Drawing sometimes is tough

You know when you've drawing something a lot for years that its pretty much ordinary to you? Except when someone makes it some what official that you have to draw something you always draw everyday, you now have this feeling that you have to make the most amazing one of them all? With the League, our latest challenge theme is Robots. I love drawing robots all the time, its the most fun thing for me to draw. But here's the thing, I always draw them the same. A lot of times when i do something, get used to doing it and i try to make it a normal protocol. But when your drawing something you need to keep it fresh, and add something new. Not for the people looking at it. It's for you, because other wise you will be bored. I try to change it up a lot and it puts me somewhere else completely different but i feel that i'm just covering more ground. I wanna keep exploring what else i can draw. So now i am at a stand still with my paper, because i wanna create something quite different. And again, if you think of the audience, your just trying to fit in. Because i noticed alot of artists that were successful and fulfilled, were people who did what made them feel great. So i have been trying out different things trying to find a pencil stroke that will make me happy more than anything. So hopefully now i can draw that robot i've been wanting to come out for days now lol luv and peace all!


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