea of Style

Well what did I do tonight

My thoughts before i sleep

Hotrod Vid

Hotrod baby!!

Trying to Move