I have finally came up with a way to tell a story of the world i have been creating (with the help of my friends and brothers) for 8years. I couldn't stop doodling panels and character sketches. This is gonna be really tough, but i think with my new methods of working. I will definitely make this comic a really good one. It will relate itself, to the Wingz Series, Gero World, Neo Earth, and everything else i will be making. I think it somehow relates itself to everything but Exabites, lol. I would scan a character sketch, but its 2am and i'm really tired so i'll just do it the first thing tmw.

It was funnie cause i was just sitting today thinking of a comic i really wanted to do. I have been thinking of another one that was basically a character in Gero World and how he kicks ass and stuff. But i couldn't get myself to do it, i just didn't wanna draw it lol. So i didn't wanna force myself and just searched for something that really makes me want to draw it. Hopefully this is the one i've been wanting to draw for years. And I hope everyone will like it ^_^ I wont spoil any details because i feel that it might jinx it. So i will be finishing the 6-7 pages and posting it somehow, i will let you all know.

I plan on putting it out for free online, as content to keep the site going, but i will also be making a comic book paper back type of book on sale at I hope i can pull this off on top of all the other stuff but i think this is what i've needed to give me a reason to make all the artpieces and merchandise.

Thnx for the new people that are following me, and that are reading this blog, its really helping me so much to keep going. It makes me so happy that my work is going towards somewhere. I promise to have more artwork now comic soon, i will be busy this week thats for sure, LUV AND PEACE EVERYONE! HAVE A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!


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