Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Say hi to Charlie

This is Charlie, he is a super hero.

Well he draws comics actually and suddenly his luck runs out and he gets laid off. He finds a Cape and then his adventures begin. He warps to the "future" and goes on crazy situations trying to go home.

I've finished the first draft and i'm doing revisions, hoping it gets done by the end of this week. I can't wait for you all to see it! XD I'm not exactly sure what to call it, but i'm leaning towards, Charlie's Chronicles. I dunno lol

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I have finally came up with a way to tell a story of the world i have been creating (with the help of my friends and brothers) for 8years. I couldn't stop doodling panels and character sketches. This is gonna be really tough, but i think with my new methods of working. I will definitely make this comic a really good one. It will relate itself, to the Wingz Series, Gero World, Neo Earth, and everything else i will be making. I think it somehow relates itself to everything but Exabites, lol. I would scan a character sketch, but its 2am and i'm really tired so i'll just do it the first thing tmw.

It was funnie cause i was just sitting today thinking of a comic i really wanted to do. I have been thinking of another one that was basically a character in Gero World and how he kicks ass and stuff. But i couldn't get myself to do it, i just didn't wanna draw it lol. So i didn't wanna force myself and just searched for something that really makes me want to draw it. Hopefully this is the one i've been wanting to draw for years. And I hope everyone will like it ^_^ I wont spoil any details because i feel that it might jinx it. So i will be finishing the 6-7 pages and posting it somehow, i will let you all know.

I plan on putting it out for free online, as content to keep the site going, but i will also be making a comic book paper back type of book on sale at lulu.com. I hope i can pull this off on top of all the other stuff but i think this is what i've needed to give me a reason to make all the artpieces and merchandise.

Thnx for the new people that are following me, and that are reading this blog, its really helping me so much to keep going. It makes me so happy that my work is going towards somewhere. I promise to have more artwork now comic soon, i will be busy this week thats for sure, LUV AND PEACE EVERYONE! HAVE A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!

The Metatron!

So i have to confess to the world, turns out my brother is an angel. Maybe that's y i keep drawing angels. Haha, i was really bored and was looking for something to doodle or make some thumbnails lol. And i stumbled on this photograph sonny did and i thought it would be cool to put wings on him. lol this is the original photograph The photographer is by Christopher James Cater, good kid.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone

I really don't have much to do this Christmas, but basically I'm taking this day to be fully rested and prepare myself for the next busy days of my life. I didn't really get anything this Christmas, and this is actually something I've wanted to have for a while now. I kind of just get lost in all of it every year and be greedy to have something or something like that. But this year our family is going through a rough time, and me too. You can't help but realize everything around you, when you don't have to think about all the Christmas things you usually do. How fortunate you are to have everything and everyone around you.
My dad was talking about his life back then when he was young, and how crazy it was, and how halarious it also was. I looked at my brothers and just saw everything. My dad after all these years still ask me if i wanted anything for Christmas and i couldn't even hesitate to think. I thought, nothing, I have everything I've really wanted. None of my brothers are gone, my parents are still here. Even with the bad times, and bad memories, i have alot of great funny memories. I have lead a great life and i'm only 27. I think its nice to really take a deep breath and say I am happy. Because essentially thats what we all want, to be happy. Not to be rich, or be amazing, but because all of that makes you happy. But happiness can be easily gained by just changing your perspective.
I'm not saying to get rid of your hopes and dreams, but to take the time to be happy everynow and then. Its not as hard as we all want it to be. I joked to my mom and said if i could make that gigantic art piece i've been imagining for months, i'll be happy. I don't mean to sound preachy and all but the only thing i'd like to tell people more is to find something that makes you happy, even only for a few minutes, because everyone tends to get too tangled in life. If you can just add a little happyness in between those moments, i think it will count. Merry Christmas everyone I truly luv every single person i have ever met in my life ^_^ PEACE&LUV

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meeeep still Sick @_@

Meep Meep, still sick, but i'm pushing myself to get better. I had like a really bad sleep last night so i'm thinkin that was the climax of the ill show and i'll be seeing the conclusion soon. My body still feels weak but i'm getting better. you know whats funnie, hyped up music gets my body to feel better, i luv it.

This by the way is an old picture, i figured i can stall you all with an oldie but goodie. Once i can keep my arms up for more than an hour i'm gonna start knockin out the drawings. I can't wait lol ^_^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alchemy is freakin awsome!

This is now my new favourite program. Its free so u basically download it and run the exe file. Its got alot of features that no digital painting program has, it does the normal stuff. But this program is mainly for conceptual stages. If you wanna know more about this program check out the website and see for yourself.
I basically have been staying up late playing with this freakin program and have been obsessed with it.
Here are some of the things i've done with it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Madd Box Set

So heres the thing, I wanna make a box set for both series. The Wingz and Gero World, I wanted to make a series of pocket books with sketches, how i go through the ideas, and some concepts with what i'm going to do next. I'm also gonna put a small artbook inside it so it will be packed of stuff. I'm only gonna do this once for now and see where it goes from there. Ill think of the price because i gotta consider how much time i'm putting in it. This will also be in the artshow. I believe we're bumping it to June now so i'll have more time. yay peace out people and enjoy the pics.

Ooglemen Invasion! @_@

Okay so there are two things i luv to draw now, Wingz and Oogleman. This was a drawing i have been trying to finish since July, and got distracted with so much other stuff that i completely left this alone for sooooo long. Because lately I have been lookin at alot of my old sketches and ideas and finishing them off. I decided to finish this one too before it gets into the years like the Wingz gurl. So for this one I will be doing the shades and colors too. Oh and i'm going to add Yima the sungod there, cause... its day time...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New piece coming up soon.

Well i've been doing some "spring" cleaning, meaning i've been goin through my unfinished pieces and finishing them up so that i can have more ideas on my plate. I am planning on starting a comic book, called Armored Starr. and hopefully this can go somewhere because alot of my big ideas always gets stalled at some point. So this is gonna be one of my new practices to get me to keep drawing. I am still working on the trailer for Moral Affairs so in order for me to keep drawing i have to keep doing the art pieces, the Trailer, the comic, and the designs for the online shop. I need to have more stuff so that people would have a reason to support me. I will be setting up a donation paypal thingie soon so i hope people will support and i will feed the kiddies with goodies ^_^ peace out!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugh beeig sick @_@

I hate being sick. I don't get it alot but this time it just hit me when i woke up one day. I tried to draw all day long but my head just had the worst headache. I never got any designs or drawings done but i at least put my pen on some papers so i tired lol. I haven't updated alot lately but i've been meaning to show my latest piece i'm working on. So i will be posting more stuff, and actually i was wondering if anyone would like to see a series of close-ups of the Wingz piece for the next couple of days. I guess i'll be doing that to stall lol... peace out!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final day of the Wingz Project

I meant to upload this yesterday but i really did this till the last hour.
I have a bout 2 other pieces i wanna finish and then move on to the 3 planned pieces. Hopefully this will be enough for the show.

And i'm also looking for suggestions in terms of what you would like to buy. i will be re-setting up my Zazzle shop. And also setting up a Limited Edition Series posted by me personally in my paypal. I will ship it and everything. I'm trying to make a whole package so it will look so cool you wouldn't wanna throw away the box it comes with. My next Goal is to make an awsome Hooded Sweater that compare to designer ones. llb[-_-]

Untill Then peoples I will let you know when i set up the Limited Prints of this Latest Piece. PEACE AND LUV

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day4 of the Wingz Project

Okay so I'm kinda running late with this piece but i swear it's just one more day. I can't stay up because i have to drive some one and buy a few things so this needs more time. Hey its not like people are waiting to buy this freakin thing lol

Friday, December 5, 2008

Okay i need to show y i haven't updated lol

So this is basically what i have been workin on.

I figured instead of conforming to the "Artsy fartsy" people i will do wat i usually do. Lots and lots of line work, muhahahhahaahaha!!

I am also learning some Actioscript so i can finish off some of the complex web stuff i've been planning for the main sites.

I have also been workin on a trailer called "Moral Affairs" the scheme is that i will make a lot of trailers in hopes that one looks really good and someone will invest to get it fully made hehe thats all for now people hopefully the next one will show a finished piece muahaha

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ugh no posting in awhile

Well I have been struggling with my plans to get everything started. But this time i'm not gonna give up. I haven't been updating because of the amount of work i have to do and the research i have to go through. Progress is happening but every time i get farther i keep slowing down. I just need to push harder... So anyways i'll update better next time i promise... peace and unity everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So its been awhile since i've posted something so i figured i'll talk about what i'm workin on right now. I have been in a rut after workin on some commission work, trying to go back to my personal projects. After workin on some 3d stuff, 2d stuff, and web coding stuff. I have been a little blank when it comes to staring at the flash program. This is one of my problem, i know so much graphics programs that i start to forget how to approach a program i haven't touched in 3months. So the two things i have not been using is after effects and flash. So towards the end of this month and December i will be incorporating those two programs in my tasks so that i can exercise them.

For the flash i have some stuff online that needs to have interactive slides like headlines or advertising some of the other sites like exabites and stuff. For after effects i came up with this trailer when i was moving stuff out of my apartment. I thought of doing a trailer of a story that has been in my head for years. But instead of using that story i came up with a new story that leads up to the story i was thinking of ^_^ (i have alot of stories). The only thing about this story is that alot of it is mostly cliche. My purpose for this trailer is to get my juices flowing in editing, audio stuff, and compositing. Plus a trailer is only up to a minute long so its not that hard to do that many shots in a minute. Oh yeah one thing about me is that i love Noir shootem up films.

The Story is called "Cold" and its about a man who is suppose to be dead. He was killed in cold blood, but for some spiritual reason he lives. Now they call him Cold because its like he's still dead, inside. He goes around looking for the people that killed him and took "everything", while killing everyone that was connected to it as well. This is like after watching, Man on Fire, Max Payne, Leon, Payback, and Lucky Number Slevin. This is like a small part of the world that i created where all my freaks run-a-muck. Back to the story, he meets a kid that finds him interesting because of his unique personality, and thus balancing his characteristic and the kids uppy personality. The kid gets taken away and but he also now knows who is doing all of this and is after them. The last part of the trailer is basically him shooting everyone up, lol. But i want the last part to have a crazy "reaching" moment where its in slow motion and he's trying to grab the kids hand. Something like that, lol the story might change if i could make it more complicated. The only problem i am facing is how to put all the complications of the story within a minute.
Well right now i'm making the storyboard and i finished the shot list break down so i can just start boarding them up. And hopefully i can finish a whole trailer within a week. That would be something, huh?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Slowly but surely

Some small slow improvements have been happening for me. But i still have the problem of getting a new job to keep me stable. So I move on and keep applying. I guess now i can get back to the Wingz project and push it forward. It's my Good friend's birthday on in a couple of hours and I am so excited for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN! I don't think she reads this yet but its okay, I'm just throwing it out there in the universe.
I have done some robot sketches for the league and they're lookin pretty good. I had a sketch session with my brother and we were pretty happy. Its like taking a breath of fresh air for us when we got to a coffee shop and just draw.
Lately I've been feeling more stress but my exercise is just to be happy and laugh. It works a lot actually and i advice people to do it as much as possible. Just that sometimes people think I'm immature, I'm just trying to avoid a heart attack ^_^. So now i have to re-arrange my focus to what is important right now. That way my goal will be set and I'll be moving faster. This is probably just another blah blah blah Aaron kind of blog and i apologize but I'm just trying to get it out of the way. More progress for sure will appear to you all soon...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drawing sometimes is tough

You know when you've drawing something a lot for years that its pretty much ordinary to you? Except when someone makes it some what official that you have to draw something you always draw everyday, you now have this feeling that you have to make the most amazing one of them all? With the League, our latest challenge theme is Robots. I love drawing robots all the time, its the most fun thing for me to draw. But here's the thing, I always draw them the same. A lot of times when i do something, get used to doing it and i try to make it a normal protocol. But when your drawing something you need to keep it fresh, and add something new. Not for the people looking at it. It's for you, because other wise you will be bored. I try to change it up a lot and it puts me somewhere else completely different but i feel that i'm just covering more ground. I wanna keep exploring what else i can draw. So now i am at a stand still with my paper, because i wanna create something quite different. And again, if you think of the audience, your just trying to fit in. Because i noticed alot of artists that were successful and fulfilled, were people who did what made them feel great. So i have been trying out different things trying to find a pencil stroke that will make me happy more than anything. So hopefully now i can draw that robot i've been wanting to come out for days now lol luv and peace all!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I haven't posted any blogs lately because of some work load i have faced with. I am doing some patent drawings for a client and if i get this done fast i could get some more work coming my way. I am also doing some designs for his new bike that he's putting up for a biker build off challenge. So i have to get that done soon too, eep so much work all the sudden. I still need to push my portfolio to studios, cause i really wanna do that.

For now i will see where these drawing for other people are gonna take me. I love bikes anyway so hopefully i get to do my weird and crazy out of this world designs ^_^. The one i'm doing looks really really cool, its got a bit of a steampunk look to it, with alot more joints stuff its my kind of design lol. I'll show you guys when i'm allowed to lol

Friday, November 7, 2008

@_@ nothin to really talk about.

I'm trying to think about what to talk about for this day's blog. But so far I really didn't have anything crazy to bring up. I did have some fun things happen today but some things i still need to do in terms of the websites.

I got a call from a client from before that i haven't contacted about a bike design. It turns out he wants more of a refined "patent" style drawing. So I'm meeting with the man again to finish up our deal and stuff. He's a great man that runs a company working with all kinds of things with metal. So obviously I started thinking about what can i do with metal lol.

I have been thinking about what i would like to do with my wings pieces and I've come up with a bunch of things that I will be working on for a spring art show. My best friend (I just like to call her that but she's kinda like my sister) told me of a space for an art show that charges 400 a month so we're pretty set for the space. The plan is to prepare for spring so we have a lot to do till then. The only artsy thing that i usually work with is the wings series. So i have decided to make large scale art pieces of the wings. I even thought of having them so large that u can stand in front of them so it looks like you have wings lol. I also wanted to somewhat sculpt some of them so it just looks like its real. If it doesn't sell at all i will be setting up my online shop so that anyone via paypal can buy them. I'd like to get some feed back as to what kinds of things would people like for me to make so that I can have a plan as to what sells well.

Anyway that is what has been on my mind right now. I am working on a page site for the Wingz Series, so that people can see what its about. I hope i can really pull this off 'cause the wings series has been my favourite thing to make lol

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gears of War 2 has come out!

Well i don't have a 360 but my friend did and I didn't even know about it coming out at midnight. So since me and him were in downtown he just thought "u wanna line up for gears of war 2 at midnite?". I took a long pause and just said "yeah why not" lol. We spent about 5hours killing time just walking around sketching at diff places, and had some Pho at china town. Then we lined up to get the game. The funnie part is that I was with him when he went to get it and they gave me a T-Shirt just because i was there lol. I didn't even buy it and they gave me stuff lol We went to his place and checked out the first sequence of the game. Needless to say I wasn't super ecstatic about the game. I did like the game's look and the story and all, but i've never really been too excited about games so much. But i still have to say the game looks fantastic cause i luv rusty old lookin stuff. Anyway great job by epic, I just can't wait for their artbook thats where its at.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am finally done my online portfolio

Well I don't believe it will be completely done, ever. I'm still workin on 2 more scenes, some characters and try some compositing stuff. But for now i hope someone actually likes that portfolio cause its my work spanning like 8years lol. I definitely have alot more artwork that i wanna post up so that will also come soon.
I have had this new addiction to do huge huge pieces and when i finish my first one i will definitely post them up. And if your a small time game company reading this... PLEASE give me a job!!

My Portfolio

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My city render

City Render from aarong ong on Vimeo.

Just finished doing a basic composite for this street scene. I'm going to put up high detailed screen shots cause this video doesn't really show the detail at all.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Idea of Style

The way I feel about style is like having a kid. At the beggining you are just happy that you have one and you just wanna keep playing with it. Alot of people when they start off with their styles they don't know they have one yet. Until they start understanding the differences between artists and how they approach a paper. I used to be so stunned to see a wicked artist go through a blank page so fast, and at the end they have batman's face in 2 or 3 mins. For experienced artist that's how they are suppose to draw when you are bored. So when you see someone that amazes you, you start drawing like they do, hoping that you will feel the way they feel when they draw. The difference is, you didn't start off the way he/she started drawing. So how you have started, affects the way you are trying to copy their style. Basically you are mashing your personality to their personality. In hopes of finding yourself, but some times people love other people's work so much. That their work starts to look a like.

When I started off I wanted to know how people draw in Uncanny X-Men comics. I wanted to understand how they made those strokes and why they made those strokes. As I grew up I was lucky enough to be appart of the Internets revolution that when I was in high school, there was this thing that I called Online Artists. It was very small time but alot of kids like me knew how to code in html and love to draw. Combining the two to make a website to showcase their online comics and their artwork. Everyone started to link up and create webrings to unite each other. Within all this I saw the types of styles that people are evolving into. I started becoming a "Jim Lee Clone" for years, then saw someone that drew completely different. Joe Mad was this awsome artist that got huge when he started penciliing for Spiderman then Uncanny Xmen. I then fell in love with how he made panels so dynamic and expressive. His style was a mix of western style comic book, and an influence of Japanese Manga style. I wanted to know how that felt like to draw something that huge feeling. I thought that if I drew like that I too would feel great. I wanted to know more about him and how he approaches his work and found out that he used to be a "Jim Lee Clone" too. I felt kind of happy because I thought that maybe I'm finally doing something right.

When I went through college I learned more about style and myself. I noticed people's personality shows so much when you watch them draw. Weather they're impatient, or if they take their time to draw every bit of detail in a robot. Some people when they draw their characters a tad chubby, they're kind of chubby themselves. And that most artist know how to draw themselves no problem. I realized that for me, all i realy wanted to do was keep exploring how to make different strokes and different styles. I fell in love with styles and trying out so many different styles. Because of this I feel that I don't know who I really am. You can kind of say that I had multiple personalities when it comes to drawing. I even felt like I had to keep up with them and raise each style's "experience points". This to me isnt' exactly a bad thing, but I really should at least go back to my original style and give it my main focus.

Back to the topic, Style to me is basically your personality on paper. Everytime you draw your thought affects how you are going to make this piece, you are putting a piece of you on paper. Same as how you speak to people and how you treat people. How you treat your paper says alot about yourself. It tells your story as to who you were inspired by and with that tells you the kind of stuff you are into. One of my favourite thing to see are sketches because it's raw and un-edited. With it you can read a person's mind and how he/she approaches everything.

You possibly have you own entire approach as to what style is to you so I would love to hear it. If you would like to share them just drop me a line on the comments and Lets all talk about it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well what did I do tonight

I'm wondering maybe why most of my posts are happening at night. Well maybe its because i am usually busy during the day but today was my chill moment where we just watched alot of tv and relax for once. I have applied to a company in Ireland and hopefully i can get some feed back on my resume and portfolio. I don't expect to get hired right away but i just need to get some info on my portfolio. I am really hoping to get starting on the Series pages where I can finally have fun with my artpieces and learn more about my styles.

I have started to count my blessings lately and realizing more that despite all the garbage I have been dealing with and disappointments I have dealt with. I have lived a pretty good life, that's not to say that i should just pack it up now and close the doors or something. But I have also realized all the great things I could look forward to because life can really show you that even if u have things to deal with it doesn't mean that you can't do anything anymore. I find that most of the time, the ones that succeed in life are the ones that went through so much perils in their life. I wouldn't wanna nail to it that it's karma, its jesus or anything. Because I would like to think that its as simple as saying that is life. Life is about being open and creative, weather that is through arts, or business, or especially relationships.

I am the type of person that always needs to be reminded, so i write this in hopes of helping me remember that life doesn't always have to feel hard and bad. It's all in the mind, and when you are worried about something, it always helps to take a deep breath and smile. peace out people, next time i'll write and post actual sketch stuff.

Friday, October 31, 2008

My thoughts before i sleep

I used to do this when I was in college back when blogger.com was still new. I feel like I was an old man saying "back in my days", anyway it helped me a lot. In terms of getting my thoughts collected. Today I finally got my goal board back up facing me in front of my desk. Its temporary where its placed but this room is just temporary. I have been trying to keep up with all the blogs, the sites, and the portfolio that i was getting lost in what my goal after all this was. So for the Goal Board I have the plans of my needs and wants. And the best part about this is that i actually do them as long as i'm staring at them.

To recap whats happening, i'm starting all over again by applying to a brand new job and build a game with a friend on the side until it creates buzz and it brings in profit on its own. That's all i will talk about on that part for now until things solidify. So in the mean time I'm excited with the possibilities of my new experiences and new ideas that has been asking to be written down from my head.

I also plan on archiving my ideas in an application that my friends and I are gonna come up with. I wanted one for the internet (for the people) and one for the StudioDYV people. Theres alot of sensitive information that i wanna keep away from the people cause it will obviously spoil the future cartoons and games.

My personal exercise in trying to be positive within is hard but making alot of progress. I am more productive and I laugh alot even tho i could be worried or sad about something. The only thing i have a problem with is when i see a couple lol but that's not something i wanna talk about here lol I know this is too open to talk about but damnit I know right now the people that might be looking at this, is a friend or family and They already know whats going on. So until next time peace out homey G!

Hotrod Vid

HotRod from aarong ong on Vimeo.

Here is my updated video render of the car. It took the comp 5hours to render this, good thing i have 2 more other computers to use, so i can keep working.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hotrod baby!!

Haha I found my car! I have been looking for this 3d file for months now.

I'm gonna try to finish this once and for all cause its been a year or so lol. It takes longer and longer cause i kept getting car designers telling me to change parts here and there so I kept changing stuff.

Trying to Move

Well I'm just about to get the whole paper work things settled with the new room mate and the landlord. New Room-mate as in not mine but the one whose replacing me. I'm going to stay with my family for awhile until i find a new place to live at. I have a friend that was offering her place for awhile but I need a place I can stay for a couple of years not months. But who knows I like to keep my options open cause life tends to throw you in many directions. You think you know the road you're on and you notice you're on the wrong interstate and you still have to pay the toll. Anyway I still keep my head up even tho i have a ton of things and so little time to do it all. Still get excited about drawing and thank god i still have that attitude otherwise what else is there to look forward to. I will have some new art works to put up but i'm going to put some of them up on our art group The League of Creations. On that site we'll be doing alot of challenges to keep us drawing. Anyway gotta finish my day off with paper works peace out!


Me post on me own blog now. Victory is mine!!!