Final day of the Wingz Project

I meant to upload this yesterday but i really did this till the last hour.
I have a bout 2 other pieces i wanna finish and then move on to the 3 planned pieces. Hopefully this will be enough for the show.

And i'm also looking for suggestions in terms of what you would like to buy. i will be re-setting up my Zazzle shop. And also setting up a Limited Edition Series posted by me personally in my paypal. I will ship it and everything. I'm trying to make a whole package so it will look so cool you wouldn't wanna throw away the box it comes with. My next Goal is to make an awsome Hooded Sweater that compare to designer ones. llb[-_-]

Untill Then peoples I will let you know when i set up the Limited Prints of this Latest Piece. PEACE AND LUV


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