@_@ nothin to really talk about.

I'm trying to think about what to talk about for this day's blog. But so far I really didn't have anything crazy to bring up. I did have some fun things happen today but some things i still need to do in terms of the websites.

I got a call from a client from before that i haven't contacted about a bike design. It turns out he wants more of a refined "patent" style drawing. So I'm meeting with the man again to finish up our deal and stuff. He's a great man that runs a company working with all kinds of things with metal. So obviously I started thinking about what can i do with metal lol.

I have been thinking about what i would like to do with my wings pieces and I've come up with a bunch of things that I will be working on for a spring art show. My best friend (I just like to call her that but she's kinda like my sister) told me of a space for an art show that charges 400 a month so we're pretty set for the space. The plan is to prepare for spring so we have a lot to do till then. The only artsy thing that i usually work with is the wings series. So i have decided to make large scale art pieces of the wings. I even thought of having them so large that u can stand in front of them so it looks like you have wings lol. I also wanted to somewhat sculpt some of them so it just looks like its real. If it doesn't sell at all i will be setting up my online shop so that anyone via paypal can buy them. I'd like to get some feed back as to what kinds of things would people like for me to make so that I can have a plan as to what sells well.

Anyway that is what has been on my mind right now. I am working on a page site for the Wingz Series, so that people can see what its about. I hope i can really pull this off 'cause the wings series has been my favourite thing to make lol


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