So its been awhile since i've posted something so i figured i'll talk about what i'm workin on right now. I have been in a rut after workin on some commission work, trying to go back to my personal projects. After workin on some 3d stuff, 2d stuff, and web coding stuff. I have been a little blank when it comes to staring at the flash program. This is one of my problem, i know so much graphics programs that i start to forget how to approach a program i haven't touched in 3months. So the two things i have not been using is after effects and flash. So towards the end of this month and December i will be incorporating those two programs in my tasks so that i can exercise them.

For the flash i have some stuff online that needs to have interactive slides like headlines or advertising some of the other sites like exabites and stuff. For after effects i came up with this trailer when i was moving stuff out of my apartment. I thought of doing a trailer of a story that has been in my head for years. But instead of using that story i came up with a new story that leads up to the story i was thinking of ^_^ (i have alot of stories). The only thing about this story is that alot of it is mostly cliche. My purpose for this trailer is to get my juices flowing in editing, audio stuff, and compositing. Plus a trailer is only up to a minute long so its not that hard to do that many shots in a minute. Oh yeah one thing about me is that i love Noir shootem up films.

The Story is called "Cold" and its about a man who is suppose to be dead. He was killed in cold blood, but for some spiritual reason he lives. Now they call him Cold because its like he's still dead, inside. He goes around looking for the people that killed him and took "everything", while killing everyone that was connected to it as well. This is like after watching, Man on Fire, Max Payne, Leon, Payback, and Lucky Number Slevin. This is like a small part of the world that i created where all my freaks run-a-muck. Back to the story, he meets a kid that finds him interesting because of his unique personality, and thus balancing his characteristic and the kids uppy personality. The kid gets taken away and but he also now knows who is doing all of this and is after them. The last part of the trailer is basically him shooting everyone up, lol. But i want the last part to have a crazy "reaching" moment where its in slow motion and he's trying to grab the kids hand. Something like that, lol the story might change if i could make it more complicated. The only problem i am facing is how to put all the complications of the story within a minute.
Well right now i'm making the storyboard and i finished the shot list break down so i can just start boarding them up. And hopefully i can finish a whole trailer within a week. That would be something, huh?


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