Gears of War 2 has come out!

Well i don't have a 360 but my friend did and I didn't even know about it coming out at midnight. So since me and him were in downtown he just thought "u wanna line up for gears of war 2 at midnite?". I took a long pause and just said "yeah why not" lol. We spent about 5hours killing time just walking around sketching at diff places, and had some Pho at china town. Then we lined up to get the game. The funnie part is that I was with him when he went to get it and they gave me a T-Shirt just because i was there lol. I didn't even buy it and they gave me stuff lol We went to his place and checked out the first sequence of the game. Needless to say I wasn't super ecstatic about the game. I did like the game's look and the story and all, but i've never really been too excited about games so much. But i still have to say the game looks fantastic cause i luv rusty old lookin stuff. Anyway great job by epic, I just can't wait for their artbook thats where its at.


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