Well what did I do tonight

I'm wondering maybe why most of my posts are happening at night. Well maybe its because i am usually busy during the day but today was my chill moment where we just watched alot of tv and relax for once. I have applied to a company in Ireland and hopefully i can get some feed back on my resume and portfolio. I don't expect to get hired right away but i just need to get some info on my portfolio. I am really hoping to get starting on the Series pages where I can finally have fun with my artpieces and learn more about my styles.

I have started to count my blessings lately and realizing more that despite all the garbage I have been dealing with and disappointments I have dealt with. I have lived a pretty good life, that's not to say that i should just pack it up now and close the doors or something. But I have also realized all the great things I could look forward to because life can really show you that even if u have things to deal with it doesn't mean that you can't do anything anymore. I find that most of the time, the ones that succeed in life are the ones that went through so much perils in their life. I wouldn't wanna nail to it that it's karma, its jesus or anything. Because I would like to think that its as simple as saying that is life. Life is about being open and creative, weather that is through arts, or business, or especially relationships.

I am the type of person that always needs to be reminded, so i write this in hopes of helping me remember that life doesn't always have to feel hard and bad. It's all in the mind, and when you are worried about something, it always helps to take a deep breath and smile. peace out people, next time i'll write and post actual sketch stuff.


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