Slowly but surely

Some small slow improvements have been happening for me. But i still have the problem of getting a new job to keep me stable. So I move on and keep applying. I guess now i can get back to the Wingz project and push it forward. It's my Good friend's birthday on in a couple of hours and I am so excited for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN! I don't think she reads this yet but its okay, I'm just throwing it out there in the universe.
I have done some robot sketches for the league and they're lookin pretty good. I had a sketch session with my brother and we were pretty happy. Its like taking a breath of fresh air for us when we got to a coffee shop and just draw.
Lately I've been feeling more stress but my exercise is just to be happy and laugh. It works a lot actually and i advice people to do it as much as possible. Just that sometimes people think I'm immature, I'm just trying to avoid a heart attack ^_^. So now i have to re-arrange my focus to what is important right now. That way my goal will be set and I'll be moving faster. This is probably just another blah blah blah Aaron kind of blog and i apologize but I'm just trying to get it out of the way. More progress for sure will appear to you all soon...


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